The Jews: Creating Law To Govern The World & Execute The Torah Obedient

The Judeans in Israel are moving forward on their plans to establish the Noahide Laws as the laws which form the legal foundation of world governance.  In effect, it is the Sanhedrin, writing law upon law in order to control mankind. That is documented.

More interesting information here.

These are the very same people that Yahusha rebuked and exposed as the “brood of vipers” who serve their father, Hellel, or Satan.  So yeah, if there is to be a world government ruled by one man, then this Noahide Law business might be perfect.

Under these Noahide Laws, you will be executed for observing Torah if you are Natsarim.  No non-Judean will be allowed to obey the commands of Yahuah as written in Torah.  All must obey the laws of the Sanhedrin.  One male witness can falsely accuse someone under Noahide Law.

Sound like a non-starter?  Something that is just a fringe flash in the pan?

No, this is a real “thing” and possibly might coalesce into hell-on-earth.

Steven Ben-Nun, a youtuber (IsraeliNewsLive) who does good work on holy matters and is a saved Hebrew, suggests that these laws are made by the Sanhedrin (yes, correct), and that the Sanhedrin is of their father, Satan.  Correct.  Also that it might be possible that these current, modern-day Sanhedrin are the genetic offspring of the Hebrew sons marrying the pagan daughters of all the “-ites”, which was forbidden by Yahuah (Canaanites, Amalekites, Jebusites, etc.)

Interesting.  Possibly correct, as Satan would certainly want his own cross-bred spawn from the Nephilim ruling in the name of “GOD!” as ‘Jews’.  He is a hater, that one.  ‘Hate’ defines his every thought.

I suspect that Satan has several top-level “generals”, each competing with various plans to overtake mankind.  This is why we see so many different attacks, and some are better than others.

This is a warning.  Eventually, for certain (Rev 12:, the Red Dragon arrives to kill us.  That killing will begin sooner, rather than later, but I still believe that Yahuah will cripple America before the tornado of war begins in the Middle East.  Dumitru Duduman had a vision of widespread civil war in the USA near the end.  I can definitely feel that coming, for sure.

In China, which I assume is the Red Dragon of Revelation, Christians are especially hated.

Chinese President Xi Jinping harbors a “particular animosity” toward Christians and sees underground churches as a “severe national security threat,” according to the founder of China Aid, a U.S.-based watchdog group.

As for you Aussies, stay strong, because the persecution of believers in Australia is worse than it is in the USA.  In fact, any of you who can move to the USA should do so.  Seriously – get out.  When you become an American, you can go buy yourself a nice AR.  Its part of being free, and yeah, we will fight for freedom.

Originally posted on July 24, 2019 @ 2:00 pm


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6 thoughts on “The Jews: Creating Law To Govern The World & Execute The Torah Obedient”

  1. It’s all happening! And quite fast.
    I am curious as to why you say things are worse here is Aussie land?
    I would have thought it was the opposite???

    Stay Strong and much shalom ♡

    1. We’re armed and prepared to fight over here. Your government disarmed you years ago and you are at the mercy of an anti-christ government now. Eventually, they will come for you. Over here, its different. If the government attempts to arrest christians, the shooting will start and there are millions of us who are not merely armed, but well-armed, trained, alert and committed. Its why the US DHS (Department of Homeland Security) lists Christians as a threat.

      But they don’t raid churches because we outnumber them easily 100 to 1, and we live all around them.

      Look into government gun confiscation and see what happens in those countries.

        1. You know, I will not be at all surprised if China ends ruling the world with the Noahide Laws being the world religion, ‘cuz the Chinese and the Israelis are very, very chummy these days.

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