“The Hammer” – A Prophecy


I found this prophecy linked in a news feed, and it definitely rings true.  It corresponds with my own three visions and the voice of Yahuah after those visions, telling me that He is coming to “separate the Righteous from the unrighteous“.  The separation will occur concurrent with the strike upon the earth, a strike probably right where those eclipse paths crossed.

We will be here and we will see this happen.  Personally, I cannot wait for the day.  I want to come home.  The very next reality for many people who will die in the coming cataclysm is hell.  The redeemed will vanish from the earth and only the living dead will remain to contend with Satan and his slaves.  You can bet for sure that very many of those living dead will call on Yahuah and He will save them as He saved you and me.

“The hammer is coming.

I will shake this planet from North to South.

The hammer is coming. The Destroyer.

The hammer is coming. The Destroyer. This will come straight from My throne room; the prayers of the Saints, mixed with fire. My wrath upon ungodliness will be seen by ALL.

I said I would not contend with evil forever.

I WILL cut the days short.

Few hear the voice of My prophets, watchmen, handmaidens and servants.

Come to Me now, My remnant bride, with ALL your heart, in humility. For the World will be shaken violently to awaken those who are dead in sin.

You speak of Zombies? I say the walking dead are among you now. Those who do not fully give their life to me are not mine; they belong to the darkness and walk as if dead.

WAKE UP OH CHURCH!!! Your time of discipline is upon YOU.

Retribution and vengeance is mine, but first I must awaken those who will awaken.

The hammer is coming. The comet of judgement thrown down upon the earth from My presence.

Will you wake up then?

The polar shift will cause tsunami’s in the middle of your country.

The land cries out from the blood of the innocent slaughtered before they took their first breath.
It will be a life for a life.

Millions will die in your country, oh Babylon the destroyer of innocent lives.

Do you think I do not see this evil you have done?

Your cup of iniquity is overflowing around the globe.
You were not satisfied with My Blessings. No.
You became the great harlot of humanity, pushing your evil upon the globe, destroying people’s, nations and kings I put in place.

Do you think I don’t see all of this?

The hammer is coming.
The destroyer: MY Judge’s gavel coming down upon you and this entire planet of evil.
You forsook ME, Babylon the great. You will be given over to your enemies, but first My hammer of judgement is coming down.

Flee the coasts, My people, for the waters will flood over the banks.

Seek shelter in ME, My people, for I AM your ONLY hope in the days of judgement.

The hammer is coming. The destroyer.



I don’t know who wrote it, but it is indeed correct.

I personally believe in my soul that the destruction of America is eminent, that America must be the Mystery Babylon whose smoke is seen rising by the merchants of the world, who weep over the loss of their income.

I’ll tell you something to look for – a “new star”.  Keep your eyes open for reporting on a “new star” or something like that, because a comet headed for earth will probably have a tail, but it will be behind the comet from our perspective on earth.  It will be headed directly for us and just might not have much of a discernible tail.

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Shalom Jerry and Happy Feast of Unleavened Bread!

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