The Democrats Are Toast. Trump Will Serve His Second Term As President.

This X22 video is so intriguing that I want to share it with you.  After listening to this last night and sleeping on it, I concluded that it is information that some of you will really be encouraged from. 

There is a lot of detailed information here regarding the planned voter fraud scheme by the Democrats and their foreign associates.  China has been caught shipping fake drivers licenses, gun parts and surely other things to groups in the United States, so its a wide and deep attempt to conquer the United States.

Bear in mind that just before election, Kamala Harris openly endorsed communism.  Why?  Because she plans to usurp Joe Biden and become president, at which time she will hand the flag to China.  Biden is merely the familiar face, the white-haired anglo male who was seen in public.  Harris basically crawled into a dark closet and hid.

Bidens stuttering and stammering is the perfect setup for an Article 25 removal of Biden from office due to mental incapacity, elevating Harris the Communist into the Oval Office.  That is the plan, I am sure of it.

I could go on, but instead will just insert the video here.  Listen closely.  Make some coffee, get comfortable and listen carefully.  There is a lot of information here and casual listening will rob you of a lot of good background information.

Trump will serve as President for a second term.

This is an important video.

Vote fraud is obvious, widespread and all the way to the top.  Donald Trump will never back down from this.  His administration will never back down from this.  Trump will go after them.  He is going to do some shocking things to the enemies of the Republic, and thank God for that.

If you have not seen last nights video of Dr. Steve Pieczenik, you should watch it after this.  Eight minutes in length, Steve is a very well connected Washington DC professional.  He has deep roots and good friends in high places, and he is honest.

Prophecy Of Trump and Two Terms – Kim Clement

Kim Clement was a very special prophet.  He was so accurate that the FBI visited him at least once (and I think twice) to ask him where he was getting his information.  That’s funny.

I also have some additional links indexed for you below.

A duckduckgo private search of Kim Clement Trump Prophecy for you.

Take heart.  The Kim Clement Trump prophecy, coupled with the Steve Pieczenik  revelations give us good cause to conclude that Donald J. Trump is and will remain as President of the United States.


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