The Prophecies of America – Chapter 1 Audio

Recently I read a book written by a man named Michael Snyder. He is a fine fellow who has written several books, and has a few websites with over combined 100,000,000 views. He works hard, is smart and follows Yahuah. He is a leader and many websites syndicate his work.

The book he wrote that I am talking about is Lost Prophecies of The Future of America

Buy the book on Amazon after you listen to Chapter One, right here.  I will record the entire book and post each chapter here, with Chapter Two following in a day or two until I complete reading the entire book here for you.


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4 months ago

This is foretold. There is no getting around the plagues or famines. Please stop calling Father “god’ / gawd, that is the fallen messenger’s deity/DEMON of fortune, THAT is why it is written on U.S. $. That is why ALL the actors have no problem saying “god”. Also, jesus is HIS ENEMY. You are mixing the names of HIS ENEMIES (that are also TOTALLY different in IDENTITY, not just NAME). You are denying Him and His Son before man when you intermingle the j e s u i t diety of jc that ALREADY does FALSE signs and wonders! JC is the MAIN anti-messiah of our age and some dare to say his mark is the MOB. Either way, we are not to allow the fallen messenger imposters to leave our lips or be given esteem EVER. I was told in 2016 that there would come a day we could not travel without proof of shots and to look into A n t i f a, I have been favored to be helped greatly by Yahuah so all I say is to PROTECT you. Sabbath is also not “Saturday” there are very few who are keeping commands 3 and 4 because of this type of straying for the NARROW Way few find. I want to tell you, there will be those seeking death and not finding it, you have left this IMPORTANT clue out. Thank you though, for trying to wake the lost up about the REAL plagues to come. They are NOT prepared, and easily fooled into thinking this is just about ‘control’. Shalum.

nancy kluska
nancy kluska
26 days ago
Reply to  Jerry

the Sabbath is the seventh day plus his holy days.

1 year ago

Thanks for reading this Jerry. I sometimes wonder what it is going to take for ‘christians’ to finally wake up…and see that this is the Hand of of Yahweh……instead of just gojng along with the narrative.

Stay strong

GM Linder
1 year ago

Hi Jerry,
I have just listened to your 1st episode of Michael’s book which I plan to buy.
I live in the UK and am aware of the NWO’s plans that it will lead to a one world government and Antichrist. As a Christian of 40 years, and as a teacher I have been studying the Book of Revelation as it was the first book the Lord took me to. I have had visions that came into being and the Lord told me I would live to see them all fulfilled. The main one was of the Rapture, it was amazing, I wrote a poem about it; I am now a fit 75 year old.
The other day I was reading Matt.24 again, when I came to v. 21 & 22 and realised that it is now! The Middle east has endured great tribulation for years especially in the last 6/7 years. Now we have medical terrine which is about to kill off millions via the vaccine.
There has never been a world wide pandemic before, this coming one will kill off billions of people or turn them into cyborgs via the vaccine and controlled by AI, no longer made in the image of God!

9 months ago
Reply to  GM Linder

Hi (Mr?) Linder! I live in UK and have been searching for a man such as yourself. I would like to reveal my story and what I was told I must do by Yahweh. In 1966 when I was in my teens on holiday in Whitley Bay, South Shields, with my mother and a work associate we encountered a phenomena whereby the other teenager and I were spoken to by a messenger from heaven. When I told my mother and took her to be spoken to we first saw Yehoshua. We were not a religious family and didn’t realise at that time who this person whom I thought was a gardener was. I know now that person was Yehoshua. I would like to converse further with you.

The monetary system is coming down otherwise you would perhaps be interested in all I say given to you in book form for publishing. I would like to discuss further what I know for certain and what I was told I must do in this time. I was told to search for a male person or two male persons who would listen to me in this time. All I reveal can be and is backed by scripture. Will you give me a chance to offer the information I have been given? I was told the name of the Most High God. I am not 100% sure my recall is correct but I am 100% sure of what I was told the divine name means. It is written in Genesis 22:14 and Exodus 17:15, 16. The name I remember is either Yahoveh or Yahuvavhey-nissi-yireh. That name in the translation I have reads (Jehovah-jireh and Jehovah-nissi). When you google these names you see the meaning. Yahoveh-yireh refers to our Savour who came to save his people from their sins in the 1st Century C.E (Yehoshua Matthew 1:21). and as King and High Priest being the Lamb of God who is to battle and defeat the Sons of Darkness that is the meaning of the name Yahoveh-nissi. I remember being told it is the battle between the Army of the Heavens and Satan when the demonic principalities will be cast down into the abyss. I have been instructed to find a person who will consider what I have to reveal and when satisfied I have adequate proof of what I claim will then assist me in doing what was told to me that I must accomplish. It will save this world from the destruction facing it.

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