The Covid Vaccines Cripple Your Immune System: How Their Injections set You Up For Defeat.

This might be the best video available on what the vaccines for Covid are doing to human bodies, as well as the psychological pressure being put on all the people on earth to submit to the hoax called the Covid Pandemic.

The interview below is brilliant.  Watch all of it.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Vaxxter (Sherri Tenpenny vax site)

I want to apologize to you for not producing more information lately.  The issue is that there is so much wickedness developing in the world that it is a bit overwhelming to digest.  At this point, I am convinced that we are entering the midpoint of Phase One, whereby people are being stampeded into a forced injection of the DNA-modifying chemicals produced by Bill Gates and his peers.

What to expect next is a major die-off of vaccine recipients, which will be propagandized as deaths from mutations, due solely from “people refusing the injections.”  Subsequently, more injections will be introduced to “top-up” the initial injections.  The sole purpose is to give the powers that be complete control over the health of all people.  I believe Phase Two will be the Social Credit scenario whereby the un-injected will be refused employment, rent (a dwelling), education and more, all to coerce us into taking the injections.

Ultimately, I suspect that the top echelon of world leadership seeks to gain the ability to turn off, or kill, entire gene pools or genotypes of people by releasing specific pathogens into the races or gene pools they wish to exterminate.

Fear of genocide is the ultimate goal, and I think the injections are key to that goal.

By modifying our DNA, they can anticipate or calculate a kill rate, and then proceed accordingly.  They want to reduce human population in order to achieve their goal of managing a world of their own design.

You must ask yourself if you are prepared to endure the hardships imposed on those who refuse the injections.

You will have good company.  You will not be alone, nor will you be powerless, but you will be outside the bulk of humanity.  You will likely be one of a large and despised population of clean, healthy and stubborn people.

We must adapt by learning to support one another.  How we do that will become more apparent the farther along this dark path we must walk.  We will walk it, to be sure.  Families will be broken.  Trust will be broken.  Comfort will be broken.  Freedom will be broken.  Free speech – gone.  Right to peacefully assemble – gone.

War might also come.  America is weaker than at any point I have experienced in my entire life.  Politically America is broken.  Right has become wrong.  Evil has become good.  Darkness has become light.

All these things are addressed in the Holy Bible.  We stare tribulation directly in the face.  “Normal” is replaced by confusion, chaos, lies, subversion, corruption and hate.  That is the new normal.

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2 years ago

I disagree light is being shined on the darkness the great awakening is happening now just like the plandemic in 1918 we had the roaring 20s then darkness 1929 same as now GOD has a plan and trumpty dumpty is still In charge trust da plan we are watching
A movie. maga

Welcome To The War
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