The Vision of The Flaming Sword And The Separation of The Obedient

Originally posted on March 27, 2020 @ 12:41 pm

In late 2004 I was in my apartment at my desk doing some really powerful prayer work.  It was a Sabbath day and the sunlight was pouring in through my bedroom window.  I sat at my desk in a state of very powerful prayer.  It was a supernatural time.

I prayed for deliverance, and I prayed in the spirit.  The tongue was given to me many years earlier, around 1978.  I was a boy or young man of 19 years in the Army and stationed at a missile testing site in the middle of the New Mexican desert.  I was a military police specialist, and one night around midnight I was reading a bible (Romans) that my Aunt Jan had given me.

I was not particularly interested in faith in “Jesus”, but I had been baptized as a boy at about age 10.

So any way, my patrol that night consisted of Jeff Cohen and maybe one other guy assigned to ride with him, but I am not sure of that.  We usually ran two men on a single night patrol, as we had 1 million acres to “police” and virtually no living soul out after dark.  It was an awesome life out there, for sure.

So Cohen came in for a break and I put him up on the desk (I was the desk sergeant) and took his jeep out into the desert.  I drove up onto the top of a large earthen berm, got out of the jeep, looked up, extended my arms toward the stars and BOOM!  An explosion of gibberish burst from my mouth.  I was stunned.  Freaked out.  Had no idea what was happening but the words poured forth from me in a torrent.

I wept powerfully.  I shook like a leaf in a rain storm.  My legs were shaking so violently that I could barely stand up, but stand up I did, maintaining my arms extended into the stars.

The stars themselves looked exactly like an upside down bowl of stars.  They draped around the earth all around me, and looking straight up was like looking into the bottom of that bowl.  The power of that event is indescribable.

The event stopped.  The words ceased to flow.  I stopped shaking, remounted the jeep and drove back to the MP station.  When I walked back in. Cohen looked at me like he was seeing a ghost.  I remember that he had a look of bewilderment on him, and I guess it is because I had been sobbing.

I still had no idea what happened, and it was a full year before I figured it out.  I had finished my Army enlistment and was visiting a Pentecostal church when I was asked if I “wanted to be filled with the Holy Ghost”.

Well yeah, I sure did.  So I was directed to a small room off to the side with a few other guys, and when one of the assistant pastors laid his hands on me, I started with the same language, and my right leg shook quite a bit.

I stopped with the language, looked at the young pastor and said “This has happened before.”

At that moment I knew that Yahuah (I called Him “God” back then) had filled me with His Spirit and that I had spoken in “tongues”, or the tongue.

The Sabbath afternoon in my apartment 26 years later I sat praying in that tongue, confessing my imperfection to Yahuah.  I starting casting out things from myself.  Words like “malice” and “hatred” and “lust” and others – some were words that I did not know and had to look up in my dictionary.

There were many, maybe 20 or so.  And the entire time I was casting these words out, or casting out the spirits of those words, I trembled.  I mean I shook.  I was cold.  I was in the grip of His power.

I turned in my chair to face my sunny window, and looked up at my ceiling.

What I saw was, instead, a night-time sky filled with stars.   And in that starry sky was a sword, swinging down to wherever I was standing, and that was the plane of earth.  And then the vision was over, and I was looking at my bedroom.  And then it happened again – starry sky, sword swinging down to the plane of the earth.  But this time the sword was on fire.

And then it ended.

Only to resume a third time – flaming sword swinging to the plane of the earth.  But this time it was cataclysmic, because I could hear the roar of those flames, like a jet engine taking off, the roar was huge, the sword was very close and then I heard these words:


And then it was over.

Calamity of only biblical proportions is coming, and has indeed begun.  The separation of those who obey Yahuah from the wicked is under way.  Rejoice, all you saved, for the time of our redemption is at hand.

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