The CEO of Disney Demands Openly Homosexual Characters For Disney Movie Leads


This makes one want to vomit on one’s keyboard.  Obviously, being in the time of the Seven Seals, things are bad and worsening, but this is sickening.  Very few people stand up against this blatant anti-christ, Luciferian conduct.  I don’t expect you to share this.  I didn’t want to share it either, but we have to take a stand against Disney and we have to be vocal about it.

The CEO of Disney Corp. demands that half of the lead characters in Disney movies be openly homosexual.  She is serious, and calls her own children “queer”, “pansexual”, and trans-sexual”.  Obviously not a woman you want to actually know.  Watch this…

This woman, Disney Corp and the politicians and voters who stand in unity with this woman’s sick “values” must be made to understand that such beliefs are not tolerated.  They will get mad and do bad things, but we still must stand straight upright and fight this out.

Ms. Burke, you are wrong.  You are a terrible mother and you are directing your children on the literal path to hell.  You walk right beside them.  Disobedience to Yahuah will send you to hell, and Yahuah demands that homosexuals be stoned to death.  As a promoter of homosexualism yourself, you are equally guilty.

You are among the most wicked and vile on earth, and you will receive your reward.  You walk in complete darkness, Ms. Burke.  You are destroying your children’s lives.  There is only evil in what you do, and no good.

If you ask Yahuah to show you the Way, He will do it.  There is life beyond human life.  Yahusha (aka “Jesus”) is the only begotten Son of Yahuah who did live here and did raise the dead and did heal the sick and did cause the blind to see and will come again and will take His people unto himself and you are not one of them.  Neither are your children.

You and they can be, but you must pursue the Truth by first accepting Yahusha as your redeemer, believing that He is who He says He is.  Then, study the Words of Yahuah and all of the Bible.  Righteousness is “obedience to the commands of Yahuah (aka: “God”).  You must be righteous, though you will fail fairly often.  Yahuah knows who belongs to Him.  Just devote your life to His ways.

Run from your sin, Ms. Burke.  Accept the offer of redemption from Yahusha.   Do it today and lead your children into life. Do it Now.


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1 month ago

Very bad when children do not have a wholesome environment to grow up in. I look at this as another part of the Evil New World Order .
CIA is one part of their army. Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA.
Along with LBJ doing everything he could do to tear apart nuclear Family in the US this has been going on for a long time.

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