The Time Is Here. I Love You All So Much, And Love Yahuah With All My Heart, All My Mind And All My Soul.


Shabbat Shalom, brothers and sisters. It has been a while since I have written to you, but thanks to Yahuah, I have been exceptionally busy, sometimes working 16-hour days. I am grateful for the extra work and pursue more of it every day. Yahuah gave me the ability to put in the time working at birth, apparently. When I was aged nine years, I mowed my neighbors large lawn for $10 every week.  That was good money.  I could get into the movies for 25 cents.  A coke was .50 cents.  Popcorn was .50 cents.  Cool tennis shoes were $2.99.  So for a nine-year old, I was loaded.

My dad had to crank the lawn mower for me on Saturday morning, and I would pull the mower down the street, motor running loudly, to her house. I had to rake the pine straw before mowing the front yard, so I mowed the back yard first until I ran out of gas, them raked up about 10 garbage bags of pine straw in front, and because the lawnmower engine was warmed up and ready to go, I could crank it by myself on one or two still difficult yanks on the cord.

I work as hard on dividing the Words of Yahuah, and He has given me one of the most unique relationships with him that any man at any time has ever had. He chose me and I am grateful. He made my life meaningful and real, and called me out of the world. I live on very little, and I do sorely miss my sons, but service to Yahuah in peace is His gift and His doing. I praise Him.

We are coming into the time of escalating destruction, brothers and sisters. Trump is officially indicted by the garbage in New York. The war is open and the flames are rising. The transexual queer-bot killed the children and adults in the Christian school, and more of that will occur and in greater numbers and at faster intervals. It is war and we are in it. If you are emotionally qualified and physically able, make sure you go about your business armed with a reliable firearm, and to hell with your states laws if they deny you the God-given right of self defense.

We are being starved of nutrition, robbed of fuel, and raped at the bank.  Watch for your bank to fail, possibly in the next few months.  Watch for Deutsche Bank to fail.  When it falls, the ash cloud will reach to the heavens.  I have decisions to make regarding my immense wealth, too.  Should I take it out of the bank and put it in an Altoids tin?

Maybe buy silver, because gold is up and silver is, too.  When the dollar falls to 15 percent of its current “value”, silver will simultaneously rise by 300 percent or so.  Gold, too.

But food is probably where to put a significant amount of money.  Dry-storable food.  Make sure you bag it against bugs.  I opened a bag of sushi rice, bought new at the grocer several months ago, and it was infested with weevils.  I had to toss the whole bag, which was brand new and unopened until I opened it.  Yellow bag, I forget the name but it was grown in India, a pig sty if there ever was one.

Ammunition is also a good bet.  Buy more, regardless of what you now have.  Buy more than you think you will need, and you might need a lot.  This is the climactic end of the world, so expect world-ending events.  Listen, if your neighbors are starving they will change and become dangerous.  Not all of them, but some of them.  And it doesn’t take many of the dangerous ones to become a mob, and it won’t take them too long to figure out that human flesh is food.

I am frightened by what I see.  Some friends at my church were talking this very day about how “prepared” they are, quite smugly, in fact.  They have no idea whet is about to happen on earth, and no one, regardless of their wealth, is “prepared for” it.  You will get through this on what you have the day the hand of Yahuah strikes the earth, and whatever amount of faith in Him you can muster up.

There is no cavalry and no one is coming to rescue us until we are taken from the earth.  Every one will be hurt, but it is the wicked who will burn.  The United States has been taken over by the Luciferians, who want only to break the back of America and loot the economy.  They will all abandon America during the fall of our once glorious nation.  They will just get on their private jets and leave us to fight to the death in the streets.

Video courtesy of Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog

But if you are certain in your relationship with Yahuah, you will ascend into Heaven one fine day.  My Father told me that He is coming to “separate the Righteous from the unrighteous”, and He is coming.  I love Him so much.  In the chaos, billions of people will fall dead.  Most of the dead will be the lost, bound for hell.  Many of the dead bodies will be the bodies of the Righteous, who were called into Heaven to dwell there with Yahuah forever.

No one will bother to differentiate a lost person from a “saved” person, because there is no way of knowing.  Plus, millions of “Christians” and Christian pastors will still be alive among the living, claiming that there is no way that there was a “rapture” because the “Christians are all still here”.

Righteousness.  If you are not Righteous, you will not rise from the earth.  If you wish to become righteous, study Torah Notes – The Truth.

If you wish to argue about it, if you think Yahuah was a liar and that His commands are not forever, well…, you are dead to Yahusha and the love of Truth is not in you. You might have been called, but unless you love Truth, you will not be chosen.

Be vigilant, now.  Be on guard.  Develop good personal security habits.  Go in pairs to the grocery store.  Buy a good dog.  Buy a very good flashlight.  Decide on how you will contact your nearby close friend/s if the cell towers are disabled.  Be strong.  Be strong.  And brothers and sisters – be excited.  Most of us have known since childhood that we would see the end of days.

I’m pumped.  When I was a teenager I trained as a boxer and got to fight in boxing tournaments around Texas.  I won every fight I ever had except one, and that one I lost by a single vote.  I would have won that one except the other boxer was shorter than me and punched up under my defense and “pop”, I saw three of him for the rest of the rounds and did not know which one to hit 🙂  I tried, though.

In another fight the opposing fighter smashed my nose so far to the right of my face that I could not see my own nose through my left eye.  Blood was running down the length of my body and into my right shoe.  My foot was sliding in my shoe there was so much blood in it.  The referee stopped the fight and told me that he might have to call it in favor of the other fighter.  I shook my head and said “No sir, I’m ok.  It just bleeds easily.”

He looked at me for a second, stepped back and blew his whistle to start the fight, letting me continue to fight and beat down my larger opponent.  Today I stand in the corner of the ring, and the bell is ringing again.  This fight is for eternity.

I have had other fights outside the ring, every time with a “bad guy” and I know what I am capable of.   I am prepared for this fight.  Yahuah made me for this time.  I praise Yahuah for the heart He gave me, for my willingness to destroy His enemies, and I pray that He will establish me as His sword against the devils and demons which hate His people.

I am Geralt bin Daud, a son of Yahuah and of His chosen ones.  In the holy Name of Yahuah, the Almighty and the King of Kings, I will fight until my last breath against the wicked on this earth who seek to bring war to the Righteous and peaceful chosen of Yahuah.  

Thank you, Father.  I am ready, I am willing, and by your power I am able.

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Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
10 months ago
Dear Brothers and Sisters in YahuSha from around this earth. Above short video message I am gladly wanting to share with you tonight since I am simply speechless in awe of this bravely honest woman…she hits straight home into our dangerous bull”s eye of the need to be wary through continuous repentance of that sad inevitablility of our sins 🕸

11 months ago

Hi every-one,

I have some words from the dead sea scrolls, to bless you all.

Clay and dust that I am,
What can I devise unless THOU wish it,?
and what contrive unless THOU desire it?
What strength shall I have?
Unless THOU keep me upright
and how shall I understand?
unless by (the Ruach) whichTHOU has shaped for me?.

Two verses which jumped out at me, whilst reading on the sabbath.
Romans 8 v15. For you have. not received the Ruach of bondage again to fear, but you have received the Ruach of adoption, whereby we cry ABBA ABBA.

And because you are sons, YAHUAH has sent forth THE RUACH HA KODESH of HIS own SON into your hearts crying ABBA ABBA

RESTORATION SCRIPTURES 7TH EDITION. When we have the true RUACH of YAHUAH, we cry and speak in Hebrew and we avoid false titles for FATHER YAHUAH.

Be Blessed.

Recommended. ROMANS 8 V 15‐-39.

10 months ago
Reply to  Aviyah

Hi Jerry, Exodus 23 v13. And in all that which I have said unto you ye do take head ; and the name of other gods ye do not mention ; it is not heard on thy mouth. Youngs literal translation. Hosea 2 v 17 And I have turned aside the names of the lords from their mouth, and they are not remembered any more by their name. Youngs literal translation Exodus 20 v3 Thou hast no other gods before Me. Youngs literal translation Malach 3 v 16 ,17 18. V16 Then have those fearing YAHUAH spoken one to another,and YAHUAH doth attend and hear.And written is a book of memorial before Him of those fearing YAHUAH, and of those esteeming HIS NAME. V17 And they have been to ME, said YAHUAH of HOSTS, in the day that I AM appointing a peculiar treasure, and I have had pity on them, as one hath pity on his son who is serving him V18. And ye have have turned back and considered, between the righteous and… Read more »

Bud Love
Bud Love
11 months ago

Jerry, what kind of a christian would kill his neighbours over food? I would think that you would want to try and help people in need.

11 months ago

Passover Blessings to you and yours .

11 months ago

Shabbat Shalom Jerry! Always good to read your posts. Such a blessing on this Sabbath day. More soon. Kathleen

Robin Sonstegard
Robin Sonstegard
11 months ago

Blessing brother Jerry. Yes, lately I have been working much with my students-encouraging them, showing them discipline and love through academics. I am working at my calling in the tribe of Benjamin, to train the next generation. My pantry is stocked-I purchase a little extra every week. I love on my friends and co-workers and family. I want to be found busy for my Father’s kingdom when He comes for me.

11 months ago

Hello Jerry. I’m sorry I have not been on here all that often, lately. I’m spread thin these days and pressing in with my savior as much as I can, so He will remember me when He comes for His own. I love what you wrote here. It was so well-stated. You are right on target as to where we are at and what is required to be chosen by God and to make it through the narrow gate! God bless you, my friend. I love your passion!

11 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

Thank you for the sweet comment.

Welcome To The War
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