The Real Lady Liberty Was Murdered In The Senate Chambers Yesterday. Avenge Her.

Murder.  She was shot in the neck while she stood in a window, hugging her American flag.  She swore the oath to defend her country against domestic enemies, and she died doing exactly that.  She was shot by a man “in a suit” and in that particular Senate Chamber, the shooter was probably Democrat Chuck Schumers’ personal body guard.

Her name – Lady Liberty

Her murder is symbolic of the murder Vice-President Judas Pence committed to the US Constitution when he chose to refer proceedings to the Democrat House of Representatives and the Senate, which is 1/2 democrat and 80 percent Never Trump.  The law states plainly that the various state legislators have top priority on this matter, and the state legislators requested in writing that Judas Pence obey the law and send the matter to them to investigate.

Judas Pence deserves to be tried for treason, convicted and executed.  No amount of passive resistance, which I constantly hear from the voices on the net, will correct our course.  America is dying, just as the woman on the senate floor is dying.  The flag she was holding to her chest when she was murdered is the flag I and others like her swore to defend with deadly force when necessary.

Part of America died on the floor yesterday.  She was unarmed, defenseless and defending YOU and me from tyranny.  Judas Pence, in the dark of 3AM today, led a coalition of like-minded traitors in an effort to declare President Trump “insane”.  They are desperate to stop the evidence of election fraud from becoming public because they know Trump will utterly clean house in his second term.

Judas Pence: “Christian”, murderer, liar, raw animal in a silk suit.  Judas.

We MUST do something to help defend the Constitution and liberty for ourselves and for posterity.  Death will be better than surrender.  Victory, sweeter than life.

This is you, this is me, this is your daughter, your son, your grandchild- a freedom fighter who only wanted justice and truth.  Shot in the neck and bleeding to death on the floor of the building where TRUTH and JUSTICE should live.  Instead, demons and devils plot there to rob the entire earth.

If we lose this fight, slavery is our legacy.  If you do not fight, then witness your own demise…

Download this video and post it everywhere.  Copy the text of this post and post it everywhere.  Make it your own, or send people here.  Don’t be a lazy do-nothing.  Stand up, speak up, make some enemies and fight back.

Jan6Murder.Capitol.  Download this.


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4 thoughts on “The Real Lady Liberty Was Murdered In The Senate Chambers Yesterday. Avenge Her.”

  1. Did you see the video that ‘whole armor of God ‘ put up on oo tube
    It shows the shooter…
    They care nothing about human life…
    So, so sad….
    I quess this is why Yahweh says not to join in/with REVOLUTIONARIES

    1. The revolutionaries – that would be the anti-constitutionalists of the left. I don’t know if she was with the left of the right.

  2. This is what I saw this morning after my time with Abba:
    (Note. This is NOT ‘thus saith YHWH), it is simply what I saw:
    “This whole charade is a live, real time movie. All the players are on the stage. The main role is played by DJT, and he is a cleaver actor. It is all being played out according to the script” (read psalm 2. )
    “This is the tower of babel part 2….they have been programming the masses to accept this “live/real time movie” for decades”
    ” behind the scene, the evil ones are laughing at the stupid, gullibility of the masses”.

    We are to stay focused on Yahweh, and pledge allegiance to HIM alone.
    Much Shalom.

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