The Fury Of The Persecuted Righteous, The Wrath Of GOD


Time to make a statement.

Jesus commands that we carry a sword.  Where is yours?  Mine is laying across my lap as I write this.  My sword is a record of my obedience.  It’s presence a reminder of my duty.  Its’ razor edge a metaphor for the division of the Righteous from the wicked.  I am Gerallt  ben Daud: Rule of the Spear Son of David.

The forces of evil are expanding martially across the world.  Illegal aliens are penetrating every successful nation all over the world, draining resources, raping women, killing children.  Anglos are particularly hated, and they are hated for their strength, intellect, productivity, creativity, history, legendary vision and future.

Everyone wants to live where the anglo reigns because it is safe, clean, prosperous and, in general, collegial.

I am making a statement now that is your call to arms.  I make no apologies and if I step on your toes, move your feet.

America is run by a “shadow government”, a network of atheists and weakly religious charlatans who seek complete dominion over every American.  Globally, this network is everywhere and Satan is the head of it.  We all know that.

Satan continually uses his people to demand that we tolerate transsexualism, homosexualism, child murder, voter fraud, man-made pestilence, injecticide, bribery, cultural suicide, rejection of history, of greatness, of victory and achievement.  We are commanded to hate ourselves, to hate our ancestors, to lay down, shut up and die.

To all those who support our death, in the name of Yahuah I curse you.  May the Death rider gather your soul before the next full moon.  I pray the pit consume you forever, and your eternal screams will drown in the raging inferno as you burn alive for days, weeks, years, centuries and forever.  Falling, falling, forever falling through the inferno, your flesh roasting to the bone, your screams punctuated by the cracking of your teeth as they shatter, forever, in the fierce heat of those divine flames.  You will never stop dying, and hatred will be your only passion.  You are cursed.  I would kick you into the pit myself today if Yahuah, the GOD you hate, allowed it.

This is about your preparation and willingness to fight, because those days are standing on your back porch, looking directly in your eyes.  Those days are at every window of your home, staring you in the face.  When you get in your car, those days ride with you.  When you eat dinner, those days are seated opposite you, watching you chew your food, salivating not for the meal, but for your soul.

Your life is going to be disrupted very soon.  Men’s hearts will fail them from fear.

Fear not those who can kill your body, but fear He who will destroy the souls of the wicked.

You must be willing to fight.

Gideon faced the wicked and Gideon won because He was with Yahuah.

Fear not when the war comes to your street, and it will come.  It is beside you now, its stinking hulk wheezing and oozing and thirsting for your soul.

You must be willing to fight.  The fight is staring you in the face.  Looking directly into your eyes and calling you a fool and a coward.  The enemy tells you that you are weak, but you are not.  The enemy tells you that he has dominion, but he does not. Not over you.

The enemy is a liar, and the enemy rules the United States government.  Do you think the “Republicans” are righteous?  Do you think the “Republicans” will heal our land?  Do you think the “Republicans” will take action, go to war against the leftists and atheists’ who secretly, like the burrowing warlocks of H.G. Wells “The Time Machine”, execute their wicked plans?

Hear this: Those who rule this world absolutely intend to kill YOU, and they are killing many now.  Ask not for whom the bell tolls.  It tolls for you.  Your day is coming, like the injections, it comes silently, under false pretenses.  Your day is striding toward you confident in its plans for your death.  He comes to kill.

My sword is at hand.  Where is yours?

I worship the One.  I yield to His spirit.  I carry His heart within my very soul.  He is mine and I am His.  Though we yearn for peace, we must prepare now for war.  It is coming to your street.  Arm yourself.  This is a warning.  Get ready.

Who will come?  The enemy.  Prophecies abound, as numerous as the murderers being released with no bail required, detailing the beginning of the war.  Satan, that lying, finite, hate-filled monster lusts for dominion over Yahuah’s masterpiece.  He is preparing his first charge.  He carefully laid the groundwork for it, weakening the mighty, and strengthening the wicked.  Like cancer or termites or rot, he exploited every opportunity to create division, fear, hatred, addiction, harlotry, greed, murder and war.

I pray that you are ready, and know that you are not.

You think you are ready.  You have some kind of weapon, but do you have enough?  Do you have cohorts?  Do you have sufficient food and resupply?  Can you operate independently without resupply for a month?  Six months?  Because the day is staring you in the face, just across the edge of your phone.  Look now.  See.  War comes.  People are afraid.  Satan drools with anticipation.

When the time arrives in your lap, be brave.  Remember that bravery is born from fear itself.  If you are never afraid, you can never be brave.  Do not be deterred by fear.  Look beyond it.  Find your team.  Assemble.  Make a plan.  Keep an eye out for the weak, the cowardly, the mole.  Loose lips sink ships.  Listen more than you speak.  Never reveal details.  Your phone is a CIA/NSA spy tool.

I am watched.  My speech is monitored.  Fair enough.  I monitor theirs, too.

My sword is in my lap.

I know this enemy.  We are old acquaintances. The pleasure is all mine.

Praise Yahuah, who is my strength.  He trains my hands for war, and my fingers for the fight.  I am Gerallt ben Daud.


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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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1 year ago

So be it.
In One Accord.

1 year ago

Hi Jerry hope your well I was having a similar conversation last week it was said that the lamppost that are being spread right across the planet have been weaponised, have you heard anything about that?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

Yes I think 5g involved but if they can zap you without you knowing it makes a weapon a bit redundant, so my focus is on prayer 🙏🏾 and getting right with my father above

Welcome To The War
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