The “Vax” Seems To Change People. Notice That They Tend To Be Very Hateful

I just watched a video of a female nurse or doctor refusing to treat a young boy for a common infection because the boy has not been injected with the mystery chemicals in the so-called “vaccine”.  You will enjoy this, for sure.

The vax-free are genetically pure; Genetically whole, unmodified, non-experimental.  We are the whole and intact.  We are the “real”, in fact.  Those modified humans, or former humans, are terrified that their vax will eventually kill them or zombify them, and if they can force others to be injected, it makes the vax’d feel somehow vindicated for being stupid enough to roll up their own sleeves.  Their thinking is that if they themselves are likely to die or be changed from the vax, then they will demand that as many healthy people as possible also be forced to take the injection.

They’re sick.

Do not doubt this: the vax has an agenda.  It has a purpose.  It is designed to do certain tasks within the human body and there is a huge and wicked plan at the apex of whatever they inject into people.  Most people fully understand this now.  You must be strong and you will be stronger in numbers.  You must find like-minded friends and organize.  This is very important.  Do not be afraid to organize.

You are going to need help during the coming winter.  You will need help and you will need to help others.  More on the very ugly winter later.  Bear in mind that we are almost certainly in the first half of the Tribulation and we all know times will be hard.  But if we have each other, if we have friends, if we are a friend, and if we hold fast to our faith in El Shaddai, we will do well.

Expect difficulty.  Difficulty and struggle are a pre-destined part of our human lives now.  It’s OK.  We are going to take care of each other, and we will be comforted by the presence of our friends in this shared and difficult time.

Do the best you can to prepare as well as finances permit.  Fossil fuels will be very, very important this winter.  The globalists are working to snuff out the candles, so to speak.  They want fossil fuels “phased out” mostly because fossil fuels are here, work well, are cheap and give us freedom.  The minions of hell want all that taken away in the name of “global warming” or “climate change”.

We need to go to war against these people, but that will not likely happen.  Why?  Because who are they?  Where are they?  Its not like we have an opposing army with identifiable clothing and gear.  We have the hidden hand of the luciferans against us, and remember that the Masons are the “hidden hand”.  They are everywhere on earth, and in every church, synagogue, mosque, temple and maybe even in your own family.  Its not the local farmers who are the Masonic enemy, but the politicians from mayor-level on up.  And Police chiefs, sheriffs, pastors, other local influencers.

Not all, of course, but very, very many.

I have to stop here.  Have much to do.  Watch the video.

The creator of this video, or the compositor of it, is a brother of we who walk in the Way and a dad and (I think) an ex-marine.  You can tell ex-marines from normal human beings from the crayon marks on the marines teeth.  They call them “snack stix” because they get two of them in their MRE’s.  The gold crayons ones are preferred and are traded like money.

His site is:

Shabbat shalom.


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2 years ago

Many of these people were very hateful before the vax.

Welcome To The War
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