The Last Warning You Give Your Loved Ones Regarding the “Vaccine”

If you love someone who is considering the “vaccines”, send them this video.  We can only scream “it’s deadly” so many times until it becomes fruitless to continue.

This is one of the strongest rebukes of the so-called “vaccine” I have heard, and from one of the most qualified medical research scientists in the world.  But like he says, few are listening.

There’s more.

Brothers and sisters, the coming months and the following few years are months and years we do not want to see.  Yet we will see them and those of us who survive will praise Yahuah for them.  Most of us will likely die from the destruction or the war or the famine.  There is no getting around it – most of us will physically die and most likely from war and execution.

I always thought that I would really lean into the Tribulation time.  I thought that I would rejoice over the end of days because I would see the overt Hand of Yahuah at work, closing down the time of man.  It is worthy of praise, right?

But the slaughter of so many people, and we are talking billions of people, the mayhem, the murder, the rioting world-wide… it will hurt so badly to be aware of all of this going on.

I’m sorry.  I am so sorry.

Ask Yahuah for strength and courage.  If you want to take up arms against the devils soldiers, do so.  If you want to surrender to the executioner, do so.  If you want to run from persecution, do so.  The only wrong answer is “I want the Mark”.

Expect to be betrayed by family.  When it happens, let it go.  Do not get all wrapped up emotionally when your son, or daughter or sibling or spouse turns you in to the Mark police.  You know these things are coming and you have NO CONTROL over the salvation of those you love.

Certainly warn your family in detail, great detail, over the coming persecution.  Don’t let the coming chaos catch them by surprise.  They need to know.

I wish I knew of a foolproof plan of action for those of you who have small children.  Regrettably, I do not.  You will not run very far with children.  You cannot fight very effectively with children in harms way.  The government will surely attempt to steal children from parents who know the Truth.

Feeding them will be difficult.  Keeping them warm in the winter will be difficult.  We are going to have to help one another a lot.  That is good because that will be beautiful.  In fact that will be really beautiful.

Rapture?  Tell the saints who will be beheaded, those who reside beneath the altar of Yahuah.  Tell them that Yahuah is going to spare some from execution.  Oh, wait… He says

The Fifth Seal: The Martyrs

Revelation 6:9 And when the Lamb opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony they had upheld. 10 And they cried out in a loud voice, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You avenge our blood and judge those who dwell upon the earth?”

11 Then each of them was given a white robe and told to rest a little while longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers, were killed, just as they had been killed.

But I can tell you this: Beheading is painless.  When a human body experiences sudden and intense shock, such as a baseball bat to the head or a sword to the neck, its first impulse is to shut down pain reporting.  This is for severe shock, not stumping one’s toe.  I broke my back in a motorcycle accident when I was 19, and as I lay on my back in the grass beside the highway, I did know my back was injured.  I could feel the injusr, but not the pain.  What pain I did feel about 20 minutes later was very bad.  So bad that I was screaming in the emergency room at the hospital.  “Demerol”, commanded the doctor.  10 ML… oh hell, give him all of it.”

That proves my point.  I was severely injured, and aware of the injury, but there was no severe pain for probably 10 or 15 minutes, and then the pain began to gain intensity quickly.

After several minutes, one will begin to feel pain until it becomes unbearable or intense or crippling, etc.

So when a person is beheaded the same anatomical/neural principles apply.  It will not hurt, and because the body dies very quickly in a beheading, no pain will be experienced.  In fact, my personal thoughts on beheading are quite positive.  If one has to be terminated, beheading seems the most desirable.


I don’t want to be the play-by-play man for the Tribulation.


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2 years ago

Nuremberg 2 would be a great thing I suspect all those with the power to organise it though are cousin is awake to what’s happening and he’s constantly battling with people about masks,vaccines and lockdowns etc he wants to print out leaflets and wake up the masses but he’s close to the edge ready to explode where I’m totally at peace I’ve been watching this unfold for over 10 years, maybe the right attitude is somewhere in the middle. Respect for what your doing Jerry keep it up Nazarene

2 years ago

I understand even if you have been vaxxed you can get covid. In Australia in one town there are 141 people in the hospital with Covid. 140 have had 2 jabs, 1 has had 1 jab. So the vaxx is useless.

2 years ago

Greetings Jerry. It’s tiring at the moment. Almost like we are living a kind of waking nightmare. Even though ones brain acknowledges the grim reality all around us, it feels a little like a dream state. I feel totally disconnected from those who have been part of my life for decades. Others have become a joy and are truly awake to the dangers of the lethal mark. I wish you peace today . Go and make a coffee, put your feet up, listen to the birds, that’s an order😉 haha ( although I sense you don’t take orders from anyone except the great I AM. and that’s exactly the way it should be😊) peace Jerry. I meant it about the coffee though. Much respect Janelle

Welcome To The War
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