The Truth Is Like A Kiss On The Lips: Find A Quiet Place To Study This. We Are In The Seven Years.

Originally posted on August 12, 2021 @ 1:15 pm

The calculations, done by perhaps the top, best-in-the-world doctor who treats covid patients early on when they display the symptoms, indicates 2,000,000,000 people will die.  He successfully and personally treated Donald J. Trump when Trump was diagnosed and hospitalized with Covid, as well as many other well-known people.

That 2 billion number is biblical, isn’t it?  Yes it is.  That is a “first three and one-half years of the tribulation” number.  That is a White Horse judgement number.  That is a First Seal number, and that number has its origins in the middle of the Holy Feast week of Sukkot, 2018.

Two billion dead bodies – all from what?  From what?  The mystery injections, that’s what. 

The Rabbis do some talking, but very little.  Listen to the entire video as it is loaded with heavy duty information that will strengthen your own resolve to fight back.

We are in a war and we must behave accordingly.  Organize, influence and dominate.  Wars get ugly, and this one will become the ugliest in world history.  Get good at conducting war against Satan and his various governments around the world, including the government of the United States.

We Are In The Seven Years

This is it, folks.  We are in fact within the seven year bracket, which means the Mark, no buying/selling; don’t damage the oil and the wine; war; famine; pestilence; death.

Event 201 – October 18, 2019, opened the First Seal, the White Horse.  Event 201 took place on the fifth day of Sukkot, a Holy Feast week.

We must now start thinking about how we respond to the coming assault.  Two billion people are going to die in a couple of years, and one excuse will be the churches are full of un-injected people.  They will come for us in our churches.

The Midpoint

In about April, 2023 the anti-Christ will sit on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies, announcing himself as God.  He is the abomination that causes desolation, and he is also referred to as “it”.  Maybe he will be a hybrid.

And wouldn’t you know it – I am looking up calendars as we proceed here,  and Passover is also in the first week of April in 2023.  I guess we could count days from October 18, 2019 and see where that gets us, but Passover is probably what Yahuah wants us to know, so I’ll count years and months.

Well there you have it.  The anti-christ will take his seat in April 2023.  Three and one-half years forward from there, and we land on October, 2026. In that very month, on October 18th, the same exact date as the Event 201 which started the Seal judgments in October 2019, we discover just now that there is in fact a special holiday called Yom HaAliyah. So, let’s look it up…

Yom HaAliyah is a national holiday that specifically brings to remembrance the specific date the wandering Hebrews at last crossed the Jordan river and stepped up onto the Promised Land, the Beautiful Land of Yahuah.

What are the odds?   I am as stunned as you are.

Thank you, Father

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2 years ago

Hi Jerry the video won’t play is it on YouTube, what is the title ?

2 years ago

Powerful information. May the One True Living God guard and protect this man and his family from all harm! Thank you, Heavenly Father for the truthtellers and whistleblowers. It’s also a powerful indictment against those in control in Israel. We are indeed in the 7 yr. time period of the end.

2 years ago

Very clear and right on time.
Peace & Shalom

Welcome To The War
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