The Talmud And Noahide Law – Two Recipe Books For Cooking Up Hatred, Murder, Sexual Abuse And Blasphemy.

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When teachers misunderstand reality, that there were lost Hebrew tribes living around the world as Yahusha taught Truth in Israel, they blind themselves to the additional Truth that we are everywhere on the planet, ignorant of our heritage, but called to Truth.  We feel that urging.  Torah is whispered to our minds and planted into our souls, and we find ourselves walking in to congregations of like-minded walkers in the Way.

“But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew 15:24, KJV).

Yahusha came to teach the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  Had the tribes all been present at Pentecost, they would not have been lost in the world.  Certainly there were some from the lost tribes in Israel at Pentecost.  It was after all Israel.  But ALL of the Hebrew bloodline?  Of course not.  So the tribes were represented at Pentecost in very low numbers.  A few from each tribe.

When Yahusha says He was sent to the lost tribes, let’s not make a liar of Him, shall we?   The tribes are scattered and unknown, but if you were called to Torah, then I suggest you spend a great deal of time digging as far back into your history as possible, along the patrilinear genealogies.  Your dad, his dad, his dad’s dad – the trail of your fathers.  Count the Hebrew names and watch them increase in number the further back in time you go.

My fathers fathers came to America as a result of the purge of the Jews from Wales about 400 years ago.  I have their names, where they came from and where they landed and traveled in America.  The “Sons of David” they were called all over South Wales.   From “Sons of David” (ben Daud) the British Anglos coined the name “Davy’s” (‘Davy’ is a diminutive of ‘David’, like ‘Bob’ is to ‘Robert’), and as the “Davys” were squeezed out they floated to Ellis Island to be written as “Davies” and “Davis” and “Davidson” and other variations, depending on the clerk at the disembarkation station and the limited understanding of both the named and the namer.

Beware of the Noahide Cult

A word of warning regarding Noahide.  It is a movement from the anti-christs in Israel and around the world to entrap non-Hebrew religious people into a religious organization that demands the execution of two classes of people:

  1. All who are saved through the blood of Yahusha
  2. All non-“Jews” who study Torah

The non-“Jew” death penalty applies to anyone who cannot prove their lineage through their mothers (matriarchal lineage – a Rabbinical satanic perversion of patriarchal lineage) and who also study Torah.  So to reiterate – if you cannot prove you are a “Jew” through your mothers bloodline, you will be executed for studying Torah.

You will also be executed for abiding in the Messiah Yahusha.

Take note that these two excuses for murdering people are the exact same targets of the Red Dragon of Revelation 12, which “comes to destroy those who keep the commands of Yahuah and have the testimony of Yahusha. ”

So the Pharisees or Rabbis of Jerusalem and the world are the Red Dragon of the Revelation of the Apocalypse.  They are active in the world today and the US government officially recognizes Noahide.

The universality of these principles and global import was recognized in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan when he spoke of “the eternal validity of the Seven Noahide Laws [as] a moral code for all of us regardless of religious faith” (Proclamation on the National Day of Reflection, April 4, 1982).

Seven years later, in 1989, President George H.W. Bush not only proclaimed that these “Biblical values are the foundation for civilized society,” but he also recognized that “A society that fails to recognize or adhere to them cannot endure.”

He understood how these “principles of moral and ethical conduct that have formed the basis for all civilizations comes to us, in part, from the centuries old Seven Noahide Laws.” And, in doing so, he noted their origins: “The Noahide Laws are actually seven commandments given to man by G-d, as recorded in the Old Testament. …” (Proclamation 5956-Education Day, USA 1989 and 1990, 102 Stat. 3016, April 14, 1989)

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Congress in 1991, on a [unanimous] bipartisan basis, further recognized how this “historical tradition of ethical values and principles…upon which our great Nation was founded (Not on Noahide-jd) … have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization (what garbage-jd), when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws.” (The Noahide Laws are a Talmudic fabrication-jd) The American Congress understood how “the most recent weakening of these principles … has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society.” Thus, they warned us that “without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos.” (Public Law 102-14, 102d Congress, 1st session, H.J. Res. 104)

Other world leaders have joined the call for further observance and knowledge of these laws. For example, Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Union wrote (in July, 2014) that he seeks greater

“dissemination of the universal values known as the Noahide Laws,” and Major General Michael Jeffery, Governor General of Australia, lamenting family breakdowns and drug and alcohol abuse in modern society in a 2008 letter, wrote that he believed that observing the fundamental values of the Noahide Laws can be an antidote to such ills of society.

Every President since Reagan has given their strength to the cult of  Noahide, not necessarily from malice, but from ignorance.  They did not look into Noahide, they just signed the proclamation.

The Talmudim Are Anti-Christs Who Will Execute You

The Leaven That Leavens The Whole Lump

The Babylonian Talmud, or the “Talmud” as the serpents call it, is a book of teachings by antichrists who call themselves “Rabbi” and promote themselves as the teachers of Israel.  The book, which is actually a volume of books much like an encyclopedia is a volume of books, contains the anti-christ teachings of hundreds of anti-christs for hundreds of years.  These anti-christs, who have not the Ruach ha Qodesh, deign to teach those of the Way what the Words mean.

Sickening on the face of it, that these very devils claim a holy right to teach “truth”.  Yahusha is correct when He identified them as sons of hell, when He told them to their faces :You are OF YOUR FATHER, SATAN.”

Yahusha stated they these rabbis were from/of/originated through/derived from Satan himself.  Indicates “origin”.

Reptilians?  Humans?  Some of each?  The Talmud is filled up with wickedness, satanic teachings and all of them considered to be greater than the Words of Yahuah Himself.

“…early 2nd century, and he took it upon himself to put the “oral law” into a written form, called the Talmud.  His name was AKIBA.  He perceived the Yahudim who followed Yahusha to be a serious threat, so he promoted a false Mashiak (Bar Kochba) as a scheme to legally kill the Natsarim, the followers of Yahusha.  As Bar Kochba rose-up as the false Mashiak, his followers challenged the Roman occupation.  The Natsarim would not fight Rome over this false Mashiak, and so this gave Bar Kochba (and the instigator, AKIBA), the legal authority to execute them – at least in their eyes.  So, many Natsarim were killed, and even more driven away.  Thus, Rabbinical Judaism (Pharisaism) took complete control over the early development of the post-Temple era, and it is still alive and well as an apostate form of religion, mostly due to this “Talmud”, begun by AKIBA.  In it there are fabulous tales of AKIBA’s greatness, and horrendous tales about Yahusha.  The concept of “RABBI” is central to the Talmud’s idea of eternal life.  Without a “RABBI”, one cannot possibly acquire eternal life, according to Talmud!  And, all Rabbis are infallibleAKIBA’s Talmud also declares that YAHUAH is but one of 70 rabbis, and He must go along with what the majority says.  Many Messianic leaders quote from this Talmud, unwittingly using AKIBA’s rationalizations in their own teachings.  Since Yahusha was called a “RABBI” (my Teacher), it is likely that He was mistakenly thought to be a Pharisee, or the dominance of Pharisaism was so great that all who taught were customarily referred to by this term.  The word “RABBI” is not found in the TaNaK  (commonly known as the O.T.).

The Talmudists raised their lies and blasphemies above the very words of Yahuah.  They did so from pure pride, arrogance and wickedness.

Summary:  One Rabbi, 2,000 years ago, led the campaign to corrupt our Old Testament (the Masoretic Text that all Protestant Bibles follow). And He succeeded – at least in a narrow sense. He is known as the father of Rabbinic Judaism. His name is Rabbi Akiba ben Josef (50 A.D. – 135 A.D.). Not only was he responsible for creating a Judaism that was no longer dependent upon a Temple and its sacrificial worship, he sought to obscure messianic passages in the Old Testament including the timing when Messiah was believed to arrive. In this article, I make the case that Akiba was indeed the principal figure responsible for establishing the Oral Law as superior to the Written Law (i.e., the Bible), but he also led the effort to block the conversion of Jews to Christianity by altering the messianic passages Christian evangelists used to preach the Gospel.

Eventually, the Talmud began to teach that the Rabbis were greater authorities that Yahuah Himself, and that Yahuah was subordinate to the Rabbis.  This is precisely what we have seen Satan do over and over again.  “You too can become as God”.

The preeminent role assigned to the Rabbis and to the system that surrounded and supported that role must be attributed to Akiba. Under Akiba’s leadership, the Rabbis became an elite revolutionary party which transformed itself from a group of unauthorized outsiders into the holders and/ or guardians of all authority in heaven and earth.[9]

So, should Rabbis be treated with such high regard?  According to the Talmud, the Rabbi is seen as the final authority. “Even God Himself cannot contradict (him).”[10]Gruber collates many other significant aspects of the place of rabbis based upon his extensive research:

  • “Every man who forgets a single word of his Mishnah what he has learned [from the Rabbis], Scripture accounts it unto him as if he had forfeited his soul.”[14]

The Talmud is as if there were a board of directors making decisions over a 1200 year-long corporate meeting, and the Talmud is the “minutes” of that meeting.  There is a Babylonian Talmud, and a Jerusalem Talmud.  The former is usually the one that is quoted, and is magnitudes larger.   It is entirely of human invention, and definitely not to be confused with inspired Scripture, the Words of Yahuah.   In it you will find how to best (in man’s view) tie tsitsith, rest on Shabbath, and pray.   But, the Talmud will tell you to never pronounce the Name of Yahuah aloud  — and proclaims the death penalty for doing so.   It claims Yahusha’s mother was a whore, and He is the offspring of a Roman soldier.   It says both Yahusha and His mother Miryam are being punished in a very unsavory place (boiling in feces-jd).  Talmud blasphemes in the worst imaginable language, as these are men who hate Truth.  Talmud says that a man who has sexual intercourse with a young girl who is not mature is the same as the girl hurting herself on a stick  — and that it is as nothing at all.

This is Talmud, the written book of Rabbinical hatred for Truth.  Thought you might want to know. Do you want anything from this satanic blasphemy taught in your congregation?  Do you want your friends seduced by Noahide Law?

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Robin Sonstegard
Robin Sonstegard
1 year ago

Hmmmm. Reminds me of of masonic….
My eldest sister, now deceased, did the spit dna test…we knew a little about our Scot/English heritage…and our Jewish grandfather, whom we never knew. It came back mostly Western European, but also 10% Eastern European Jewish. I have often asked Father what that significance is to me and the work He has for me, a woman and a widow, from a family of merchants and teachers, to do while here.
Shalom to you JD
Robin Renee Cupples Hanlon Sonstegard ( I know, strong names for a woman)

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