The Separation Is Happening In Your Life Is God’s Will At Work. Which Side Of The Separation Are You On?

Originally posted on March 18, 2021 @ 12:55 pm

The Sword.  The vision of the Flaming sword.  I see that vision at work now. When I had the vision of the flaming sword, I also heard His voice speak to me, saying “I AM coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.”  The Righteous are people who accepted Yahusha as their savior and subsequently did “what Jesus would do” – they studied, learned and then obeyed the commands of Yahuah.  Of Ani.  Of El Shaddai.  Of GOD.

Righteous = Obedience.  There is no middle ground.  Our obedience will be imperfect, but you can bet your everlasting life that Ani DOES know who is trying and who is lying.  The fakers will burn right along with the people who openly hate Ani or who secretly hate Him.  There is nowhere to hide.

The sword with the fire and the terrifying roar of that fire means that Ani is coming to drive His fiery Truth between the obedient and the disobedient.  This is wht father will be an enemy to his wife or his child.  Why brother will hate brother, and a sister will hate her mother, or a mother hate her daughter.  Hatred for Truth is the blade that cuts exceedingly fine.

Expect this to happen your life right away.  If you hold to Torah and are a member of the faith that the Pharisees called a “sect”, then you absolutely will be hated by one or more people in your family.  Expect one more of your children to hate you.  One or more spouses to hate you :).  It will not be pretty and it will hurt.  Being split from people you love through the omniscient power of the Holy Spirit is very painful, and very granular.  The Ruach ha Kodesh never leaves anything imperfectly done.  You will be separated from the dead with a very fine blade.

You will be better off for it, too.  Already the spirit of Yahuah is at work in the lives of many of you, cleaning house.  I get letters almost daily from you readers and subscribers, telling me your stories of separation.  It is painful, but we will be better off.  Yahuah is calling His people out from among the weeds.  No need to feel glum, because those who follow Ani will do good and will be faithful, loving, merciful, kind and obedient brothers and sisters.

The wicked will be hateful, stubborn, prideful, liars, drunkards, adulterers, violent, wicked and lovers of themselves.  Let them go.  You are being pulled out of that horror show of satanic deception, which is everywhere around all of us.

Listen, it is OK to go.  You will live in peace, and we are called to what?  We are called to peace.  If your lost ones abandon you, rejoice.  I promise you, rejoice.  There is nothing so restful as living in peace.  Do it.   D O  I T.

Have you ever known someone who was a drug user, or a drunkard, or a violent rageaholic who would just go on and on about how much they love Jesus?  There is no time to pity them, not to feel sorry for them.  All are adults and all have had time to submit to the God they claim to “love”.

Don’t you know someone who claims to have a special, sweet relationship with “Jesus”, and who never reads her bible, never studies the Words, never shows any worship of his “god” whatsoever through the obedience that is specified in the Book?

Obedience to His commands is the ONLY worship acceptable to Ani.  He gives us fairly easy commands to submit to, and all for our own good, but we rebel and say “That’s for the Jews!”.  What a crock.  Its just a lie.  The words of Satan manifesting on the tongue of the lost.

I do not think that Torah is visible to most “Christians“.  I remember when I was turned from my sin, took a year off from work and studied my bible until I literally wore it out that year I was off.  I loved being taught by the Ruach.  I could feel Him as He taught me what things meant.  I do burn with jealousy when someone has that same relationship with Him.  I confess it – I burn with jealousy when I meet another who has that kind of relationship with the Spirit of Ani.

When I finished the Book, and believe me when I say that I studied the word, I closed it and remember thinking very simply “There is something else here”.  I did not know what it was, but I knew or the spirit of Ani was whispering to me that there was more than I understood there to be.  But I did not know what that was.  Not for about 23 years.  Not until the word “Torah” was circling through my mind constantly.  I did not know what it meant.  I did not know what Torah was.  After a couple of months, it became so burdensome to me that I began to dig at it until I discovered that Torah was and what Torah meant.

After I “got it”, I put together my Torah notes and you can download those here.  Do it.

Torah Notes – The Truth

It makes me ashamed that I am not a better son. For if I were a good son, His spirit would teach me without pause, without break, without any gaps.

When you are separated from the lost that you love, you will not be sad.  Yahuah, in His mercy, will make it so that you want to go.  You will want to separate from the people around you who clearly have no part of Him in them, but who claim all kinds of righteousness.  Just, as they will tell you,  “please do not talk to” them about God 🙂

As the scripture says in Proverbs – “It is better to live in the corner of a roof than in a fine home with a contentions wife”.  That goes for contentious husbands, too.  Contentious simply means contending for control or authority.  One can be hands down the spiritual leader in a home and never be given any credit for that by the lost.  The last thing a lost person wants is to be trapped in a home with a Righteous person.  Sinners want to sin.  They hate being obedient to Yahuah.  The very thought brings them to the boiling point.

If you want to prove this, start a conversation with someone about pork.  Especially someone who loves to cook pork.

Be prepared to let people go, dear brothers and sisters.  Be prepared to say goodbye to your lost friends and family members.  You cannot stop this process.  That is impossible.  So prepare yourselves.  Brace yourself for the attacks that many of you are already reporting and suffering from.  Let the wicked go.  Count the cost.  You will always be an outcast.

In my own family, I am the only one who attends church.  No one else wants to worship with other believers.  Even my six year old is under attack.  He used to love to go to church because that is “where my friends are”, he would say.  Then, a week ago, he was on the edge of tears when he told me that something was telling him that “god sucks”.

Age six.  He was torn up about it and really suffering.  He did not know the cause, nor even what it implied, only that it was bad.  That is Satan, for sure, tormenting a child in order to attempt to steal a soul.  Now Nathan does not even want to go to church.  He just wants to play XBox, which his mother bought for him a month ago.  He doesn’t want to play with other kids anymore, either.  Or go for walks, or ride his bicycle, or even eat.

That XBox business has to change.  XBox is like a curse.  So are cell phones.  Netflix?  A curse.  Amazon Prime Movies?  Maybe a curse.  Regular cable TV?  A curse.

I’m sorry.  Have to go now.  Be prepared for the separation. Do not fear it, but be glad for it.  Separating from the disobedient is a good thing for you if you are counted among the righteous.  Be righteous.  Obey His commands and teachings, and teach others to do likewise.  Remember, make some friends and make some enemies. 



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2 years ago

shabbat shalom Achi, some very insightful and encouraging words. Just confirms me once again making the right decision to separate from my mom , dad and siblings…Praise YHUH it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would, He seemed to be preparing me for some time, and that really cushioned the blow, and Praise Him that He got me to the point where i was able to make the decision before He was forced to make it for me, all though there have been instances in the last year or so, where He has violently shut the door to relationships and friends, he was telling me to leave and i wasnt hearing, or i was hearin and not paying attention. Doors were shut forcefully in my life and false accusations were brought persecution from the enemy, etc, But Yes He is truly dividing. May we each grow in His refinement and learning to hear his Voice , and to be Led of His Qadesh Ruach. Shalom and May YHUH give you much rest this… Read more »

Brendon Naylor
Brendon Naylor
3 years ago

Well said Jerry! thanks for the guidance and insight! Its great to hear this.

Bud Love
Bud Love
3 years ago


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