The Worse Things Get, The More Peace I Experience. You?


Good morning dear brothers and sisters.  I have been silent for a few weeks now, just contemplating the future, listening for Yahuah and understanding His involvement in my life.  I’m learning.

As you likely know there will be a world war.  Nuclear weapons will be used and America will receive many of them.  The Federal government, which is presided over by a fraudulently elected cabal of corrupt anti-Christ one-worlder’s, is loading up the underground bases with real food, medicine, weapons, soldiers, silver, gold, clean water and more.  The cabal intends to survive the nuclear holocaust that it is creating.

The nuclear component of the world war will be limited.  Even the demon-driven fools ruling the world know that a global, unlimited nuclear conflict is not a “good idea”.  So there will be some breath-taking destruction and then a global political figure will be given the podium and his pre-planned “solution” will be implemented.

The “solution” will include Noahide Law, which means that any non-Jew who claims “Jesus” will be executed, and any non-Jew found studying Torah will also be executed.  This is the plan for the whole world, but like all “plans”, implementation will be considerably problematic.  Look for Israel and Netanyahu to be central to this roll-out.  The creatures in Israel mos def want to “rule the world”.

But there is that bit about the armies of the world marching against Israel in the end-times.  Who would lead such an army?  Probably King Charles, a Muslim, or Obama, another Muslim.  He is possibly the most influential player in the World economic Forum, although he keeps a low profile in that regard.

It’s the Tribulation era, as we all know.  There is the constant stream of catastrophes, wars and rumors of them, famine, disease, betrayal, etc.  Yet where is the strike against you?  Are you starving?  Are you mangled from war?  Are your children dying?  Are you cold in your beds at night?  Have you had to shoot and kill robbers invading your homes in the dark?

I am somewhat prepared for those things.  I am prepared to fight any enemy unto death when that day comes.  But I am building for the future, too.  I look ahead and make plans and work to make those plans reality.  I’m living my life as an end-time adventure now.  This summer I am going to build a Yurt, which is essentially a tent, and I plan to live in it.  It will be an air-conditioned tent, for sure.  Hardwood floors and other nice attributes.

When school is out I plan to take my 15 yr old on a road-trip he will remember forever.  His name is Michael and he is an amazing young man.  He holes up in his room with the door locked because he is 15 and parents are stupid.  He listens to ridiculous rap and plays video games all day on a huge high-def LED TV that he got by trading a laptop for it.  His room looks like main street Mogadishu, and so does his bathroom, which he shares with his older brother.

But I sure am proud of him.  Michael will grow into a strong man of good and noble character.

I want all of you to let go of fear or doubt or worry and begin living the beautiful, peaceful, hopeful and expectant life that Yahuah wants you to live.  We have nothing to fear.  Let your life be an inspiring example of laughter, hope, joy, love, accomplishment and sweet patience.  If conflict comes, then to war we go.  The fighting is likely to be in our own towns, not over seas.  But today we have peace.

Yahuah will crush the wicked.  His people are not appointed to experience His coming wrath, and since we know His wrath is coming, we are almost certainly not going to be here on this earth.  Either that, or we are moved to a safe place on this earth by Yahuah while the destruction is poured out on the wicked.  There is scripture to support that.

I’ll link some information here for you: The Bozrah Deliverance, because I am out the door to go with my ex-wife and our 8 yr old son to an interesting park I discovered recently with an interesting swing that our boyo will love swinging in.

Gotta go.  A beautiful day awaits me.  I love you.  You know that, right?


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1 year ago

Buy in large I agree with you , OK.
However if you think the believers won’t have situations, conditions and events that won’t challenge us to grow beyond what we think we are capable of at this time, well I can’t agree.
 The challenge is to keep going, persevere to the end, Sanctify and develop your integrity .

Welcome To The War
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