The Tribulation Will Be An Incredible Adventure For You Who Follow The Way

Originally posted on June 29, 2021 @ 10:40 pm

Ani, the Lord Almighty is forgiving and graceful and merciful.  In our personal lives we have to deal with people who sometimes despise us.  If we were more worldly, if we craved money more or worshiped debt more or swam in any of the wide varieties of lust, or if we drank unto drunkenness more or simply lived a life absent of the presence of the Holy Spirit of God, the world and the lost souls in it would find us more tolerable.

But we don’t.

We live lives centered on the Truth.  We passionately love Truth and we love one another.  Our love is not like the love of most.  Our love has its source in the heart of our Redeemer.  It is His love that beats in our hearts.  It is His love that reaches out to the lost.  It is the love of Yahusha, or Yeshua, or Jesus that enables we who follow Him to love others with a love that is without equal in all of creation.

When we see a wounded soul, a wandering life devoid of Truth, we hurt for him.  We want to give that person life, and light and eternal love in the presence of our Salvation.  We yearn for peace in the world.  We hope for love among our closest family members, but we consistently find that our mother and brothers and sisters are those related to us by the blood of the One who bled on that wooden post.

That blood is our bloodline.  We are His family, and we are the children of Ani.  Our God.  Our Creator.  The giver of the Law and the liberty that comes from obedience to Him.

Those of you who follow the Way know what I am talking about.  The path to freedom runs directly through obedience.  It is on submission to His good instruction that we find the meaning of “free, indeed.”

Here is the truth for you.  It is this: The more you tell the truth in everything you say, the more free you become.  If you want absolute freedom, submit absolutely to obedience to the commands of our Father and our Brother and our friend.  The Truth will always orient you to righteousness.  The truth purifies your life, because telling the truth becomes the Strait and Narrow.

That, in truth, is the Truth.  This is why our Good Father teaches us that all liars go to hell.  There is no other possible outcome for them.  Lying is the language of Satan, and it opens the broad path to hell, to hatred and to every conceivable transgression or act of rebellion against our Father.

The Truth gives liberty because the Truth always serves I AM.  In Him is life and love and freedom and joy and forever.

If you want to experience genuine freedom, abide in the Truth.  Every word you speak – speak truthfully.  Do not use the language of Satan.

Walk In The Way

Brothers and sisters, I exhort you to walk in the Way.  Know the commands of Yahuah and embrace the risen Savior, as I know many of you do.  I tell you this, in the coming days you will not be afraid.  You will see every act of God with the eyes of His own child.  You will know with certainty that He loves you.  You have nothing to fear.  Yahuah is merciful.  He desires mercy from us, and He will extend His mercy to you.

There are far fewer followers of Truth on earth than the world knows.  Many call themselves “Christian” because it seems right to do so.  But the dragon is only concerned with one group of people, a very small one.  Those of the Way.  The Holy Scriptures say so, and it is why Paul was executed.


It is possible that you and I will be executed, and when it is my time to leave my body, I am ready to go.  But when the bullet or the blade is on the way to my body, I expect to vacate the shell the instant before the killing of my body.  Let me tell you why.

Months ago while I prayed at my Sabbath gathering with my brothers and sisters, I had what I suppose was a vision.  In that vision, I saw a man dressed in all black combat gear walk in the side door with a rifle, and using the full-auto function, start spraying bullets throughout the congregation.

Instantly I was taken across the room to stand directly in front of a dear brother of mine, and I could see directly into his upraised eyes.  In the center of his eyes, deep inside the ocular fluid, I saw a very small, exceedingly bright seed of light, and it was growing.  Also in the corner of my peripheral vision I saw a few bullets, maybe three, headed directly for my brothers right side.

The vision ended but I understood perfectly what the message of that vision was.  It is this: my brother and all who walk in the Way will be taken from their bodies before Satan can kill those bodies.  It will look to the world like the gunfire killed the people, when in fact the bullets will hit only empty shells, vacated the instant before the bullets or the blades strike.

We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.  What Ani desires is mercy, not sacrifice.  If that is what He desires from us, then it will surely be what He provides to us.

You are never alone with Yahuah.  He is always with you, always near.  He likes the conversations He has with His children.  Trust Him.  He invented love and happiness and laughter and wine.  He is the most loving Father imaginable.  He rejoices in your own happiness when you are an obedient son or daughter.  Be that good child.

Remember, the coming woes will destroy the earth, for sure.  But your destiny is on a different path than the world.  Expect to see miracles, and and expect to do a few yourself.  You are going to love who you are during these coming days.  You will feel the surging strength of the Ruach haKodesh invigorating your human body.  You will become bold and eager to serve Him in many new ways.  Things you never imagined doing you will do in His name and His power will burn inside you.

When the wicked come to attack us, we will be gone before the bullets arrive.  Jesus said “Do not fear”.  So do not fear.  You are one of the many who were called and you are one of the chosen.  Soon, you will experience precisely what that means.


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Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
10 months ago

”….a love that is without equal in all of creation.”

Jerry, the invisible hand from your life which held you in a state of slumber on your bed while / before you had witnessed your three-times-over vision about the flaming sword separating the righteous from the unrighteous, was that His loving hand?

Last edited 10 months ago by Andreas Uhrig
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