The Wavering Candle Of Life

Depression is set upon me like the deep of night.  It wraps me like a cloak.  Emptiness swallows me as an abyss.  My hands clasp one another in vain search for comfort, yet I have none save the Truth.  The Truth alone is my rock and my strong fortress.  Though my spirit gasps for the hope of Righteousness, in fear and trembling I stand strong in the iron certainty of my Father’s great love for me.

Though fear overcomes me, and doubt consumes my soul, nonetheless I live within the light of His glory and am invincible as I sprint into the fight.  My weapons are primed and ready.  I am fully prepared.  My Salvation commanded, and I obeyed.  His courage flows through my veins.  Obedience is life, and He knows me.

Though I am cloaked in the gloom of despair, His power is freedom and light.  I need nothing save His Truth.  Should my Salvation set me free from the bondage of human life, then to liberty and celestial majesty I ascend forever.  No enemy of my Salvation can stand against the living Truth.  Hopelessness, despair and death are the sure rewards of all who oppose Him.  With the Rod of Iron He will rule His enemies.

The Great One, knowing the end from the beginning, His circle of eternity never ceasing – His perfect everlasting complete understanding; Wisdom upon Wisdom and life unbroken forever.  There is none like Him.

In His Image they were made.  Beings of light.  Perfect until inequity was birthed in them – then toil and shame.  Murder, hatred, sorrow beyond measure for a thousand generations –

This life is small.  We are born, we live and we die.  We will not be remembered beyond our children’s children.  We are a flicker in time.  Like the flame of a solitary candle, we waver but a little and our lamp goes out.  We stand before our Maker and He searches the Book for our name.  Finding it, He and all of Heaven rejoices because He and He alone knows the real value of eternal life with Him.



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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
7 months ago

Power words Jerry. I pray He uplifts you.

7 months ago

Those walking in YHWH’s path WILL be rescued…v7-8 below..

The End, And The Signs Preceding It

4- ESDRAS Ch 9 : 1- 13 HE answered me then, and said, Measure you carefully the time in your mind: and when you see part of the predicted signs are past, which I have told you
before, Then shall you know and understand what is the very time when the Most High YAHWEH is about to visit the world which HE has made.

Therefore when there shall appear in the world earthquakes, tumult of peoples, intrigues of nations, wavering of leaders, confusion of princes,

Then you shall know and understand well, that YAHWEH the Most High spoke of those things from the days that were of old, that were even before you, from the
For just as with everything that is made in the world, has a beginning and is evident, and the end is manifest: Even so also are the times of the Most High YAHWEH; the plain beginnings manifest in wonders and mighty powerful works, and endings in requital, effects and signs.

v7-8 And it shall be that everyone who shall be delivered and shall be able to escape on account of his works, or on account of the faith whereby he has believed, Shall be preserved from the said imminent perils that have been predicted, and shall see MY Deliverance in MY land, and within MY borders: which I have made kodesh for ME from the beginning.

Then those who have now abused MY Ways shall be in a pitiful state, and they that have rejected and cast them away despitefully with contempt shall dwell in
torments. For many such as this did not acknowledge ME in their lifetime, although they received MY benefits,
And as many that scorned and loathed MY Torah, while they still had freedom, and did not understand but despised ME while an opportunity of repentance was still
open to them, The same must in torment acknowledge ME after death.
And therefore, do not continue to be curious as to how the checedless wicked shall be punished, but inquire how the righteous shall be delivered, those to whom
the age belongs and for whose sake the age was created and when.

Stay strong in our beloved ♥

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