The Rich Will Eat. The Poor Will Beg. There Is No Middle.


You do know by now that the satanic global empire is not going to give up and walk away, right?  It is easy to get depressed in all this wicked slave-making, but there is no time for depression.  Time is not our friend, because somewhere around 2,000,000,000 people have submitted to the injections, and a big percent of them are going to die because of it.     The dead are relatively silent, and the dead-by-injected most likely would want to see everyone else be as stupid as they were, thus would not likely fight against the NWO.  They won’t compete with the living for food at the grocery store.  More dead might equal more food, certainly.

I just realized why the satanic government of the United States is letting in so many illegal aliens.  They are the farm workers for the NWO.  They are leaving freedom to become slaves in America, picking crops for their jar of barley.  That is their future.  When the wall goes up, when it is finished (and it will be) it will be to keep people in, not to keep them out.

The main problem that I see in all this is that we are more or less reporting that “this happened” and “that happened”, and wrapping up our statements with “what are we going to do?”

That’s what I have concluded from my three weeks of just taking in the endless river of information on the gene war.  The satanists do something new, something that further restricts humanity, and humanity points and sayd “the NWO just did this thing”.  We report.  We analyze.  We point fingers.  We warn, but in the end, it is the wicked who are pushing hardest.

The wicked, you see, disregard rule of law.  They disregard the US Constitution, which is based on the Biblical commands of God and the teachings of Jesus.  Ministers wrote much of it, or participated in the drafting of it.  America was a nation of very committed followers of Yahusha.

And they fought with firearms and killed their enemies to earn and keep their liberty.

That is not happening in America or in Germany or in Italy or Australia.  We are not fighting with firearms and killing our enemies, yet we are 100 percent certain of the ID of our enemies and the current extent of their genocide.

Isn’t that interesting?

Perhaps it is the years of inhaling the ingredients in the many various chemtrail solutions that crippled our brains or choked off our hormones.  Perhaps the fluoride in the drinking water, which serves no purpose at all, is part of the problem, too.  And GMO food from Monsanto (owned by Bayer Pharmaceutical, now).  The gene war.  They are working to make us non-human.  They are working to make us serve satan.

Do you think that this gene war is not led by satan himself?  He has millions of mostly human helpers.  Millions.  I’m not talking about common street thugs.  I’m talking about presidents and queens and dictators and leaders and movie stars and pastors and models and football stars.  Yes, the “cream of the crop”, boyo, and lining up to stab children in order to drink their blood.  What mercy will they show you?  What plans do they have for your grandchildren?  Your newborn?

The mercy of a crocodile as it spins beneath the dark swamp water with its prey clenched between iron jaws.  That’s what awaits the passive.

The Biden administration will probably call the UN for help putting down the insurrection when the insurrection finally, and perhaps too late, takes hold of the people.  It would be brain-melting to experience the most well-armed population on earth just meekly lay down for the globalists.  That would be a stunner, although the gutless Australian men surrendered their arms years ago.

Look at their reward.

The problem seems to be one of permission.  Permission from someone somewhere to blow the bugle, to sound the alarm, to issue the orders to attack.  To organize.  To identify the devils who seek to suck the life from liberty and terminate them.  It’s odd.  Perverse, even.

Here is where most writers or analysts will issue the obligatory “Now, I don’t suggest we go to war over this.  We can peacefully resolve this corona virus pandemic”.  Then they will make more excuses and divert the subject to some other topic.

But someone has to pull the trigger.  The governments have no problem killing whomever they want to.  The NWO will execute us all if it means they get to live on a quiet planet with no “dirty people”.

Who was that US politician who said “All politics is local”?  I think it was Patrick Moynihan.  Let me check…

Nope, I was wrong.

“All politics is local”

“All politics is local” is a popular political saying, most often associated with House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. (1912-1994). O’Neill used the saying in his first political campaign, in 1935.

Byron Price (1891-1981), the Associated Press’s Washington bureau chief and author of the newspaper column “Politics at Random,” wrote “politics is local” and “all politics is local politics” in February 1932, and “all politics is local in the last analysis” in July 1932. Price likely coined and/or popularized the saying

Well its true, all politics is local in that change begins at home.  If you want the covid problem to go away where you live, do whatever is necessary to change your mayor and city council.

By the way, the Byron Price guy above became a censorship mogul in Hollywood after WWII.  We are perpetually molded to fit the government, when the government should be molded to fit the people.

You think on this for a while.  Think about this when you are staring at an empty pantry, and an empty refrigerator, and an empty gas tank, because all of those realities are coming to your street.  We are not going to see an end to this.  Do you understand that?

“A days wages for a quart of wheat, or a jar of barley, and don’t damage the oil and the wine!”

The rich will eat the oil and the wine.  The poor will beg for rice and beans.


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Gillian Cockwill
1 year ago

What these ‘Elites’ forget is that they need us ‘Dirty People’ to supply them with their food, commodities, manufacturing & services. They certainly won’t be doing any of that!!! Do they think they Robots will do it all & fill the gap??? They really do live in a dream world!!!! Just shows the extent of how much Satan really hates Humanity!!! What a Looser!!! DOH!!!!

2 years ago

Your attached video does not play.

Welcome To The War
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