There is a Song Titled “It’s The End Of The World and We Know It”. Russia Is Making A Lot Of Top-Level Urgent/Nuclear Phone Calls


The song is by R.E.M. and it was recorded in 1987.  No one knows the lyrics (they are online), but everyone knows the chorus.  “It’s the end of the world and we know it.  I feel fine.”

None of us are ready for what is shaping up.  We are on the train that just went over the cliff, and there is no getting off.  You need to listen to this video. 

Apparently this is correct, and since it is apparently correct, then the madman in Kiev, the homo-erotic dancer called “Zelensky”  is actually planning to dirty-bomb his own city in order to point “Hillary’s Finger” at “Russia, Russia, Russia”. “Hillarys’ Finger” is a dysphemism, and a dysphemism is a derogatory or unpleasant term used instead of a pleasant or neutral one, such as “Hillary’s Finger”” for “false flag.” The opposite of euphemism.  Hillary’s Finger always points at Russia.

“Zelensky” means “green”, if you are interested.

See the source image

Russia does not need to resort to any nuclear weapon to crush Ukraine, and let us remember that Joseph Biden instigated this war, as I clearly proved in February, eight months ago.

Russia Asks For Demilitarization Along Its Borders

The Russians do not want NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to have bases in Ukraine, a very reasonable request.  The Globalist Luciferians want US bases in Ukraine because they want to take over the world and Russia stands in the way.  The Russians also do not want the US or NATO to position offensive missile systems in Ukraine because these missiles can strike Moscow in mere minutes.  Another reasonable request.

In short, Russia wants secure borders.  If China started building military bases on the Rio Grande, the USA (we hope) would do what is necessary to convince China that they need to go back to China.  A reasonable request.

But Biden will not consider Russia’s reasonable request.  It is not even being discussed any more.  A dead giveaway that this is almost certain to morph into war is the fact that the President of Ukraine is silent.  I hear nothing of worth coming out of his office.  All Ukraine has to do is opt out of NATO and that would probably avert this looming world war.  So it sounds to me like the fix is in.

REMEMBER – Russia asked for secure borders and Biden told Putin no. Russia warned us and Biden again said no. Russia must realize at this point that the Western powers actually want this war to blow up. They want a world war. Russia can plainly see this now. I can see this. You can probably see it, too.

None of us is truly prepared for this.  Our world, our personal “reality” is being blown out of our lives like a tornado blows a chicken farm into a million pieces.  That’s just the way history unrolls in the tribulation era.  Russia might launch those Poseidon nuclear tipped, nuclear powered, self-guiding, high-speed torpedoes at the US Navy’s ship facilities on the east coast, and totally eliminate any navy resupply or repair in the Atlantic ocean.

America does have resupply locations and resupply ships scattered around the world, and if Russia does strike the USA, then the worthless trash we have for government will drunkenly initiate the new war to end all wars.

This is where we really start to wonder just precisely who the “Mystery Babylon” is.  Its the VaticanIts Washington, D.C.

I don’t know.  Surely both deserve destruction.  The Vatican and Washington, D.C.  and the US Capitol is modeled after the Roman Catholic Holy See, complete with the monolith in from of both.

I’m still not hearing any alarm bells ringing in my spirit.  I see the full-on escalation of war world-wide.  I don’t want this to happen, but most of us are going to survive this.  We will survive into a wrecked world and we are woefully unprepared, but then so is the rest of the world.

We will need clean water.  That is essential and you better find a way to store drinking water and to purify rainwater.  It might even be radioactive.  We will need to test for radiation.  What a crazy conversation.   But we have the honor and the great privilege of being assigned to live in these last days.

We were born for this.  We are His people and we will absolutely stand until He takes us, or we die and then He takes us.  Either way, we who worship Yahuah and have accepted the testimony of Yahusha are saved.  Those who reject submission to His commands will answer for their rebellion.  “Least in the Kingdom of Heaven” comes to mind.

From the mouth of Yahusha: (ISV)  Matt 5:19 – “So whoever sets aside one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom from heaven. But whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom from heaven.”

So even many Christians will go to heaven.  It is better to keep the commands of Yahuah and get every reward He has to give.  He wants us to pursue those gifts.  He considers them valuable, so they are very valuable.


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