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I got an email from a good friend today, and thought I would share his note anonymously.  He became Natsarim today!  Heaven rejoices.

Hi Jerry,
I’m happy to hear from you, I was getting concerned. Keep your chin up through the trials and tribulations, I know you are made of “stronger stuff”.
I was baptised as Natsarim today, and I pray that Yahuah accepts me and forgives my sins.
Jerry, I want to walk up to you and shake your hand (in the new and coming Kingdom),I know you will be there.
You have done so much for me and I Thank you.
You must Stay Strong Brother, The End is in sight, and guess what?
WE WIN! It says so in ‘Revelations’, as told by ” The One, faithful and true”!
So, stay strong my Brother,

Same to you, dear brother.  We will meet in heaven sooner than we expect.


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Jerry Richter
Jerry Richter
5 months ago

Hallalu-YAHUAH !!! #iamnatsarim

Johanna Jordan Orloff
Johanna Jordan Orloff
6 months ago

Hi brother Jerry,
For some reason, I have been dropped off your mailing list…and then I keep getting emails to confirm my subscription to you. I was wondering why I have not heard from your for a couple weeks??

6 months ago

HallaluYah ! Another one snatched out from the apostate system. Thank you for sharing this encouraging note.
WE WIN – All praise and honor to Yahshua.
Stay strong and much shalom 🕎🕎🕎

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