The Party Is Over And The Bill Is Due. We’ll Pay The Price For Our Sin, A Big One, Too.

Originally posted on March 5, 2022 @ 1:13 am


The good news is the Righteous will ascend unto the third heaven.  Prior to that…

its going to be – well, epic insanity, cartoon-level weirdness, a Stephen King meets Steven Spielberg level of technolunacy, Freddy Krueger-as-Pope, SIEG HEIL! and run like you stole it.

This is my official “Second Seal” writing.  We are firmly in it and this one will eclipse the First Seal by big margins.  No comparison.  If you thought Covid-19 was “scary” or disruptive, we cannot imagine how destructive the Second Seal is going to be.  Already huge steps are being taken by major players to turn off food production like its your bathroom faucet.

Don’t worry about stray dogs and cats roaming your neighborhood.  They will be on someone’s grill before the pagan holy days of Christ-mass.  Maybe yours.  Maybe your sweet precious.  Maybe your canary.  Like the lady said “Sturdy shoes.  Everyone should wear sturdy shoes.”  Personally, I prefer boots.

The world is being chopped up, dividing into many different, interconnected and disconnected camps.  Lots of thinking taking place in financial circles.  Logistics, food production, alliances, banking and more – all being broken down and reassembled into something different.  This creates massive friction and war is coming to the entire earth.

While I have it on my mind, let me tell you about The United States.  We do not have any countries bordering us on the east and west, and only Canada and Mexico bordering us on the north and the south.  If you can tell me why this is a liability, I will write a post about your keen intellect and gifted oratory skills.   And a portrait of you at the top.

Don’t scan ahead for it.  You must decide now.  Stop reading…





Ok, I will tell you shortly.  Want a hint?  Read Ancient Prophecies of America.  Order the BOOK today. I read it on my Kindle in one day, and bought the paperback for my now X to read.  She wouldn’t even touch it.  Alas, Yahuah did tell me that He is coming to “separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.”  Flaming sword.  Three times.  Spoke out loud, too.  Not in my mind, but reverberating in the walls of my bedroom on a bright spring Sabbath day, about noon.  Hard core prayer before that.  Cold.  Shivering.  Banishing wickedness from myself in the name of Yahusha.

It is good to have my ear nailed to the door-post of my Masters house.

The war in Ukraine is, as feared, seeing an increasing level of Russian artillery violence against citizens. Footage of attacks on Kharkhiv is now joined by images of greater devastation in many cities and towns. President Macron says Putin told him he is going to finish what he started – so things are about to get even worse. Humanitarian aid corridors are to be put in place, and a US-Russian military hotline set up to prevent ‘misunderstandings’, but expect a further crisis of death, destruction, millions of refugees – and deeper international opprobrium at, and isolation of, Russia and Belarus.

Russia will conquer Ukraine, and many people who pay attention to these things agree that he warned the West many times to back off the NATO alliance opportunity or he would act.  They didn’t and he did.

Ukraine is truly getting what it deserves.  Zelensky is a

rabid homosexual
Would you lose everything to defend this person?x
and Ukraine is where the Clintons and Bidens and others go to hatch criminal plans because the corruption is endemic in Ukraine.  Plus, and this is key – Zelensky is a Schwabian, yes, a World Economic Forum graduate of their Young Leaders training.  He keeps in touch with his handlers and abides by the teachings of Schwab.  Kate, a dear friend and subscriber asked me today if I thought he might be the anti-christ, or it seemed that she was asking me, and I replied that yes, he certainly could me.

This is some sick, dark garbage, and Ukraine is loaded up with this stuff.  Let Putin be the scourge of Yahuah.  Go get ’em, Vlad.  And Americans, DO NOT DARE let your children or money be spent on Ukraine.  Its a giant cesspool of decadence.  Hitlers and homos, that is Ukraine.

Senator Lindsey Graham Requests Someone Assassinate Putin

This the same L. Graham that stabbed Trump in the back, if I recall correctly.

The degree of Russophobia and hatred in the USA towards Russia is off the charts. It’s unbelievable that a country’s senator preaching his moral values as a ‘guiding star’ to all mankind could afford a call on terrorism as a way to achieve Washington’s goals on the international arena,” Antonov said in a statement released by the Russian embassy.

He also said that “It’s getting scary for the fate of the United States, which has such irresponsible and unprofessional politicians at the helm,” and demanded an official explanation and a decisive condemnation of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) comments.

Graham, a former Air Force lawyer, wrote on Twitter Thursday wondering if there was a “Brutus” in Russia, referring to Marcus Brutus, a Roman politician who assassinated Julius Caesar in ancient Rome.

“The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out. You would be doing your country—and the world—a great service,” Graham added.

The Russians all sound more rational than the lunatics running the American asylum.  If you are paying attention, you know that we are ten toes over the cliff.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was avoidable.  All Biden had to do was say “Ok, no NATO for Ukraine and no military bases there.”  Then we would have peace.  But the Ukrainians wanted some kind of war and they demanded NATO membership, US military jets patrolling the skies, food, money, American soldiers, ammunition, rockets, helmets and more.  All so Zelensky can dance with his homosexual pals.  You see, Putin will put a swift and deadly end to the homo shenanigans.  I’ll bet you that Ukraine has more missing children per capita than even China.

Food, A Fond Farewell

Russia wants Ukraines’ food production.  Ukraine is one of the largest grain suppliers in the world.  Joseph Stalin once starved one million Ukrainians to death to feed Moscow back when he was the murdering thug dictator in Russia.  He wanted the rich Muscovites the get the impression that communism was a successful form of tyranny, so he took the food away from the Ukrainians and let them die of starvation.  Communists should be executed.

Today, Hungary completely banned the export of all grains, effective immediately.

(Update 1:25pm ET) – Those who have it, are no longer giving it away, and those that don’t will soon find themselves in the middle of an epic food crisis.

Just hours after we reported that Russia effectively banned exports of fertilizers, moments ago Hungary – one of Europe’s most grain rich nations – has circled the wagons and realizing which way the wind is blowing, just announced that it will banning all grain exports effective immediately, in a statement .

Expect wheat prices, already at record highs, to promptly double from here in the next few weeks as the world realizes the extent of the global food crisis that is coming.

Our suggestion: buy flour, rice, barley and any other grains you can now, rather than waiting one month to buy them because you have to.


… all hell is about to break loose not only among food producers, but soon, in your local grocery store once US consumers realize that food prices are about to double, triple and x-ple more.

Oh, I almost forgot the reason America having no bordering nations on either coast is a major liability.  Here is why:  If Russia/China/Iran/N. Korea/CIA/G.Bush&Dick Cheny/Klaus Schwab and the Schwabians decide to NUKE THE COAST of America, there are no bordering nations to complain about it.  No fallout to speak of on important nations, with only Mexico and Canada to the South and North, and no one gives a political damn about either of those two nations.

Russia even said as much a few months ago when Putin said something about America being isolated by two oceans was a benefit decades ago, but a liability now.  He was referring to his apparently very good submarines, I think.  But he might have been referring to his plan to nuke our port cities and invade from Canada.

You better take this stuff seriously, dear reader.  Read those prophecies or listen to me read them to you.

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10 months ago

I’ve seen part of that video earlier on…so sick/perverted and utterly disgusting! It shows the reality of Z_______! Both sides/countries are following evil, just in different ways and we can add our own country (those in authority). Evil is evil and sin is sin, no matter how you slice it or who is handing it up! But, we cannot harbor ill-will and unforgiveness as that is NOT the nature of a true child of YAH/GOD or we will not be forgiven by HIM. This can be hard to do, but we must, if we plan on being with our Saviour for eternity. We are called to PRAY for our enemies and for those in authority. And I am on YAH/GOD’s side all the way. God bless.

1 year ago

Yet, the US is responsible for the bioweapons labs next to Russia and place military bases on the border. I’m sorry the citizens of Ukraine are being killed by Russia but I don’t have any faith in the fascist government in Ukraine either. Zelensky ordered destruction of churches, and made citizens fight!! This is a war that Obama wanted. Putin is not a satanist and he knows what our rogue fake government is doing. I feel like I should apologize, but I dont support Ukraine. Zelensky is aligned with the satanists and NWO. I hope Putin demolishes Ukraine and hopefully, Zelensky. He always looks so unshaken while he demands money for their cult with Obama and our sons and daughters to sacrifice for the satanists and his fake administration Obama placed him in. Idk if Biden is cognitively aware but hes always been evil. Second seal..Soros is injecting volcanic sulfur deep in the atmosphere to cool down and dim the sun. Where do the elites plan to live? Together in caves? Do we know? This… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

I know Jerry!! I forgive but we dont cave to the satanists who are trying to kill us..and destroy what makes America so great.. One nation under God.

2 years ago
rabid homosexual" Read more »

No. I started to realize perhaps Putin is the good guy in this. Why….because the media was saying the opposite. Blaming evil Putin for everything!! Just like they did to Trump. However, I feel we are all going to perish if we don’t do something. There are many of us that know the truth. We know what is happening right before our eyes. I feel we should fight against this evil that is taking over all of world. Many good people will bow to the evil, that is going to be the only way they will be able to feed their children. I can feel the evil, I can feel them watching. I have seen it. I have seen them control the weather. I see the flames and unusual activities in the Gulf waters. I’ve seen the unmarked trucks “working” on our water pipes. I’ve seen unmarked tanker truck at 4:30 am down at the beach. I seen all the new “fiber optic cables” they are installing. I have seen the fake police. Of course… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  Dawn

I understand how you feel, Dawn…and all of that is true. The only real answer lies in getting on our faces and praying without ceasing and doing what we can as individuals. The “last days” are HERE and what YAH/GOD has decreed in His Word MUST come to pass in order for His kingdom to come and for the evil to be put down forever. It has to take place in order for that to happen, otherwise our Lord God cannot return. Meanwhile, we are “overcomers”…we overcome evil with GOOD. We WIN in the end and our Saviour is crowned as KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS!

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago

This is yet another excellent post Jerry. You produce some excellent commentary and food for thought. One thing to mention is President Putin is an orthodox Christian. I don’t know his faith but his administration has allowed for churches in Russia to be built at an increasing rate of speed. Second. There are no borders economically speaking, there are no nation states left under the NWO. Third. Revelation 6. Is Zelensky the one give the sword?

Welcome To The War
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