The Anger, The Eclipse and The Sign of Jonah and 33 Days

Originally posted on July 1, 2019 @ 1:44 pm

There is a pervasive anger coursing through the people these days. In the United States, from President Trump on down to regular people at the grocery store, pressure is building.

People don’t want to smile, or tell a joke, or greet a stranger with a warm “hello”. People seem to be afraid, tense, nervous and jittery.

These human attributes are common because we are on the very cusp of some very bad things.  There is a certain pressure inside my spirit to grab people by the shirt-fronts and shake them from their malaise, and eventually

I am sure I will do just that.

This is a warning.  Get your spiritual affairs in order.  Seek Yahuah and ask Him to know you.  Pursue Him with all your heart, mind and soul.  If you are unsaved, surrender immediately to Yeshua (Jesus).  Open your Holy Bible and read it.

I saw a good friend of mine yesterday, and he commented on my now long gray hair.  The last time he saw me, I had a flat-top, and I have kept my hair cut that way for decades.  But on my birthday recently I decided it was time to let the hair grow.

It’s odd to me, but somehow it seems of the Holy Spirit.  My family likes it.  In fact, everyone who has commented on it tells me it looks cool.  So cool, then.

I replied to Jeff that I was “Going full-on Moses”, and thet next time he see’s me I will be dressed in a sheet, holding a sign that says “The End is DAMN Near.”

And it is.

There is no way we can band together and out muscle the NWO.  Although I do encourage all saved son’s of Yahuah to be adequately armed (rifle, pistol, other equipment), the Lord God Yahuah has everything firmly under control.  Some huge events are about to take place and the ONLY way we can prepare is through prayer and scripture study.

Read your Bible.  Maybe read the Red Letter sections, all the words of Yeshua.  That’s neat to do.

I have studied His Word for decades now.  I am an “old timer” in the Word, but I learn huge things every time I re-read the Word.  There is no end to it, you know.  There is no end.

Have some holy friends within walking distance of your home.  Do not count on e-mail, phone or Internet to reach out to your brothers and sisters.  You’re going to need faith, and Yahuah will load you up with it IF you read His Word and keep His commands.

People look for so many prophetic things.  People want to predict the movement of Elohim as if He is tomorrows weather.  And what do we get?  The sign of Jonah 🙂

Just a few months before Jonah stumbled into Nineveh, a big old lunar eclipse passed over Nineveh.  Sorry, I do not have the exact dates but the info is easy to fine.  My point in mentioning it is those Red Letters that specified the “sign of Jonah”.

Eclipses such as the one passing over America are harbingers to gentile nations, and the one next week evenly splits America from coast to coast, practically a Mason-Dixon line, if you catch my drift.  Division is coming to America, and everyone with discernment can feel it.

Then, 33 days after this sign, comes the Feast of Trumpets, depending on which calendar of Yahweh’s holy feast days one upholds.  There is a 2-day difference between new-moon sightings, as some count days to new moons, and some actually wait until the new moon is first visible as that thin sliver of moon in the sky.

My best friend counts days, and I go by what I can see.  He cites a verse in Psalms when David counted the days to the new moon, and I cite common sense, which may or may not apply.

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