The Tribulation Begins. Yahuah Strikes His Enemies Beginning In Wicked China.

The Coronavirus /CoViD-19 or the Wuhan Flu, the Chinese Flu or any other name you want to call it is an act from Yahuah.  It is a tribulation event, no longer a birth pang, but the birthing.

On November 29th of 2019, only about 90 days ago, I wrote posting titled “The Event Is Near. It Is Time“.  A few days later in the beginning of December, and unknown to me at the time, Chinese Communist Party Premier Xi Jinping demanded that all Holy Bibles in China be re-written citing him and communist party doctrine in the parables of Yahusha.  He was using the re-written words of Yahusha to deify himself, to set himself up as a god.

“The CCP blends the core socialist values with the Bible, aiming at changing the essence of our belief and forcing us to accept the Communist Party’s values. In the end, we’ll be allowed only to worship the Communist Party. They’re truly sinister,” one of the preachers commented.

He starting demolishing churches, pulling down crosses, imprisoning pastors and hanging his photograph beside the crosses on the walls inside the official Communist Party sanctioned churches that he allowed to operate.

The religious persecution by the Chinese Communist Party was most intense in Hubei Province, a key province among the 22 provinces that constitute China.  The provincial capitol of Hubei Province?  None other than the city of Wuhan, epicenter of Coronavirus.

It is in the city of Wuhan that Yahuah began His retribution against His enemies.

Deaths from coronavirus are greatest in China, and outside of Chine, the nation that has the most deaths from coronavirus is Iran.

Still, the number of deaths compared to the number of confirmed infections from the virus is higher in Iran than in any other country, including China and South Korea, where the outbreak is far more widespread.

Do not fear this contagion, but do prepare for it.  Store food and medicine.  Know the vitamin C protocol.  Trust Yahuah, trust that He loves His people.  Remember my vision of the flaming sword, and His words: “I am coming to separate the righteous from the unrighteous”.  Obey Torah.  Honor every Sabbath.  Eat clean.  Know the feast says and keep them.



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