The War Against Your Existence Rages On. It is Wide-Spread And Grimly Determined To Eradicate You Like One Eradicates A Rat Infestation.


Below is a short list of some of today’s headlines.  It’s a list of bad news, and we seem to have a hunger for bad news.  The bottom line seems to me to be this: Will Yahuah allow the United States to survive?  Personally, I do not think so.  My greatest concern is not America’s survivability, but that the American people never organize, rise up and attack the control centers of out national demise.

Doing nothing means certain destruction, so since destruction is the default outcome for doing nothing, then doing something might seem more attractive then it is currently.

For example, George Soros is actively working to destroy America.  To destroy conservative, biblical, right-thinking America.  He wages war with his billions of dollars, and moves freely about knowing that no one will strike him.  I don’t know where he lives, but I am sure that there are right-minded men who do know where he lives.

I think that people are under the impression that war always involves uniforms, flags, tanks, bombers and marching soldiers.  That is exactly wrong.  War now can involve those elements, but the war of this century will primarily involve rigged elections, bribery, biological attacks on civilian populations, destruction through legislation (think queer laws), satanic school boards and mayors.  Things like that.

The war is in your town, no matter where you live.  They gnaw away at morals, ethics, history, honor, integrity, righteousness and everything that speaks of holiness in order to degrade the character of all people.  Eventually, we absolutely must stand up, risk everything, and fight to the death no matter who or what resists us.

Another proof of the war, and it is a real war with real casualties – all of them innocent civilians like yourself, murdered with lawfully legislated methods and money.  And it is murder, not a “rare occurrence” random and accidental.

This proof is in the injection of the mRNA chemistry into millions of animals, spreading the deadly technology into the population by putting it into animals that we eat and into animals that we do not eat, but which will shed the graphene, nonetheless.  Shedding is apparently a reality.  You getting infected by another human being who was injected is apparently a real thing.

They are getting inside you, one way or another.

Again, this is a real war, spread so thin and camouflaged so well that you could live next door to a major killer and never know it.

News Headlines Today At 5:11 AM –

America’s Suppression of Fossil Fuels Is Courting a National Security Disaster

Right Now with Ann Vandersteel ft. Melissa Rein Lively & Rebecca Hardy

How A Country Goes Bankrupt, In 10 Steps

Crypto Bank Silvergate Capital Says It Will Shut Down; Stock Plummets

600,000 UK small businesses could go bust this year – report

Sen. Graham wants to take America to WAR with Mexican drug cartels (but won’t defend America’s borders) – PODCAST

“They’re All on the Same Side!” Tucker Carlson UNLOADS on Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer for Demanding He Be Stopped from Releasing J6 Tapes (VIDEO)

Before the Covid Pandemic was deployed Moderna’s CEO told staff: “We need to make a billion doses of Vaccines next year, there’s going to be a Pandemic”

JPMorgan Chase CEO Fights Deposition in Lawsuit Charging Chase Bank Being the Cash Conduit for Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Crimes

Doctors find Graphene is shedding from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, forming Blood Clots & decimating Blood Cells

California allows 47 biological men to transfer to women’s prison—approve no requests of biological women to move to the men’s estate

Scott Ritter explains to Health Ranger that the West won’t be able to stop Russia’s advanced nuclear missiles and hyperglide vehicles

How Portland is turning into an ‘insane asylum’ (Kristin Olson video)

Bravo! Germany angers EU after putting brakes on gas car ban – Accused of ‘blackmail’ & a ‘threat’ to EU’s Green Deal & Net Zero agenda

NASA is slowly revealing that Mars has a substantial atmosphere – Ghostly photos from NASA’s Curiosity rover reveal beautiful, rare clouds and the first sun rays ever spotted on Mars

Shortage of metals for EVs is rising up the agenda in automakers’ C-suites

Chlorine dioxide found to destroy DIOXINS (PCDD)

Rep. Tom Tiffany Presents Bill to Block Biden from Unilateral Approval of W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty

American tourists kidnapped and killed in Mexico went there for discount “tummy tuck” surgery

Blackrock Board Member and Former Pfizer Executive Is Behind Push for Chicken Vaccinations – Chicken Vax Company Is an Offshoot of Pfizer

Rand Paul Destroys Anthony Fauci, Genocidal Maniac Now in Panic Mode

‘Deeply Disturbing’: FBI Tested Facial Recognition Software on Americans for Years

A planet between Mars and Jupiter could wipe out Earth – study

NATO chief warns Bakhmut may fall ‘in coming days’

New US Navy policy provides travel costs, paid leave for elective abortions

Interview – US imperialism is destroying (and exploiting) Haiti, warns filmmaker and journalist Kim Ives

Nord Stream Attack – ‘Officials’ Throw More Chaff To Hide The Real Perpetrators

Hungary Prepares To Prosecute ‘Lifelong Nazi’ George Soros For Holocaust Atrocities

With Absolute Proof The Globalists Deployed The Bioweapons To Kill Off The Masses And Gain World Domination, It’s Time For Trials, Convictions And Punishment

Washington teacher says schools should keep information about children from ‘Christo-fascist’ parents

Skynet Rising: Why CBDCs Must Be Terminated Before They Go Live

INSANE Lindsey Graham wants the US military to INVADE Mexico to go to war with the drug cartels

Hague mayor threatens to use military gear to remove protesting Dutch farmers’ blockades & tractors in his city

Trudeau government plans to make it easier to invoke Emergencies Act, freeze bank accounts

Chinese minister warns of conflict unless US changes course

India poised to ditch dollar in trade with neighbor

LOL – woke idiot British government libtards are just now figuring out they’ve run out of ammunition to send to Ukraine

WOW – Perth Mint sold $9 billion worth of diluted gold to China… FAKED the gold testing … GOT CAUGHT!

Fed Chair Powell says interest rates will continue to climb

WHO’s plans to become global health dictator move forward while we’re distracted with “lab leaks” and “lockdown files”

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karla altiero
karla altiero
1 year ago

Scott Ritter said Syraian gas attacks were fake {media US lies} while hydrogen cyanide is being dropped on Russian soldiers. Currently listening on yt to Masters Voice prophecy blog. Rwanda genocide was Operation crimson Mist- frequencies used to drive ppl to kill. America is under judgement I think. Listened to Harold Kautz Vella describe what is in Cv shots and its beyond evil. With chemtrails and sheeding from shots drs are finding vaxxed and nonvaxxed both have nano tech in their system. {maria zeee on red voice media} I asked since mac addresses are coming from the bodies of the vaxxed incl graves of those who died in 2021 which is an abomination- would not showing ppl this has been done to them one after another overturn denial or cover ups and create MASS OUTRAGE?

1 year ago

Such a long list or true information that reflects the Wicked ways of man . Scott Ritter’s comments about the inspection of Iraqi goes hand in hand with the CIA whistle blower that stated that Sodom Was complying with the US completely. This same CIA whistle blower reported about the activities of preparation to bring down the twin towers on 9/11. / Placing the Thermite explosives.
The power of prayer is so great, we all need to exercise that power and faith for the good of the Father YHWH Elohim.

1 year ago

Hope your well Jerry,Injecting the animals, these psychopaths are relentless,I’ve pretty much give up on the notion of this getting better, not until Yahusha returns anyway,I want to spread the good news and reach the lost while there’s still time.

Welcome To The War
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