The Time For Prepping Is Ending. War Is Right Around The Corner. If You Are Unsaved, Accept His Offer Of Life. Its Real, And Permanent.


Time will tell the story.  At this point in America, people are waking up all across the land.  Eyes are popping open, ears are hearing new words and the dawning awareness of the real situation is illuminating the dusty corners of human minds.  We are in trouble.  People are scared and rightfully so.  Are you going to survive this?

All I can accurately speak to is my own situation, my own perception of reality and what my plans might be.

Maybe I am wrong.  I hope and I do pray that I am wrong, but I continually sense in my being that the United States is about to be curb-stomped by the Belgorod and its Poseidon nuclear-powered under-water ICBM’s.  It “disappeared” from its usual Russian harbor (according to some news source yesterday) and “no one knows where it went”.

If you recall, the Poisedon torpedo can reportedly travel underwater up to 4,000 miles (nuclear motor) and detonate a 100 megaton (100,000,000 ton TNT equivalent) at 1000 meters  sea depth some distance off the coast of the USA and send a 1,600 foot high radioactive tidal wave ashore.  Other and newer estimates reduce the explosive power to 2 megatons.  I have no idea which is correct, but there are several prophecies regarding America that speak to nuclear attacks on both US coastlines.

We cannot tell who is telling the truth these days.  The CIA has people creating “news” constantly.  They register and build web sites, populate them with some factual information and some outright lies and disinformation.  They do this for liberal and conservative audiences, for religious audiences and any other demographic.  Their point is to plant as many lies and as much confusion as possible.  If the Belgorod wants to disappear, it will disappear.  If the CIA wants to post old images and claim they show the Belgorod in the Arctic circle “yesterday”, they certainly will do it.

Putin said two months ago that the Belgorod was headed to the Pacific ocean, and its published in TASS. The Russian News Agency TASS ( Russian: Информацио́нное аге́нтство Росси́и ТАСС, romanized : Informatsionnoye agentstvo Rossii, or Information agency of Russia), abbreviated TASS ( ТАСС ), is a major Russian state-owned news agency founded in 1904. TASS is the largest Russian news agency and one of the largest news agencies worldwide.

But Russia lies, too.  We live in a world of lies, and many of you know some of the incredible lies that the whole world believes.  War is rife with lies in order to sow confusion, uncertainty and doubt.  Pro-vaxx, anti-vaxx, black, white, male, female, homosexual, tranny, left, right, Putin, Zelensky, Jew, Muslim, gun, anti-gun – any possible way to divide us is deployed because in division we are weak.  If we do not know the truth, then we never have a solid foundation under us, and we cannot organize and tear down Satan’s system.

My heart tells me that the USA is going to be attacked on both coasts.  There is abundant prophecy saying the same thing.  America is going to take a great hit.  The burning desire I have in my heart to “prepare for war” is flaming.  Until a week or two ago, I was concerned but uninvolved in the specific preparations I need to do for certain future tasks.  Now, today, I’m keyed up.  I am anxious to perform certain actions that are very important to get done.

Of course, having key projects due that are very important, I broke my foot.  Its in a boot where it will remain for at least six weeks.  But I am going back to the gym today and will hobble around and get my reps in.  I hope you are getting ready for the fight.  Some of you have seen the Psalm that I publish in my secure email signature line:

[Psalm 144:1-15 KJV] “Blessed be the Yahuah my strength, who teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: [2] My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me”.

My priorities right now are food, water, defense and transportation.  I have to convince some folks that they do need to store food, and it has to be basic gold-miners menu: Salt, sugar, coffee, flour, beans, rice.  Make jerky while meat is available.  Buy iodine water purification tablets and be grateful for the iodine in the water because iodine will save your life from lots of bacteria and virii.  You NEED iodine in your body for over 300 metabolic processes and you are probably iodine deficient.

You need to have a conversation with your neighbors about mutual defense.  You need to make sure your neighbors are taking the prepping seriously, and you need to be cautious about whom you confide in.  A great neighbor today might be a cannibalistic one when the grocery store closes.

These are serious topics for a serious time, but doing nothing assures you sorrow.  I have to get to the rifle range asap, and planned to go today but too much to do.  So tomorrow, maybe.  I love to go shooting but I have to drive about 80 miles (40/40) to do it, which I hate, and its at a range, which I dislike.  Shooting outdoors at targets a long distance away is what I prefer, but at a range I can at least get a 25 or 36-yard zero on my AR.  New optic on that unit.

Russia is going to get some pay-back for the destruction of the pipeline.  Personally, I think China has the most to gain from blowing it up.  They know Biden said we could “shut down” Nord Stream.  The whole world saw that speech on youtube.  Ukraine knows he said it.  Israel knows he said it.  He is a fool.  A stupid, punk, wanna-be bully of a fool.  When he said he would shut down Nord Stream, he opened the door for all others to do it and make it look like America did it.  Israel could have colluded with Ukraine to do it, knowing the USA would be blamed.  Remember that Israel is blood kin to Ukraine and both of them want Russia destroyed.  If they can get Russia to strike the USA with a nuke, they know the USA will respond.

The Chinese and Israel And Nord Stream

The Chinese have the most to gain from blowing up Nord Stream.  The Chinese also know that the illegitimate, fraudulently elected fake President of the United States, Herr dummkoph Biden boasted that the USA could destroy Nord Stream, and they knew that if anyone blew it up the USA would be blamed.  China has a “treaty” with Russia, but China has 1.4 billion mouths to feed, clothe, shelter and educate.  Chine wants Russia’s natural resources, and Russia has the largest oil reserves on earth.  China wants Americas farmland in order to feed those 1.4 billion Chinese people, and China wants the fresh water on the Great Lakes because China has to import water from there already.

So China blew up the pipeline in secret, possibly with Israeli assistance because Israel is cozy with China and China is cozy with Israel.  If Russia and America destroy each other then China gains all the resources it needs for 100-200 years by subsequently taking them from doomed Russia and the United States.  And Israel?  Israel establishes itself as the seat of the new world government, friendly to China, endorsed by the new superpower, and fresh off a world war.  The world will want peace and Israel and China and a host of supporting players will unify around this proposal.

Russia has a variety of Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons.  These weapons more or less shut down electrical systems, whether its car ignition systems or national power grids or the cell towers and phones, EMP means massive starvation and death from dirty drinking water, no air conditioning or food refrigeration.  No irrigation for corporate farms, etc.  EMP is death on a massive scale, and no radiation.  The USA apparently does not have any EMP-specific weapons.

Get your home ready.  Get your mind ready.  This is not something to “freak out” over, because many of us are going to heaven when our body dies.  And remember the “one will be taken, the other left”, as well as “righteous Lot” being saved by the Angels when they came to destroy Sodom.  It is not the plan of a loving and merciful Yahuah to destroy His people.  He is coming with great violence to separate us from the wicked.  He told me that and He will do it.

I think He is going to remove His people and simultaneously destroy the wicked.  Remember that Yahusha says “do not go down to get your belongings”?  That’s because we are going home, and no longer need the things of this world.  The vultures gathering where the carcasses are – that is the remaining wicked, gathering where the bodies of those who were taken to heaven lay on the ground.  They are the vultures going around scavenging for money, jewelry, car keys – whatever they can find of value.  Vultures.

Yahuah loves His people.  If you have not accepted the offer of Yahusha (aka:”Jesus”), accept it now.  He is merciful, faithful and He will love you and immediately accept you.  Then He calls you to follow the commands of Yahuah.  Do your best and pray for greater faith.  Yahuah will strengthen you, although in this world there are many sorrows.  It is the consequence of sin.

Off to the gym in my orthopedic boot.  🙂




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1 year ago

Did you participate in the day of atonement ?

karla altiero
karla altiero
1 year ago

Have you heard of Johnathon Kleck who went to the FBI to show them the oklahoma bombing 9-11 and pentagon bombing {9-11} on the currency that came out prior? A nuke over NY w tidal wave is also on the currency.

Welcome To The War
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