The Girl Can Shoot And No, I Will Never Submit To The Devils Running The World

We must find things that we can rejoice over, otherwise we will swim in despair.  For sure you MUST find a group of people who have the same values that you have.

Yes of course they will differ in degree, but be similar in substance.  As I have mentioned before, Yahuah blessed me with a group of like-minded men in my own congregation of the Way.  Some are Natsarim and do not even know it.  Their passion for Truth is hot and I have immense confidence in them.

A word of caution, however.  As you form your groups, remember that Yahusha Himself had His crew and one of them betrayed Yahusha for money.  Form your groups of like-minded souls, but be very wise about in whom you place your highest trust.  Lose lips sink ships.

On a happier note, I took my daughter shooting this past Tuesday.  She was eager to do it, and had never fired more than a Sheridan pump .177cal pellet gun, and that was when she was about four years old.  I took her out in the front grass, set up an empty can of tuna, pumped up the Sheridan and let her shoot it.

She hit it and was elated.

Fast forward some 30 years (I know, shameful). Off we drove Tuesday to the forest.  We were in East Texas, a steamy jungle these days.  It rained every day and has, apparently, for months now.  After driving for about an hour, half of it at a very leisurely pace through the woods on narrow dirt double-track, I parked and set up some targets.

After making my daughter a place to sit (a cooler) and giving her a Savage Mark II .22cal bolt action rifle to shoot, she fired away and did really well.  Using a scope proficiently (this rifle is scoped) is tricky initially.  You need some practice holding on target, but she had some excellent groups and that rifle has a very, very sweet trigger.

She was reluctant to shoot my AR next, but she changed her mind after I went through a few magazines.  AR’s are easy to shoot.  My son was shooting it quite well when he was 12 and baby girl did quite well with it, too.  She lived in Chicago for a few years and surprisingly, showed up Tuesday with her own 20-gauge pump shotgun.  Good girl.

But the real shocker came when I let her shoot my 9mm.  I asked her if she had ever shot a pistol before, and no, she had not.  So I loaded up a magazine for her.  I only put five rounds in that magazine because I did not bring any ball ammo and she was going to shoot my stoppers.  Ball ammo is the solid-point shooting range lowest cost ammo.  It shoots fine and I have no problem using ball ammo in combat, but I prefer man stoppers for human targets.

I drew a proper sight picture for her in the dirt road with a stick, and explained to her what the picture meant.  I talked to her about trigger pull and maintaining the proper sight alignment through the entire pull, and stepped back to see how she did.

Imagine my slack-jawed amazement when she put all five shots in a four inch bullseye at about 30 feet –  the first time she ever fired a handgun.  She has talent.

The pistol is remarkably accurate.  It comes new with what is called a “Match Grade” barrel.  That means it is more carefully made than a standard grade barrel and should be, in theory, more accurate.  I suppose that it is more accurate, but only by the slimmest margins.  Most pistol or handgun engagements happen at close range – around 15 feet depending on who’s statistics you prefer.  What wins gunfights is ice water, not ballistics.

If you have ice water in your veins when it comes time to fight, you will do well.  Don’t get all emotional.  Remember the shooting process and remember what you have to do to make the firearm go ‘bang’.  If you ever have to shoot someone, do so with very deliberate movements.  Its like you become a bureaucracy – you have a process that you must adhere to.

In the big pieces, you produce or present your weapon.  If you need to cock or chamber a round, you do that.  Then you begin the firing procedure of sight alignment and trigger squeeze.  Breath control is essential in long range rifle or pistol shots.  Shoot between breaths for long range stuff and yeah, you need to slow your heart rate and fire between beats.

In close-range self defense, you just need to get your weapon into firing position and work the firing process – aim, squeeze trigger – bang.  Go ahead and bang a couple or three times into your assailant.  This is no time to be compassionate.  Terminated enemies rarely shoot back.

There are all kinds of DVD, books, online videos on bitchute, brighteon and others that give you great information on shooting.  Watch them and practice shooting by dry-firing your weapons.  Dry-firing is shooting it without ammunition in it.  Its ideal for putting a sharp edge on your trigger actuation, on your presentation (when you produce and point your weapon) and breath control.

Some shooters swear that dry firing damages a weapon, but lemme tell you – if shooting it with ammunition in it, which generates thousands of pounds of pressure in the chamber does not harm your weapon, then dry-firing it certainly will not.  So practice when you watch movies on the tv.  Practice on CNN :)

Keep both eyes open, always.  Keep both eyes open, always.

There is shooters insurance, too.  Its low-cost.  I have it and recommend it.  You want coverage that provides you with all cost-included legal representation in court if you shoot someone and are sued, either by the person you shot of his survivors.  As long as you shot the individual in accordance with established laws, you will be covered.  Its inexpensive and essential.  Check your state regulations and search online for firearms insurance or liability in your state.

We are in the first year of the First seal, I think.  I do still expect a war in the late fall, which will be the Second Seal, followed by the Third Seal (Famine) in the spring/summer of 2022.

That said, if there is indeed a big war, a significant war in the fall of 2021, the people in America who are just barely in control of themselves might lose what little control they have.  People are a little bit tense these days.  And when food is scarce (and subsequently quite expensive) the robbers will start crawling out of the woodwork.

You need to go to the grocery store in teams of two, and also go to the gas station in teams of two.  Go in daylight, not at night.  Park near the door, in front and under a bright light if you can, in case it turns dark while you are inside.  Walk out as other shoppers also walk out.  Do not be a solitary individual walking to his car in the dark with a shopping basket full of groceries.

Keep your house, garage and cars locked at all times, day or night.  Just get in the habit of locking things up.  All the time.  No exceptions.

The Vaxxers

This will get additional treatment later, but no, I am not allowing anyone to inject me or my children.  I will do whatever is necessary to stop them, including whatever is necessary. Let the reader understand.

There is a world of accurate, utterly convincing PROOF that these injections are biochemical weapons that will kill us.  There is no argument about this.  The only thing the government does is pound the TV with propaganda.  Those injections are designed to destroy human life, not prolong it.

I visited my dad, who is 88 and lives alone.  When I walked in the door, he was inclining towards getting the “vaccination”.  Its literally all he sees and hears on TV all day.  But ONE video (I brought a flash drive of videos) of Dr. Peter McCullough and he was suddenly “hell no I’m not getting that shot.  You would have to be crazy to do that.”  So take your loved ones the videos.  Burn videos to DVD and mail them.  Save lives.  Fight for your families.

But ONE video (I brought a flash drive of videos) of Dr. Peter McCullough and he was suddenly “hell no I’m not getting that shot.  You would have to be crazy to do that.”

You can be strong in the face of opposition.  Few people I know have gotten the injection.  I ask.  They volunteer.  People talk about this stuff.  The closest estimation I feel comfortable with is 50/50, regardless of the other estimates.  Some people will, and some people won’t.  If the government wants to allow businesses to threaten us regarding employment if we do not accept the injection, then we are going to see a nasty street war.

When a business refuses to allow you to work over your non-compliance regarding a filthy, dangerous, anti-life chemical toxin that is being shoved in our faces every day, that business has lost its own right to life.  It has morphed into a slaughterhouse, similar to an abortion parlor.  The business is demanding that you diminish or even lose your life (submit to the injection) in order to have food (a job) to preserve your life.  See how insane that is?

I do not advocate burning those buildings or businesses down for demonically hating human life so much that they demand all submit to the toxin, but when there is no food on the table of those who were fired for their rejection of the jab, I am quite certain that many of those businesses will go up in flames.  Rightly so, too. Firing people over their good sense to refuse a covid injection? Yep, that will lead to lots of burned down businesses.

If the pro-vax fools would only read reliable data, this whole covid trash would fade away.  But it will not go away because the media talks incessantly about it, stirring the pot and frightening people over what is essentially nothing.  There is madness in their mania.  Utter, complete madness.  Do you know that to this very DAY, no one has a test tube of purified covid-19 virus?  Did you know that?  No where on EARTH.  No one.  No body.  No hospital, no clinic, no research university, no scientist, no doctor – not even any actual images.

If you search to verify my claim, you will surely find an article or two that claims otherwise, but see if you can find a source who will sell you purified virii so that you may study it.  Go ahead.  Because if it exists, someone will sell it because many will want to study it.

Mike Adams own his own lab and he has been trying for months to get a purified sample to work with.  No luck.  He has received some stuff he calls “snot”, which had bits of common corona virii in it, but no substance that can be covid-19.

Like I said months ago, Covid-19 is a HOAX.

Therefore, it is easy to see that this whole virus nonsense is specifically designed to drive us onto the needle.  That is the entire purpose of this theater – to get us injected.  It is submission to the needle that is their mission.  They will not stop, I am sure of that.  This will continue until only the injected people are allowed to walk about.  The refuseniks will be arrested, imprisoned or on the run.  But this needle kills.  Remember that.  Its so bad that VAERS has to delete death data by the thousands.

If you are persecuted on one place, run to another.  Texas has a pretty good situation thanks to a Yahuah.  We have a pretty good governor, too.  I like him.  If you live in a liberal state, just leave.  Get out.  Do it now.



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