The Sooner You Rise Up To Fight, The Sooner We Rid Ourselves Of These Monsters

It will require unprecedented acts of valor from American civilians to conquer the devils who created the covid hoax and the “contents not disclosed” injections. If we lose, we lose for life, and this necessary war will not be pleasant.

The powers who created this false threat and this undisclosed injection will never surrender. They know their lives are at stake if we take a stand. Will you fight for your own life? Are you prepared to do what is necessary to survive? Because if you are not, you will not.


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2 thoughts on “The Sooner You Rise Up To Fight, The Sooner We Rid Ourselves Of These Monsters”

  1. Jerry! Did you see/hear that the City of Boerne mayor’s office is “highly recommending” its citizens get injected with the available COVID-19 shots?

    1. No sir, until you told me I had not heard a word. The fool mayor, just like most mayors, is panhandling for votes. Meredith told me there is a big Facebook Boerne group of uneducated but useful idiots campaigning hard to force injections and masks. They’ll regret their efforts. In fact, if you want to have some fun, join that group and tear them up. Start with “Show me one.” “One” being a pure covid-19 virus. No one can produce one. Go ahead, try.

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