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I got an email from a good friend today, and thought I would share his note anonymously.  He became Natsarim today!  Heaven rejoices.

Hi Jerry,
I’m happy to hear from you, I was getting concerned. Keep your chin up through the trials and tribulations, I know you are made of “stronger stuff”.
I was baptised as Natsarim today, and I pray that Yahuah accepts me and forgives my sins.
Jerry, I want to walk up to you and shake your hand (in the new and coming Kingdom),I know you will be there.
You have done so much for me and I Thank you.
You must Stay Strong Brother, The End is in sight, and guess what?
WE WIN! It says so in ‘Revelations’, as told by ” The One, faithful and true”!
So, stay strong my Brother,

Same to you, dear brother.  We will meet in heaven sooner than we expect.


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5 thoughts on “The Walk of Natsarim – The Guardians Of Truth”

  1. Hi brother Jerry,
    For some reason, I have been dropped off your mailing list…and then I keep getting emails to confirm my subscription to you. I was wondering why I have not heard from your for a couple weeks??

    1. Hi Johanna. I’ve been quiet. There is a lot of turbulence in my personal life right now that I would love to publish, but out of respect fot the other parties, I refrain. The turbulence occupies most of my attention. Its highly emotional and I have very strong positions in these issues, but cannot write about these things.

      I am also done with the whole corona virus business. The American people need to stand up and fight, that is obvious. If we do not, we will eventually be exterminated. Blacks, whites, left and right – we all better figure out immediately that division is the tool being used to distract us while they poison every human being on earth. Every call of “racist” is the bugle call of a fool who is duped into looking the other way while Satan prepares to entrap mankind. I don’t expect things to get better, but I do try to live as if things will get better.

      As for your logging in issues, that is probably an issue with your browser cookies, Johanna. You are not dropped off my subscriber list. The software just thinks you are because a cookie either expired or was blocked/deleted by a setting in your browser. Those cookies are how sites remember subscribers. Do keep an eye on that though and let me know what you see, ok?

  2. HallaluYah ! Another one snatched out from the apostate system. Thank you for sharing this encouraging note.
    WE WIN – All praise and honor to Yahshua.
    Stay strong and much shalom 🕎🕎🕎

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