The “Kraken” Is A Military Crypto Operation That Seized The Dominion Servers From The CIA (a Criminal Enterprise) On US Soil In Germany

This will be brief because information is sparse.

We already knew that a Dominion Server was seized in Germany.  This morning, word is that potentially over 1000 US Deltas and probably Rangers were flown to Germany to seize the CIA vote-manipulation computers which were in operation overseas.

There were allegedly a few casualties, but the servers were confiscated.

My thinking is this: The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) monitored the fraud and identified the location of the servers doing the vote processing.  General Flynn used to head the DIA, which is why Obama hated him and tried to poison Trump against Flynn within days of Trumps election.  His warning was about Flynn and also N. Korea.  It is also why the charges by the FBI were conjured up- they needed Flynn out of the loop because he is an honest and strong patriot.

Trump pardoned Flynn the day before Thanksgiving, I am sure because Flynn was instrumental in the seizure of the CIA (a criminal operation) Dominion servers.

Not in this video is the fact that the servers are in the White House Complex, I do know that.  They are safe, and safe from tampering.  The Kraken Krew is a DIA cyber warfare team that seized and is analyzing the data on the servers.  When Sidney Powell said “release the Kraken“, she was exactly right and this was what she was referring to.  How cool of her.  Fine woman.  Wish she was a friend of mine.

Joe Biden will never take office.  There will be a civil war first in which the patriots are defeated, and that isn’t going to happen.  Millions of us will take arms and fight over this.  We will NOT LAY DOWN TO CRIMINALS seeking to overthrow the lawful government of the United States.

I commend President Trump for the meticulous process he is executing to prove fraud and legally claim the Presidency.  In my opinion, the evidence and proof is staggering and he need do nothing else.  Raise his hand in January and move on.  We have traitors to execute.


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Nikki Gesler
Nikki Gesler
1 year ago

Will he really stay our President?! I’m so nervous that sleepy Joe will be in office and our nation will go to absolutely sh*t.
I hate to say it but I’ll take a civil war over the corrupt Dems.
Please say it’s true

1 year ago

Exactly: We have traitors to execute, jail or extradite!

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