Thanks Giving, You Bet.


Happy Thanksgiving.  It’s been a while, friends.

A lot has happened in the two years I lived in a rented room at the end of a house in Comfort, TX.  It was often lonely, but I never felt alone.  We saw Covid delivered to us by Dr. Anthony Fauci and his friends who are working to steal the planet.  Then the war in Ukraine, started at the request of the globalists and the fool Biden.

We saw about one thousand food processing businesses magically burn to the ground in 2022, with more burning down this year.  Starvation, disease and war were turned loose on the earth, yet here we are, reading together.  We praise our Lord, the Messiah of the World, both God and Man at the same time – the creator and the created at once – only Yahuah can do that.

Israel will probably surrender her weapons to the globalists next year.  She will do so with guarantees of peace and security, and the gentiles will trample the Holy Place for a few years.  The wicked prince will be welcomed with open arms, and a few billion people will perish.  Some believers will be taken from the earth, and the remaining lost will endure much.  Someone has to testify to them.  The 144,000 will.

It’s going to be a fantastic conclusion to a fantastic creation, friend.

As for me, I call my wife “Wife”, I love our children and am as patient as I can be with them.  They know that the time is almost complete.  I am doing what I can to prepare for food shortages and for neighbors desperate for food.  Raising chickens is my current master plan.  I do have a rifle or two and adequate ammunition for some genuine firefights.  Its all so cool and attractive to think of combat at the end of time until its YOU who is the combatant at the end of time.

At the end of our time on this earth, right there at the end when we see that we are departing very, very soon, only then will we be comfortable enough to actually wish we had done more to help other people prepare.

I hope that you are loved and that you have peace in your life.  Everything could have been better, and will be better in our future.  We do have a beautiful life ahead of us, so adhere to the command of Yahusha the we “fear not”.

All of us have stories we can tell where Yahuah saved us.    We know He IS.  He save each of us specifically because HE WANTED TO.  He wanted to save YOU, and you became a follower of Yahusha.  Not one of us chose HIM.  He chose US.  He says plainly that He chooses whomever He chooses.  None come to Him.  He goes all.

Here is how he chose me…

One night in 1993 I took a woman, a young female employee, a brand new hire, to my apartment to have sex with her again.  She had been with me the night before, and when I took her home that first night and let her out in the dark cul de sac where she walked away into the darkness I felt very oppressed.

When I got to my apartment and locked the door, I sat on my bed and told myself that I would never do that again.  The atmosphere of oppression was quite strong, and I felt quite low.  It was bad.  But the next night after work, I took her home with me again and when we walked in there was a stench in the place like nothing I have ever smelled.  It was bad.  Shockingly bad.  I looked at her and she did not seem to notice at all.  It was not my apartment, because I never ate there.  My trash can was empty and my refrigerator only had one canned Coke in it.

She undressed and came to bed to sit beside me, and after looking at my door locks, I turned to face the alien.

That of course, tends to cause a man to reconsider previous choices.

I immediately reconsidered all previous choices and sprang to my feet, telling her to dress because I was taking her home.  She dressed silently, followed me to my car and I took her back to that same cul de sac and let her out.  She just walked silently away in the darkness, and never said one single word to me.  She never asked me what happened, never asked why I jumped out of bed, nothing.  Not a single word.

Because it knew what I saw.  I saw what Yahuah wanted me to see – that the woman who had successfully seduced me her very first night on the job was not human.  He Himself allowed that meeting and that revelation to me.  He wanted me to see what I saw and to realize what I was dealing with.

The stench in the room was from another demon who was waiting in there.  I never saw it, but cannot think of any other reason for a reeking stench like that to be in my room.  Additionally, a few days later when I stopped at a country bar (El Paso, TX) to grab a beer after work ont Saturday, she was there at the door, sitting right beside the barstool I had to go to in orrder to order a beer.  She was dresses in a beautiful white gown, as If she was getting married.


Another person, a man in a dress suit, stopped for a beer beside her on the right, ahd she mentioned that he was her ex-husband.

I no-commented and left for my truck, whereupon she followed me out cursing me so violently that I was actually afraid, and begging God to let me get in my truck and lock the door, which He did.  I cranked it and left very quickly, leaving her in her wedding dress standing in the dust cursing me.

A nightmare, but when I took her home that evening that the transformed into an alien, I returned to my apartment, fell on my knees at my bed and prayed the following prayer, exactly: “God, if you are real I will follow you, because it would be crazy to do otherwise. Amen”

Then I got up, dropped my clothes, climbed into bed, opened Stephen Kings book “Needful Things”, and read until I fell asleep.

My life has never been the same.  I have never once violated my covenant with Yahuah regarding sex outside of marriage.  I have been faithful, other than some times of lust.   The alien did have some kind of control over me in that I did not hit it or break its scrawny neck.  It’s eyes were not smooth and glossy like ours, but were dimpled like a golf ball, and flat black, not glossy black like you see in movies.

It was scanning my brain, because the words “It is scanning my brain” was my primary thought as it stared at me from about six inches away.  The skin was gray/green with splotches of color, as if it was a manufactured product.  Two holes for air induction and that tight, straight line of the mouth.  Mean looking.

This image is the closest to accuracy that I can find.

And that is what turned me to Yahuah.  There is much more to the story but this is enough for now.  Yes, I did have sex with it, which is unfortunate because no nice girl will have me now 🙂  I’m surprised that my former spouse even married me.  Maybe I didn’t tell her.

There is a piece of metal embedded in my right shin.  I found it about three months after the event, when I had taken a year off to read the bible.  Before swimming I was putting on some suntan lotion and felt the small bump under my skin, about five inches above my ankle.  I didn’t give it any thought for years, thinking that maybe one of my childhood friends shot me there with a BB-gun and I didn’t notice it.

That makes no sense whatsoever, and I had a police man wave his metal detector over it one time and he said that there was definitely something metal under my skin.

I live fearlessly.  The “aliens” fear Yahuah.  They work tirelessly to execute the plans of Satan, and they are not organic life forms.  They do not sexually reproduce, and are in my opinion, manufactured, just as we ourselves manufacture robots and artificial intelligence.

None of that is even interesting to me anymore.  I just want to hear the trumpet of Yahuah.  I just want to see Him in the sky.  I want to see millions of people saved, and I want to give my life to Yahuah because He gave His life to me.

Happy Thanks-giving.

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