The Kingdom of Heaven Is The Home Of The Righteous In This World. Live There.


It’s late on Friday evening, 11:43 PM.  I’m sitting at my desk loving my largly solitary life.  Driving home an hour ago, I listened to Joseph Biden’s post-Roe V Wade speech.  The man lies much.  He always has been a liar, and his Presidency is also a lie. 

I love writing, and I love music.  Mostly I listen to motion picture soundtracks, instrumental music packed with melancholy and emotion.  I wear headphones, some pretty good ones, receiving data from a digital signal processor plugged into my computer.  The music is better this way.

What I love about the genre of music I prefer is that it talks to me.  As I type I commune with our Father and in the music, He talks to me.  I hear His Words in the music.  His Words that are also found in your own Holy Bible.  If you read it you will hear Him teach you just as He teaches me.  The music enables His Words to flow into me, into my heart.

Often I will cry as I write.  Those are especially good times, especially good writing.  His spirit is in the words, you see.  Others read the words I wrote  and although they do not know it, those words were written as I was communing with Yahuah through the very spirit of Himself that he put into me.

These are the things that matter.  Lying, fraudulent Presidents matter little, as the world has been filled to the brim with wicked men throughout its existence.  We will never be rid of them in this world, and when we replace one, another will pop up to take over where the former left off.

There are so many dead souls ruling this world that there is no good place to begin if one wishes to turn the lights on.  Assume they are all servants of Satan and you will be closer to the truth.

I am happy that Roe V. Wade was finally thrown back to the States,  The various States will now decide for themselves whether or not to pull the body parts off living human children.  Many will certainly choose murder over life, dressing it up in the lie that a woman has an inherent right to kill a baby if that baby is within her womb.

No woman has that right.  A woman has the obligation to be chaste, to obey Yahuah and to maintain her virginity until she marries.  Bastard children are unacceptable to Yahuah, did you know that?  Women who are sexually active before marriage are whores before Yahuah.  Did you know that?

Promiscuous men are held in similar contempt by Yahuah.

We are all so far from the ideal that it is embarrassing to even consider that Yahuah listens to me.  A man made in His image, with His attributes, living in a carbon-based organic machine and calling on the name of the Most High, pleading for wisdom and understanding.  The only thing I understand is this: Yahuah IS.

As for me living in this world, I want none of it.  I look into tomorrow and I see terrible things on this earth.  Chaos like we cannot imagine poured out on the earth like a huge bucket of paint poured out over a drawer of silverware – every piece covered, rivers of paint running down between the pieces, covering all.  Sticking to everything, ruining everything and impossible to remove.  Ruin.  Universal ruin.

But a great many of the worlds population will never see that destruction.  The Righteous are not appointed to that wrath which comes.  A separation is coming, a violent separating of the Righteous from the unrighteous.  They will be separated from one another at the same time.  One will go to one place, and one will go to the other place.  Billions of people.  Maybe you.  Maybe me.

I do not know.

But it is coming soon.  Soon.  We have heard that word before.  Soon.  They have been saying soon for 2000 years, haven’t they?  But 2000 years ago they did not have the division that is happening now.  The separation.  Yahuah will separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.  He will separate a Righteous wife from her unrighteous husband.  He will separate the Righteous child from his unrighteous mother.  He will separate the Righteous twin from his unrighteous other.

The Division is happening.  Already in your life you see, hear and feel it.  Fear not the division, for He divides to set the Righteous free.  Accept His gift.  Embrace it because in His freedom you draw even closer to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is here.  Did you know that?  You can live in this Kingdom and walk in the peace of Yahuah in this wicked and dangerous world.  When you walk in the Kingdom, your eyes see things differently.  Your relationships are different.  You never separate from Yahuah.  You walk with Him and talk to Him even as you walk and talk with another.  You are always in communion with Him.

The music speaks to me as I write.  It is the Spirit of the Most High with me now.  With you as you take these words to heart.  He will always be with you, even to the end of the age.

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Kathleen O'Brien
Kathleen O'Brien
2 years ago

Amen! Shabbat Shalom. What a delight!

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago

That is a great writing brother Jerry.

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