The Skillful Lies Of Satan – Can YOU Get The Angels To Fight God?

Originally posted on July 8, 2019 @ 12:28 pm

In order to answer a barrage of questions and to educate our brothers and sisters in the Way, I am opening a section on the enemy and how he operates.  It is quite a bit of work, for sure, but I have studied in this area for years and knowledge of satanic machinations throughout history is fascinating, for sure.  I’m not talking about the blood of human sacrifice, but the things he has done to further his “god on earth” goals.

When I grasped the magnitude of the satan’s effort, skill and success, I gasped.  That moment was unique.  And the most shocking revelation was the MAGNITUDE of his lies and the astounding SUCCESS he has with those lies.

I promise you, most of you have NO IDEA what he has done and is doing.  What I will reveal and prove, will leave you slack-jawed.  You will say to yourself “No way.  Impossible.  What a bunch of junk Davis is writing.

Then, you will go to bed.  You will sleep, fitfully, and over the next couple of days you will begin to turn 🙂  You will look into some things and go back and re-read and at some point after that, boom!  You get it.

Its the lies, you see.  The lies are so hammered into our minds that we take them as truth, as fundamental, common, “everybody knows this” lies.  Its like our brains have to re-wire themselves.  I remember 14 years ago literally pounding my fist on my desk as my brain accepted the undeniable facts that broke one of those huge, world-accepted lies.

That woke me up to the possibility of other lies, and since then I have discovered so much that I don’t even feel like a member of the human race any more.  I am aware of the fact that I am human, but because I know that the huge majority of people are stone cold blind to the truth, I feel alienated.

That’s what satan does, too.  He wants to have everyone believing the same false narrative, which is always anti-christ at its base.  When you know Yahuah and understand what Satan is doing and how he is doing it, you change.  It makes you want to fight back.  You have sure footing, and you truly want to destroy his lies and set people free.

And people want to know.  The blind do know that they are being led over a cliff, but they cannot justify leaving the herd yet because they simply do not have the information.

First off – “satan” is from the Hebrew “ha shatan”, which means “adversary” or “enemy”.  Therefore, “satan” is not a proper noun, not his name.  It is a word that describes this entity we have in the fallen Cherub. We will call him “Satan” to keep it simple.

Satan is not a fallen angel.  Yes, he did reside in heaven and was in fact the most gifted, brilliant and glorious of all the created beings in heaven.  But he was not and is not an angel.  An “angel” is in fact a “messenger”.  “Messenger” is what “angel” means.

Satan was never a messenger.  He was the “covering Cherub”, a one-of-a-kind super-celestial being.  He apparently had a position, given to him by Yahuah (“God”) that physically positioned Satan above the throne of Yahuah for certain times and functions. Satan was like a god himself.  He looked the part, and his capabilities compared to all other created beings was far greater.

No human is anything of a match against Satan.  No planet of humans is anything of a match against Satan.  Did you follow that?  NO PLANET FILLED WITH HUMANS, even if ALL humans wanted to defeat Satan, could defeat him or even put a scratch on him, yet he could destroy every man, woman and child on the earth. That is the power of a Cherub.

How could Satan do that, exactly?  How could he possibly kill us all, no matter what we tried to do to stop him?

Ask yourself this: How did this one-of-a-kind super angel, this Cherub who did indeed have wings, convince 1/3 of the angels IN HEAVEN to try to kill GOD ON HIS THRONE?

Listen brother, listen sister – if the satan can tell a lie so powerful that the angels attempted to KILL GOD, he can LIE TO YOU in a way that you will believe ANYTHING he wants you to believe.

Can you hear me now?

There is much more coming in this fascinating study.  It will be available to subscribers when I start publishing data, and eventually it will be available by paid subscription only.  Maybe in a year 🙂  I think that I will simply include a password in the posts that I publish in this category.  That will give my subscribers direct access to this section, so watch for passwords in coming newsletters to subscribers.

ONLY Email subscribers will have access, so if you get browser notices, you will not get the passwords.  You must be subscribed to receive the passwords for access to this section.

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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J L Wells
J L Wells
4 years ago

Jerry, I believe there are 3 earth ages, we are in the second. The earth was totally destroyed ending the first, not talking about The flood with the Arc,etc. This was the catabo because of satans rebellion.
Do you know about Ash falls Nebraska? Jeremiah 4:22~ not re Noah’s flood. 2Peter 3:5~
Genesis 1:2~ And… Is a polysyndeton, the word ” was” is a bad translation should be “became”
Documented further in Isaiah 45:18~19.
J L Wells

4 years ago

Looking forward to reading more 😊, already this has been enlightening. Thanks

Much Shalom and stay strong

J L Wells
J L Wells
4 years ago
Reply to  Jerry

Something weird happens when I try to reply and comment. Did you receive my post this am?

Welcome To The War
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