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Lets talk music for a few minutes, shall we?  How many of you like good ol’ “Christian” music?  Come on, let’s see some hands… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ok, I see you.  And how about that new style of “church” music, the kind where the rhythm changes abruptly, the lyrics have too many syllables for the tempo or beat.  Lyrics make little sense, trip over one another, repeat themselves even though the first one wasn’t that good.  And the key these songs are sung in… “OMG” as the precious children love to text – what KEY is that??  No way to get there so I just bow my head and pray.

<sigh> Such is the state of “Christian” music, which is why, in my 75 gigabytes of high-resolution sonic superbity, there is not  o n e  s i n g l e contemporary “Christian” tune.  Nor will there ever be.

Music should be one of three types: beautiful, powerful or folksy.  I’m talking Sacred Treasures  (An Amazon link.  Not affiliated) in the beautiful category.  Def Leppard in the powerful category and Arlo Guthrie in the folksy category.  Yes, there are some genres that don’t particularly fit here, like the satanic hate trance jam.  There is some tremendously wicked, very powerful killer music out there.  Bad people make it, and bad people buy it.

I’m listening to Def Leppard as I write this.  Headphones – Sony MDR-V6’s rolling out of a Fiios BTR5 Bluetooth DAC pulling data from my phone and cleaning it up before pumping it into my head.  I do this on my motorcycle, too.  Blasting through the south Texas hill country with Daft Punk riding in my helmet.  I pray a LOT when I’m riding, by the way.  I call my bike my “prayer machine”.

Only last year did I discover the band Def Leppard.  It is inappropriately sinful on many songs, but the overall compositions are excellent if you like rock.  Led Zeppelin is, of course, the definition of excellence and exists alone on the tier that is so far above all others as to be almost mythical.

Try to fill a football stadium with 100,000 screaming music fans using any “christian” band as the draw, and I don’t even need to go there, do I?  Its weak.  No passion.  No strength, no power.  Everything is the “frail and skinny Jesus” music.

What we need is the “Thor/Hulk/Terminator/Dr. Strange/Flash Jesus” music, and it will be in the category appropriately called


Faith, like music, must consist of power and glory and energy and authority.  If you christian musicians can’t get off the sofa and go full-on nuclear, then just get a regular job.  Please?  We are in a war with satan and we are giving him every advantage in every category.

Someone once said that people like to sin “because its fun”.  To a certain extent that is true.  Sin, some of it, was much more than merely “fun”.  But I’m different now.

We do not talk about “abstinence” and “purity” and “clean living”.  Who wants to go to the store and buy that?

We want to talk about strength, power, righteous obedience to the commands of the one true Creator of the Universe.  We are more than mere mortals and its time we stood up and made some noise.  We are already destined for eternal life.  We are certain that He IS.  And the great war is brewing.  The water is starting to simmer and soon the boil is ON.

Let’s fight back, shall we?  If the power of the Holy people must be shattered, then I’m going down with my sword blood red.

If you are lost and want eternal life in Paradise with me, Jesus and that thief on the cross, send me an email and we will get that done for you. Guaranteed.  You have His Word on it.

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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago

This is a good discussion point. You have me thinking again, Jerry. Good for you, bro. Yahuah speaks through you to me.

Ken Craig
Ken Craig
2 years ago

Hey Brother,

We need more Norman Greenbaums.

2 years ago

Seek and you shall find
The list goes on as it is like recognizing the Ruach Ha’Qodesh
in our lives, even when we have to understand that when
we don’t think he is there, there is a reason and remember
he is, and to give thanks for everything.
Peace and Shalum

2 years ago

I don’t know Jerry, have you ever heard “Still Rolling Stones” by Lauren Daigle or “Amen” by For King and Country? Very powerful. That is just my opinion.

Welcome To The War
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