The True Synagogue Of Satan. Who Are The Gentiles Masquerading As “Jews” In Israel?


Opening a can of worms can be an exciting moment.  For years I have pondered and researched and considered the possibility that the people in Israel today are not Hebrews.  It was a speech I listened to by a fellow named Benjamin Freedman that got my attention.  I have the speech right here, and it is an eye opener.  Apparently, it is also true.

Download the transcript here: Khazars.Freedman

I just read “The TRUE Synagogue of Satan!“, which is located here:
and brothers and sisters, it is jam-packed with reliable information regarding the gentiles in Israel masquerading as “Jews”.  Theirs is the “time of the Gentiles” that is about to end.  It won’t be the Hebrews in Israel who are conquered, but the Khazars masquerading as “Jews”.

Certainly there are some actual Hebrews in Israel.  Maybe those will be the 1/3rd who survive the coming war described in Revelation.  This definately changes the dynamic of prophecy, although I cannot describe that change yet.  If this Khazar assertion is correct, and I believe it is correct, then we must look at prophecies of the future in that light.  Gentiles (and liars) occupy Israel.  So when Iran calls them “occupiers”, as do the so-called Palestinians, they are correct.

How does that feel?  A difficult pill to swallow.  I will appreciate your comments, as always.  Pro or con, I want to read them.  I am conflicted, having to overcome a lifetime of “God’s chosen people” and rabid anti-semitism enforcement in the media.  Nontheless, the information looks reliable and I cannot turn away from it simply because it makes me uncomfortable.  I must cross the river Truth on this Kazarian bridge.

Here is a quote from the top of the page:

The fact is that these Khazar, German, Polish, Russian, or other white or Turkish-Slavic Gentile-Jews have no direct pedigree back to Israel and the twelve tribes. These “Jews” that occupy the land of Israel today were not in bondage in the countries they came from. They migrated to these lands from Khazaria and were not taken captive to Poland, Germany, and Russia. This has got to be the biggest Identity theft that has ever taken place, and the greatest deception ever pulled on the world by a people.

Attached here is a downloadable screen shot of the entire article, just in case the article disappears from the Internet.  Most Truth does eventually get wiped off the web.  Its a screenshot, which means it is an image, which means it might take a minute to download at some locations.  Get it and read it.  Some parts are highlighted because I wanted to highlight them for my own purposes.  I’m just sharing my copy with you.  Image on your left.


Very convincing information.  The gentiles referred to as being in Israel are the very people ruling Israel today.  Satan, by design, put them in there.  Brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.  But fake, a lie as always.

I ordered Henry Fords book “The International Jew” from  

They sell the “abridged” version, but it was the only version I found in book form.  I do have a .pdf copy of the original book by Mr. Ford, and you may have a copy of it, too.

Backup source below


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9 months ago

Khazarian Jewish himself is Holy Spirit as Demonic Moshiach send Khazarian Jewish people to Hell why ????? Gentiles committed unpardonable against Holy Spirit become Human and Holy Spirit become Abaddon….

1 year ago

Thanks for posting this Jerry. So were the Jews sent to the camps the Hebrews? Soros claims to be Jewish, but is he actually a Khazar? Very interesting can of worms indeed.

Welcome To The War
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