Corrected Video: The Beast Officially Forms Strike Teams To Come To The Homes Of The Vaccine-Free

Originally posted on July 10, 2021 @ 2:00 am

(The video was not running so I corrected the malfunction and it is here for you now.  Watch it.  Thank you Enoch.)

The Covid panic is a trojan horse specifically designed to create fear and subsequently drive people to the needle.  The entire objective of Covid-19 is to stampede weak minded people into the injection centers where the mystery chemicals are injected.

A fatal error.  Never rush into the unknown.  Never trust any government.  There are real demons involved in this Covid injection program.  Satan is the director.  The allegedly human operators are obsessed with killing billions of people.  They want their own private world and they want you and me used as fertilizer in their gardens.

I cannot warn you strongly enough.

You should watch this video.  It is an Alex Jones/Infowars production but Alex is obviously struggling with the information.  Just as I myself have struggled with writing the deadly truth about this topic, so does Mr. Jones struggle it.  We see the reality of it.  We know what is coming.

This video is long, 177 minutes long.  Headphones or good external speakers make listening to all of it easier.  You need to watch the entire video.  Just find a comfortable place and give yourself three hours to sit and listen.  You need to listen to all of it.

Your life is literally at stake.  YOUR life.  The US government is now forming “Strike Teams” to knock on your door regarding your non-injected status.  Yes, they apparently know who we are.  They will eventually knock on my door, and they want to inject children, too.

The FDA is likely to designate the injections “safe and effective” in a month or two.  At that point, any business can demand that all employees get the injection or lose their job.  The government says, based on a previous Supreme Court decision, that it can FORCE the chemicals into you.

Decision Day is coming to YOU.  My mind is made up, but I also know that some very real hardship will result from my decision.  I also have kids, and I will not allow the chemicals to be injected into them, either.  Therefore, I am resolved to do whatever is necessary to defend my children.  No matter what.

I know that the injections are orders of magnitude more dangerous than the virus.  I should say “so-called virus”, because to this very day no one on earth has a purified virus to examine.

We must go to the Lord God, to Yahuah and ask Him to direct our steps.  I believe the virus/injections represent the first Seal, the Rider on the White Horse.  He goes out conquering and to conquer.

The Second Seal is war and world-wide civil conflict, and I expect to see that begin in a big way in September/October.  (My computer microphone just turned itself on.  That’s a concern.)

I am going to send you more videos like this one, because I do not think most of my readers understand the real emergency we face.  Think about the Jews in Hitlers Germany.  That is precisely what we who are of the Way will experience.  We will be segregated, badged, enslaved, starved and executed.

A Rapture might take place.  Certainly something like that does come, but how many of us will be the “dead in Christ” when that happens?

Yahusha instructs us not to fear, and we should not fear.  We are saved, we honor the commands of Yahuah and the Dragon wants us dead because he fears us.  But being fearless does not mean we are careless.  We have a lot to care about and we will need to trust much more to our Father than we have ever before in our lifetime.

Pray for me and my family.  Many of you know how difficult some things are in my life, and I know how difficult some things are in the lives of many of you.  Just yesterday a woman walking her dog stopped to talk to me for about 1 and 1/2 hours, and before she left she confided to me that she was a child of Yahuah, saved by her faith in His son, but that her husband of some 45 years is an atheist.  She cried.  She asked to hug me and she walked away bold and strong in her praise for our God.  Linda is her name.  Please ask our Father to comfort her.

Many, many of us struggle against a similar situation.

Some spouses will turn us in to the Beast, especially when there is a bounty on our heads.  Be aware of that.  Have somewhere safe to flee to.  Have the resources hidden away so that when you are persecuted in one place, you actually can flee to another.  Maybe try to find a partner to go with you if you have no believing spouse to run with.  Someone will appear.


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[…] Corrected Video: The Beast Officially Forms Strike Teams To Come To The Homes Of The Vaccine-Free […]

2 years ago

I found no link to Alex Jones Video and this site keeps timing out .

2 years ago

Thank you very much for your words , it helps to know
we are not alone in this struggle with these evil principalities
as humans.
If It was not for the fact that the evil one wants to inject us
with the genetic altering cocktail , altering the blood of man like the Nephilim did in the time of Noah I would let them kill me like
the followers of the way by the Romans.
I guess the only way out is to die by the sword .
Unless delivered from these times and tribulations by YHWH Elohim,
I will not take or condone getting or giving the Mark of the Beast to anyone.

Peace and Shalom

2 years ago

Thank you Jerry for all that you do. I appreciate you linking to InfoWars. I have been watching them for 6 or 7 years and have been awakened. I was wondering if you have seen the latest information from La Quinta Columna on what is in the vaccines (they have acquired 2). Also watch the video on a site called Orwell City. VAERS is reporting 9000 deaths as of this week. That is 2000 more than last week which is troubling. At the end of InfoWars Friday show Stew Peters had an incredible interview which talked about the children getting a multi-system shut down reaction from the shot. The CDC is reporting on that also but they are saying it is from Covid. Keep up the good work for the good Lord.

Welcome To The War
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