The Event Is Near. It Is Time.

As most of you know, the world is decomposing right before our eyes.  I am, at heart, a truth seeker.  The truth is important, and there is one primary Truth: Jesus is the Son of The Most High, and Jesus will return for His people.  No need to return if His people are not here.

Additionally, the Red Dragon of Revelation 12 comes to destroy those who keep the Commands of Yahuah, and have the testimony of Yahusha – the Obedient who are Saved.  No need for the Red Dragon to come if the children of Yahuah are not here.

Therefore the persecution will begin and continue for a time.

A major event will consolidate power towards the east, and away from the United States.  Australia, you too will feel this.  As an analyst with a spirit-filled biblical world-view, loved by the Merciful Yahuah, I anticipate an event that breaks America as a world power.  It seems to be a physical destruction, a natural, environmental event – something that has the Hand of Yahuah all over it.  Something the world will witness, and declare that Yahuah destroyed America.   This will also destroy the global financial system, forcing the rise of the beast system, the Mark, and allegiance to the Beast system in order to buy, sell and trade.

Then the consolidation of power towards Europe, with Russia and China both seeing the opportunity to massively acquire resources if they can react quickly enough.  They will march to the oil, Russia to control it and China to use it.

He Spoke These Words To Me

Always remember the voice in my vision: “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.”

Yahusha comes as a flaming sword, because that flaming sword was presented in three stages. It represents death, destruction and terror.

  1. The gigantic scimitar swinging toward us from the starry night sky of space
  2. The gigantic FLAMING scimitar swinging toward us from the starry night sky of space
  3. The gigantic FLAMING and ROARING scimitar swinging toward us from the starry night sky of space – and the WORDS “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.”

Because that roaring fire on the blade of that scimitar could be heard, Yahuah is telling me that the sword is here, it is among us, because sound only travels in an ATMOSPHERE.  The sword began long ago and far from us, then it got close enough in time for the blade to ignite, but not so close that it could be heard.  And finally, it is in flames that roar like a freight train passing within feet.  It was LOUD and I could feel the power of it.  It is imminent, already underway and unstoppable.

The Separation of The Righteous Is Timed With The Event

Therefore the separation of the Righteous is right at the door, and He comes to take the Righteous FROM the unrighteous.  There is a distinction to be made in the use of the word “from” in His promise to us.  Yahusha speaks only Truth, and because every Word from The Son is True and Holy, every Word is a Promise that He will keep.

“I AM coming TO SEPARATE THE RIGHTEOUS FROM the unrighteous.”

Yahusha comes to REMOVE the Righteous from this place.

You who follow Yahuah, who endeavor to imperfectly keep His commands, and who have the testimony of Jesus – you are my brothers and sisters.  You are my family.  Greater than my own father and mother, my own sisters and brother – you are my own people.

There are many of you, some in lands far from America, who face wickedness and ache in your hearts from it.  But Yahusha knows your suffering, and He knows your love for Him.  He knows you yearn for righteousness in your world, and He is right at the door.  He is certain to prevail, and every Word He speaks is a promise that will by all means be kept.

Thought He seems to tarry long, that evil triumphs over good and that darkness will prevail over the children of Yahuah, know this: Yahuah is a warrior, and His wrath on the wicked will exterminate them from the earth.  The fire that waits for the wicked will never cool.  Their hatred will consume them for eternity, and they will live in death with the just deserts of their rebellion.

Grace and mercy, love, patience and kindness – these please The Holy One, and His Perfect SON.  Love one another.  Smile in kindness to the enemies of Yahuah as they persecute you and point at you and curse you.  When these things happen, it is not you they hate, but Yahuah.  The unredeemed are the disciples of the fallen one.  He has them because they willingly refused the offer of life from Yahuah.

There are many unredeemed on the earth.  You are surrounded by them, but also there are many brothers and sisters around you who do not stand out as sons and daughters of Yahuah.  Look for them.  Encourage them.  You are called.  You are called.  Your feet must not tremble, but must be set firm as granite.  Your face set, your hands strong.  The event is near.  It is time.


Originally posted on November 27, 2019 @ 1:30 am


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6 thoughts on “The Event Is Near. It Is Time.”

  1. Heaven Hai Jerry
    I was just recently guided to your links of wisdom and truth.
    It is 5/2021 now and the Mark of the Beast is becoming is quite
    clear. Your words of encouragement are a real blessing, Thank
    you for answering the call to do this service for the followers of the way. This on line interaction is my only connection to the called out ones.
    May we all share the love and light of YHWH for eternity.
    Peace and Shalom

  2. Much Shalom Jerry, a very timely and encouraging message.
    Evil has it’s bounds , and it’s time limit – HallaluYah! However, it’s time limit will cease in Yahweh’s timing not ours.
    Having been following the events that are effecting us ‘worldwide’, we who KNOW the Truth, also know that the human ‘puppets’ of the usurper/god of this world will be allowed to run their ‘alloted’ course.
    We must remain strong in our Elohim – YHWH – the Supreme Authority of this universe…..we must continue to pray for those who love the pleasures of this world and remain in willful ignorance while they continue to be deceived under ‘aberrant’ christianity.
    Yes, our hearts aches for those who refuse to even listen, especially our children.
    Much Love from Australia ♥

    1. Hi Kate. Yes, and in the end those who are among the elect will ascend to life everlasting. The lost will burn, and will not be missed. Even our children. Sounds terrible, but we forget that Yahuah IS. The authority is HIS. He is the creator, and we are the creature. There is no place for us to complain, and Yahusha commands us not to worry. This time in our lives is a time of letting go of any pretense to “control things”, because we cannot. All we can do is pray, and love our neighbors. Great! That make things much simpler. We have no control, and Yahuah is in control of all things. Honestly, when the time comes and if we are executed for our faith, great! I look forward to the flight home. Yes! I’m all for it. We cling to our flesh too tightly Kate, and ignore heaven. We must cast down our long faces and rejoice that justice is coming, and that we are going!

    1. Thank you, Nell. It has been hard to watch Australia become so hostile to righteousness. People in the USA hold Australia in high regard, but the corruption in Aussie national government is shocking. Almost as bad as the USA 🙂 But listen Nell – enjoy your life and encourage others. Love your neighbors, even those who persecute you, because the evil of the last days must happen, and that is just fine because Yahuah set things up this way. This is His plan, and that relieves of from the burden of worrying about it. Do not worry about a single thing. Go to the beach, cook, have a party and live with a smile. Our destination is near, and good.

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