There Is No “Gray Area”: The Mark Of The Beast or Eternal Life – Pick

How are you?  Considering all that we know is happening, and how depressing it all is, perhaps you are feeling a little bit blue.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that Yahuah loves those who keep His commands, and that the love from Yahuah is what we need most.  We tend to cling to or fall back to the “I” and the “me” when we get down emotionally, or depressed.  We kind of put some distance between our being and His Truth.

Normal things for every believer.

Think about David and Peter.  Good ol’ Dave.  Killed Goliath, became King, Beloved of Yahuah.  A supremely faithful man.  The guy absolutely, completely adored the Word.  Read Davids’ comments on the Words (the Law/Laws) that begins on Page 8 in my Torah Notes – The Truth

But David (Daud) failed, didn’t he?  He did some bad things even though he loved Yahuah, didn’t he?  He slept with a woman who was not his wife, and he and she were married to others.  He impregnated that adulterous woman, didn’t he?  And he sent her home to deceive her husband into thinking that her husband was the father of the child, didn’t he?  And that husband of the pregant woman was David’s close friend, wasn’t he?  And Daud had his friend killed, didn’t he?  And that baby died after it was born, didn’t he?

Lots of sorrows.  I cannot imagine how Daud felt.  I cannot imagine how his prayers were worded, nor can I imagine what he prayed the night he committed adultery with his best friends wife.

Many sorrows.

And Peter.  The rock.  He who would seek to kill the men arresting Yahusha.  Peter, the strong man.  Peter, who denied Yahusha three times within 12 hours of having been warned personally and to his face by Yahusha Himself that he would do that very thing.  ““Woman, I do not know him.” and “Man, I am not.” and then “Man, I do not know what you are talking about.” (Luke 22:54 ESV)

As the last words crossed the lips of Kefa (Peter), the rooster crowed the final time and Peter heard the words and the rooster simultaneously.  He denied Yahusha, denied God, denied life and denied truth.  He was in no way a part of any of that “Jesus” business.

Two men, one story – denial of God. And each man is an absolute PILLAR of the faith.  Yahusha will rule from the very throne of David, and build His church around the work and efforts of Peter.

Merciful is our Father.  Kind.  Wise.

These men loved Yahuah, and they still do.  Their love for Him burns hot within them.  Yet they failed in major ways, one as King of Israel and one as Talmid of Yahusha.  Consider that Peter, as did Adam, walked with God and took His council.  And both rejected Yahuah, Peter with denial and Adam with rebellion.  Catastrophic error from all, but Adam’s sin was the bell ringer.

Yahuah forgave Daud.  He forgave Peter.  He certainly has forgiven Adam.

These three men failed Yahuah, and all three knew Him.  Daud maybe knew Yahuah the best of the three, even though he is the only one of the three to never physically walk with “God”.

Yet Yahusha will rule from the throne of Daud.  How beautiful is that?

One Will Be Taken, One Will Be Left

These end times are heart wrenching, are they not?  And we are only in the beginning of the sorrows.  There is no peace in the world, and there will not be peace in this world until Yahusha returns.  I would love to tell you that things are about to be awesome, but things are not about to be awesome.  Not for followers of the Way.

Let me ask you this: How faithful to Yahuah is your spouse?  I believe that most or nearly all of those who read and study here are saved and strongly anchored in Truth.  Some exceptions, sure, but most of you who reach out to me humble me by your own belief.  Its a beautiful thing, so put it where it can be seen.  Hang your lamp high.

How believing is your spouse?  How unified is your family?  If you have kids, how is their relationship with Yahuah?  If you live with your parents, how is their walk in the Way?

The scriptures tell us that before Yahusha comes again, “two will be working together.  One will be taken and one will be left.”  Will your spouse be left?  Will your spouse taken and you left?  Or your child?  (Matt 24)

You will be surprised, as we all will.  A couple of weeks ago, when Bill Gates started promoting his ID/Tagging/Vaccine technology, my spouse made a comment that was concerning.  She said “What if someone denies Jesus but doesn’t really mean it?”  She apparently was hoping to get around the New World Orders (NWO) requirement for everyone to have the Mark of the Beast by telling them that she denied Yahuaha, but “not really, wink ;)”.

Peter did.

Peter did deny Jesus and Jesus knew he would and warned Peter that he would.  Yet Yahusha met Peter after He rose from the tomb and cooked breakfast for him, telling Peter to feed His sheep, feed His sheep, feed His sheep.

Denial of Yahusha “in pretend” during the tribulation purge as a method to bypass the condemnation for taking the Mark will not work.  Taking the Mark does lock one out from redemption.  There is no trickery, no deception that will allow us to buy food, be saved and have the Mark.

That is Yahuah’s plan.

We will live by Yahuah meeting our needs.  We will live by faith, and He will take care of us, and many of us will almost certainly be executed.

This coming time, and we are certainly through the “door” of the trib at this point in time, will require you and me to live by faith.  We will probably have the clothes on our back and whatever we can obtain that day for food.

It will be blessed.  A time of remarkable blessing.  The power of the Holy Spirit will be strong in those known by Yahuah.  I expect it to be awesome.  I mean, think about it – its the end of man’s days of rule on earth.  The end of the chemicals, the pornography, disease, war, hatred, lies, politicians and every evil thing.

We’re going to be ok.  I do not know if my family will make it intact.  I do not know if families will be broken up, or parents arrested or what might happen.  I just know that my faith in Yahuah must be the most important thing in my life.  I must be willing to lose everything for His names’ sake.

And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. Matthew 19:29

Dear brothers and sisters, I love you all so much.  Most of you never comment, but I wish you did.  I have visitors from all over the world.  Not many but very consistent.  Washington, D.C., Beijing, and many other places.  I have a couple of sisters who read here, and they are lamps unto this dying world.  My sister Holly is a magnificent daughter of Yahuah.  Magnificent, and my heart is filled with love for her.

If you are uncertain of things, if you are angry or bitter or struggling with sorrows, you can be free of your pain forever just by turning yourself over to Yahuahs.  Turn yourself in.  Surrender.  This whole world is dying.  The planet itself is dying.  Animal speices are dying.  Criminality rules the world, and ha shatan (the satan – the adversary) rules.  Soon he will rule from Jerusalem.

There is freedom from this world in Yahusha.  Being in His care does indeed separate you from this world.  I know that people reject me specifically because I follow Yahusha.  Even “christians” reject me, and no one wants to hear the Truth.  Family members reject me, laugh at me and one even got terribly threatening to me.

That’s just part of the deal.  I accept it and forgive them all.  They are Yahuahs’ to judge, and maybe they will become saved.

Yahuah saved me.  He turned my away from a life of total sin.  He transformed me in such a radical way that I look back on my past and cannot believe I used to be so wild and corrupt.

He wants you, friend.  Just as Yahusha forgave David, He will forgive you.  This world is garbage, but in Yahusha there is life and light and truth and freedom and health and happiness and joy and love.  Forget what anyone on earth might tell you, brother.  The ONLY thing that counts in all of eternity is, for you, your true friendship with Yahuah.  Turn your back on this damned world and face the light of Yahuah.  He is permanent.  He will always exist.  He has always been.  His son Yahusha is the living Truth, the living Word.  He is life, he is the Way.  He is the narrow gate and the only path to life.





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Gillian Cockwill
1 year ago

AMEN!! It’s good to have you back again. For some reason I couldn’t get your posts for a while there. Yes, we’re coming into bumpy times & this will test our resolve, but we have to keep faith. I’m not saying that I always do, I sometimes think I won’t be able too when the time comes, but we will be surprised @ how we will when it does. Let’s face it, there isn’t anything else to do really. The alternative Sucks. We have to start doing & thinking for ourselves from now on. It’s the only way. Hope what im saying makes sense? Bless

2 years ago

i have a personal ? – is there a way i can contact u???

4 years ago

Very nice post today, Jerry. Full of gentleness and love. What kind of mark do you think it could be? The beasts mark? I hadn’t really considered M’s thought on it, but it does make sense. Why not? Why can’t we trick the beast? Does the mark come with some sort of bending of the knee and swearing allegiance to Satan? More importantly why is that one of only 2 sins that are unforgivable?

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