The Destiny of Truth


Yesterday I wrote on the essential submission to the truth. The truth about anything and everything.  That the speaking of truth in all matters is absolutely vital if one wants to know his or her true destiny.  The true destiny.

You see, truth has its own plans for each of us.  As difficult as it is to speak the truth in every circumstance, it is absolutely vital, a life’s-blood requirement to speak the truth in precisely the circumstances which are potentially most devastating if the truth be known.

That is the beauty of truth.  Truth, you see, guards you from catastrophe.  Truth has a destiny for you that is free and clear of destruction and regret.

Truth is your friend.  Truth from your own lips is your lamp to illuminate your way into life.  Speaking the truth in all things will train you to always behave in a righteous manner.  Speaking truth at all times, never lying, never deceiving, never accusing falsely – all of those crippling behaviors are nullified, put away and made powerless by the spoken truth.

The truth becomes so elegant in your mouth that telling a lie feels like crushing and humiliating defeat.  And it is.  Surrendering to the lie is surrender to loss and to shame.  Telling the truth will save you from such defeat.  Truth is the most powerful shield one can possess in regards to preventing harm to you character.  Truth makes you very powerful.

Recently, on Thursday, September 2nd, I was in prayer praying to my good Father for a wife.  As I remind Yahuah, just as it was not good for Adam to be alone, so it is not for JD to be alone.  He understands my heart.  So I am praying and said:

“Father, I need a wife.  One who loves you with all her heart, mind, soul and strength.  One who is kind and gentle and merciful and loving, and who loves Torah as I do.”

The instant I finished that prayer I had a vision of a woman in a black dress, one of those big billowing dresses or skirts.  She also had on a long-sleeved white blouse with a hint of red in it, and a shoe that looked like a white sandal.  On her head was a cloth or what looked like a cloth and her hair (or that cloth) was draped over her left shoulder.  Her face was blurred out.  It was impossible to see her.

48 hours later a woman walked across my field of vision and said “Hi!”.  I said hello.  She was about 20 feet away and behind some chairs.  When she walked out from behind those chairs, I recognized her from the vision and quickly examined her skirt, shoes, blouse and hair.  It was her.

To say I was stunned is an understatement.  For two solid MONTHS I agonized over approaching her.  How does a man tell a perfect stranger that he saw her in a vision while praying for a wife?  Its laughable on the face of it.  Just impossible.

So I asked my good Father if he was going to give her a dream of me to sort of make things easier for me.  Nope.

It was painful, literally.  When I was close to her, I vibrated strongly.  It was more than a mere trembling.  I shook.  It hurt and it was constant.  I could not look her in the eye or even say her name correctly.  One time, I even messed up her name specifically to hide the fact that I actually knew her name.

Why?  Because there is major power, major holy power in my body when I am near her.  Even now, typing this, I can feel the slight trembling throughout my body.  Her presence sends that sensation through the roof.  Even on my motorcycle, praying and begging God to make her have a dream :), I feel that power.  I shake.  I stammer and stutter and cannot even utter words.

My only peace came when I decided that I absolutely had to tell her.  Then I had some peace and could ride my bike and think clearly and pray normally.  And I did tell her.  I told her the truth.  All of it.  From one stranger to another.  She listened.

Critically, Truth has a destiny for you that can be attained no other way.  One must speak the truth in all matters.  If you fear, say so.  If you love, say so.  If you are confused, say so.  Knowing that you absolutely must speak the truth in all things will absolutely prevent you from doing anything that you might want to lie about.  Truth guides to righteousness.  Truth sets free.

Truth has a destiny for you.  Walk in the Way, speak the Truth in all matters and live free.


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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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1 year ago

Wow! Omg Jerry, this is amazing! Wow!
I am looking forward to part 2 🙄

Keep that light burning 🕎🕎💙

Johanna Jordan Orloff
Johanna Jordan Orloff
1 year ago

So, what happened brother???? Don’t keep us in suspence..:-)

Welcome To The War
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