The Lord Is Speaking Loudly. Who Has Ears To Hear? Rev 12, Eclipses 7 Years Apart, Directly Over New Madrid Fault and the Mississippi River is Drying Up.

Originally posted on October 1, 2017 @ 11:00 pm

The Revelation 12 sign that took place the week ending Sept. 23rd was indeed a sign.  Obviously, clearly, prophetically, it was a sign that was fulfilled.

But a sign of what?  Yahuah is efficient.  He wastes not.  This sign was thousands of years in the making, and His word will not return to Him void.  Therefore, the faithful will remain vigilant because Yahuah is talking to us.

The two videos below highlight and clarify a few things, and both are from superb brothers in Yahusha.  The first one is

by Steve Cioccolanti, (go subscribe later) a terrific Christian teacher down under in Australia.  He is very in tune with the Word and things happening in the world, and he pulls no punches.

His video is a satire on people who do not believe in signs, and he really gets his point across.  Good work and you will benefit from watching it, and you will benefit most from watching these in order, from top to bottom.

Steve Cioccolanti – “You Cannot Handle The Truth”

Scott Clark – Revelation 12 Sign Is Not Finished

This next video is from my friend Scott Clark, who set the Internet on fire with his work on the Sept. 23rd sign in Virgo, opening the Feast of Trumpets.  Apparently (maybe I got missed?) there was no rapture during the sign, but that means nothing.  I hoped for a ride out of here but did not bet the bank on that.

Nonetheless, Scott has produced a follow-on piece that has some eye-popping information in it, following the star signs right along the very same path that Virgo is on.  The next signs are right there at her feet, and indicate strongly that this sign is not finished.  Watch it.

Last, I want you to take a look at this video of the Mississippi river drying up.  This is current as of today, Sunday, October first.  With all the rain from two hurricane, water should be everywhere.  But the Mississippi is going dry, as proven by the video evidence.

The Mississippi River is drying out, leaking into the New Madrid Fault. This image is from today, Sunday, Oct 1st, 2017

This is alarming, certainly, but the most unsettling aspect of this is the fact that the water loss is taking place directly above the New Madrid fault line.  In top of that, the New Madrid fault line is directly under the path where the two solar eclipses CROSS, one in 2017 and the next in 2024.

X marks the spot, folks.

Mr. MRMBB333 – The Mississippi River Is Dry Over The New Madrid Fault

Here is a map of the eclipse path’s over america in 2017 and 2024.  Seven years apart.  Yahuah is beating a big drum here, brothers and sisters.  Get your house in order.  The Mississippi is drying (leaking into the fault, no doubt) directly under this “X”.  That leaking water will lubricate the New Madrid fault, increasing the likelihood of earthquake, and probably soon we will have another catastrophe on our hands.  By the looks of the river bed, I bet the leak started the day of the huge 8.1 Mexican earthquake.

X Marks the spot. Two total solar eclipses cross directly over the New Madrid Fault. And today the Mississippi river is drying up all along the New Madrid fault directly underneath the river.

Not a bird falls to the ground except it be the will of Yahuah.  Praise Him.


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Bro Alan S. Doyle
Bro Alan S. Doyle
2 years ago

Bro Jerry – The Scott Clark video is missing… Thanks very much. BTW – would love to correspond a bit by email, iff you like…

2 years ago

UNTIL MARCH 1812 I believe there was another event sense then as well.

2 years ago


6 years ago

I truly believe that God having given. Me dreams of people on. My previous jobs and I truly believe god has more to say to. The church now more then ever before i or at that he will use me amen

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