The Mystery Of 355. Why The Near Panic Around The Web Today?

A friend tipped me off to this today.  He is appropriately paranoid, so I followed up on his tip and sure enough

it got weird.

Listen to this with a cold soda and an hour in your pocket.  Lots of talk around the Internet today about this very thing.  Your comments are desired.  This is genuinely concerning, and because it is of concern we need to be informed and on guard.

My current best guess is that we will see anticipated results very quickly, possibly same day in some cases.  Same week and same month in others.  It has to be weird because this is, after all, the tribulation era.

We need to see comments here.  Someone might have some good info and this is where you share it.

Audio is from BardsFM @



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9 thoughts on “The Mystery Of 355. Why The Near Panic Around The Web Today?”

  1. Things have changed. Even more interesting. It sounds like those in control are testing our awareness. We are powerful in Yahusha. We are battling right now, right here and we don’t know each of their moves, but we are fighting with the sword of His truth.

  2. Very interesting to say the least!
    I think he could have left off that very secular talk at the end though, (kennedy?) which in my humble opinion was a confict to his prayer.

    I did look to see what was playing this weekend in oz, but that particular movie was not listed…..yet.

    Very interesting times indeed.

    1. Kate, ya gotta let the brother be whomever he is in Yahusha. His walk is between him and His maker. Yahuah alone is his judge. And yes, I still love you 🙂

  3. BardsFM also does a very good follow-on podcast on his Fishers of Men on the 355 movie and corresponding facts and truth. I checked with the Boerne theater and currently I am not aware that movie theater is only showing 355 movie this weekend.

    1. I looked before I published, and 355 is on as well as several others. From the podcast I understood that 355 had driven out competing screens, but maybe I misunderstood because the audio broke on me continually for over 45 minutes.

  4. There are cell towers everywhere in Boerne, TX. One is actually very near the office I work. 5G is on it.
    Tomorrow (Jan 5th, 2022 and beyond), I will be taking data in-house, personally, since the office I work at is almost 80% injected with the mRNA (and boosted) death serums. I will keep you posted Jerry especially if strange things develop. Just as a note, I am the control in the sense that I am not injected. Also, I will not be attending the movie theaters and haven’t been for a while especially when I became aware of their involvement in all things Satan’s matrix.

    1. Movie theaters – when I take my son to see a movie (rare), it costs $40+ bucks for two tix, an icee, a coke, a big bag of popcorn and some milk duds. And my popcorn (real stuff) is much better at home. And the restroom is closer. I’m pumped, David. Something is changing. It feels like it used to feel when I was the boxing ring facing my opponent. Stands filled with people yelling and screaming, and me and him eyeballing each other. The bell is about to ring. That’s how I feel tonight. Its 11:46 PM and I’m jamming on Daft Punk with my headphones cranked up, feeling the juice, man. You know what I am called to do? Catch fish. Get them in the boat.

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