Take Heart And Be Encouraged, “There Is Definitely Something Going On”

Most of us here have seen, understand and acknowledge that President Donald J. Trump was cheated in the presidential election.  We believe that Biden and crew plotted, planned and executed the greatest criminal act in the history of the United States, seconded only by the alleged “Covid-19 virus”. 

It is probable that Donald J. Trump will do one of two things.  Primarily, I believe that Mr. Trump will serve as President and that he will do so in the Oval Office of the White House.  I believe that he will accomplish this before May 15th of this year, 2021.  Sooner, actually.  If regaining the District of Columbia, which is not a state of the Union of the United States, becomes an obstacle not worth spending time on at this point in history, then Mr. Trump will govern from another location.

Governing from another location has many excellent advantages, one of them being the ability to streamline and reduce in size the federal government.  Regardless, I do wait patiently for Mr. Trump to regain the hot seat.

A few weeks ago I posted a video of Dr. Steve Pieczenick wherein he postulated that Mr. trump would be president again.  So things like this make a man ask questions.  I have been quiet for a couple of weeks, mostly waiting to see what might happen.  Knowing that Mr. trump knows how to play hardball, we can expect him to do well in the next engagement.

In a speech a few years ago, Trump said that sometimes one has to let the bad people do their thing in order to identify who the bad people are.  I have searched for that speech or a transcript of it and so far have come up empty handed, but what Trump is doing is letting all the devils join the dance.  Then, I believe, Trump will turn on all the lights and God willing, burn the dance hall to the ground with the devils in it.

It will benefit you immensely to watch this video.  It is a good one, and it supports several other writings posted here.

Alex Jones hosts this interview, primarily because Pieczenick will only do interviews with AJ.  AJ does his best to get Pieczenick to say too much, but Pieczenick does not take the bait.  He is not being evasive or lying to Jones, he is simply being discrete.  I do it all the time and know exactly what Pieczenick is talking about.

Good people are working very hard to regain the presidency, which Trump won lawfully.  Letting the snake Biden slither into the Whitehouse has exposed so many enemies of the Republic that there is not enough rope in D.C. to hang them all.

Watch this and be encouraged.  A war is underway in the USA and there are talented people on both sides.  Fortunately, the best people support Trump, and Trump is a praying President.  Wait and see.  Wait and see.

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