The Truth In Small Matters

Originally posted on November 10, 2021 @ 6:31 pm


I apologize for the lag time on responding to your comments, and will reply today.  The drag on my otherwise high-speed response to all things tribulation is simple: I’m sick and tired of bad news.  I’m tired of publishing it and surely most of you are sick of reading it.  Yes, we will have to read of some of it, for sure.  It will be hard not to comment on 2,000,000 dead.

But today, no dead.  Today, I want to tell you a secret about “Truth”.  When Yahusha says the Truth will set us free, He means exactly that.  If you want to live a life of freedom, make your mouth into a truth machine.  Let no lie, however small, and no deception cross your lips and your life will change dramatically.  Quickly, too.

The most common lies are what people consider so-called “white lies”.  You know, the kind of lie that allegedly hurts no one.  Lies to questions like “Did you walk the dog?” or “Did you mail that letter?” Or “Did you read that article?”

Stuff like that.  No witnesses, no loss, no problem.  You’ll mail that letter tomorrow, after you walk the dog and before you read that article.  There are endless opportunities to tell small lies, and it all boils down to deception.  Claiming performance where there was no performance.  Claiming righteousness when wickedness actually ruled.

A little secret about telling the truth is this: When you become an honest person, a truth-teller, you discover that the thought of telling a lie is genuinely painful.  It is ugly, besmirching, like dog droppings on your shoe that you discover as you undress in your bedroom.  You wish you had walked a different way.

One bump in the road of speaking truthfully is the inevitability that you are absolutely going to make someone angry.  Not intentionally, and their anger is certainly misplaced if the mere truth ignites it, but these days, people are rather quick to take offense.  Easily taking offense is a violation of the command of Yahusha, who commands that we be the exact opposite – be slow to take offense.  Look it up.

I suspect that people who are most dishonest are the most prone to take offense.  They live within the darkness of their many lies, and carry some kind of guilt about that, so any light brought by the truth will be despised.  The burden of rejecting truth is a thorn in their side, certainly.  They must maintain the fantasy that they are honorable individuals, and the truth pops that bubble sweetly.

It’s just fine to expose lies.  But be prepared for the offended to sometimes savagely defend themselves by slandering the person who brought a little light to the party.  I’m reminded of the proverb “Where there are many words, there is much sin.”

The strength of the truth is that telling it makes the truth teller stronger, bolder, more able to stand his ground in a fight.  Truthful people vigilantly guard against being liars, and are successful in their endeavor.  Therein is created the change in character, and the bondage of sin is cut away.  Freedom follows the one who lives by the truth.  We never have to run from an attack, and if we are carefully diligent to be truthful in all matters, we become free indeed.



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Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
9 months ago

By my word, one of the very best texts YOU have written on this website, Sir.
Terrifying feeling for me indeed to read your every thought on being truthful categorically.
Someday, everything and anything will come together for each of us when we are judged by the ultimate Ruler.
The only thing more horrible than telling the truth of pain can only be intentionally covering this same truth …

Give me ülease your opinion on the following subject, Mister Davis Sir

2 years ago

Ken, I shortened the URL for the link you sent me and am sure that this is the correct web page you directed us to. But if I am incorrect, please tighten me up, brother. I am aware of this Meta business from Zuckerberg. What if an AI reality is the kingdom of the beast? An AI reality where anyone can be anything one desires would be irresistibly enticing to billions of people.

2 years ago

Hi Jerry, like you, I am so fed up with the hype of this world and…alternate media….I have 99.9% stopped listening and watching as to what is going on in the ‘world’.
I am NOT of this world, even though I’m in it. Therefore, I have decided that it no longer applies to me!

I am to concentrate on what really matter aka my own walk with the Most High.

Much Shalom ♥

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