G20 Agrees That An International Digital Vaccine Passport Is Required


The noose tightens.  The technology will be used to trap people, to restrict movement, and it will grow tighter and tighter as long as we allow it.  The publication is linked below, along with two videos.  This is a core requirement of ha shatan,  to isolate and confine.  The Luciferians will definitely release another “virus” and that will be their club with which to beat us.

“There is a time for war, and a time for peace”.  Remember that.  We are taught to, “as much as possible, live in peace with all men.” Yahusha knows that there is a time for war and that it is not possible to live in peace with all men, that war must be made against some.  When the war begins, and it will begin, He knows what we are fighting against and live or die, we will fight.

If one must die at the hands of anti-Christ, then best to die with one’s hands around the throat of his enemy. Continue reading “G20 Agrees That An International Digital Vaccine Passport Is Required”

Excerpts From A Very Damning Article


These are a few excerpts from a very powerful posting by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform.  There is some very good work posted there and you might want to make them a weekly stop as you look for information.  I put their link at the bottom of these excerpts.

I don’t post excerpts simply because they sound good.  I post excerpts because I already know they are true.  Do read the entire article.  It is a very good, solid block of information.  In fact, turn on Reader View, copy the entire article and past it into a word document or a Libre Writer document or a pdf of the article and save it.  Start keeping resources.

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Keep Your Eye On Those NanoBots


A short video that highlights the nanoinjectors that modify DNA within cells, and programmable zenobots which reproduce themselves inside the body.  The second segment in this video is over eight years old, so let this be a bar0menter of how much farther technology has advanced since 2014.

Its quite possible, even probably in many cases, that these “boosters” are merely more programmable zenobots or the food for them, or additional lances to penetrate cells and modify the DNA within them.



How The Hospitals Were Bribed To Accumulate “Covid Deaths”; How The Hospitals Facilitated “Covid Deaths”; Why This Scheme Worked So Well and Why Obedience Can Kill You.


The information in this writing is disturbing, but what information these days is not?  We live in the time that we all knew was coming, and although it is a tremendous honor to live during these days, we will shed the bitter tears of many sorrows.  Count on that.

I stumbled into a treasure trove of hard-earned information a few days ago, and have spent hours listening to and learning from a woman that I do not know.  Remarkable depth, wisdom and understanding.  Listening to her is kind of like drinking from a firehose, because her spoken words are loaded with information.  She covers a lot of ground, repeats things at various points in her presentations, and generally leaves one realizing that there is a lot of information that requires re-examination. Continue reading “How The Hospitals Were Bribed To Accumulate “Covid Deaths”; How The Hospitals Facilitated “Covid Deaths”; Why This Scheme Worked So Well and Why Obedience Can Kill You.”

Want A Firehose Of Truth? The Scientist In This Video Will Absolutely Knock You Out. Listen To Her.


There are a few different segments to this excellent Stew Peters video, all of them good but the real stunner is the last segment where Dr. Judy Mikovits speaks regarding the covid fraud and the vaxx genocide.

Want to be absolutely knocked out by the utter brilliance of a middle-aged scientist? This woman could be the human banner for freedom. What an incredible human being she is. Wow. Continue reading “Want A Firehose Of Truth? The Scientist In This Video Will Absolutely Knock You Out. Listen To Her.”

Corrected Video: The Beast Officially Forms Strike Teams To Come To The Homes Of The Vaccine-Free

Originally posted on July 10, 2021 @ 2:00 am

(The video was not running so I corrected the malfunction and it is here for you now.  Watch it.  Thank you Enoch.)

The Covid panic is a trojan horse specifically designed to create fear and subsequently drive people to the needle.  The entire objective of Covid-19 is to stampede weak minded people into the injection centers where the mystery chemicals are injected. Continue reading “Corrected Video: The Beast Officially Forms Strike Teams To Come To The Homes Of The Vaccine-Free”

Another Trusting Child Dies From Advice Given By Her Parent And Mandated By Her Government


This was an easily avoidable killing.  The daughter of a doctor in Australia died in her sleep.  Her mother, who is the leading medical doctor in Australia, is a persistently nagging enforcer of Australia’s “get injected or starve” laws.  Certainly her daughter trusted mommy and certainly she got all of her biowar injections, as mandated by the seemingly demon-driven Australian government. Continue reading “Another Trusting Child Dies From Advice Given By Her Parent And Mandated By Her Government”

Video – Collapsing Magnetosphere? Alien/Demonic Claim To Human Souls Via Injections?


If you are interested in the very unusual with some actual potential, you might find this video fascinating.  I have watched it three times and although I have some questions, I do know that Steven’s German guest is a very diligent investigator who has essentially given his life to study and warn about the alien technologies that are being forced onto the world and into us as human beings. He is unsaved, but honest. Continue reading “Video – Collapsing Magnetosphere? Alien/Demonic Claim To Human Souls Via Injections?”

Life Insurance VS Covid-19 “Vaccinations” or Insurance Companies VS Pharmaceutical Companies: Round One Goes To

It is good to see some wisdom on display regarding the Covid-19 Vax VS life insurance. Not surprisingly, the winner of Round One is Continue reading “Life Insurance VS Covid-19 “Vaccinations” or Insurance Companies VS Pharmaceutical Companies: Round One Goes To”

Proven – COVID Injections Have Digital Transmitter Technology In Them


Well my goodness, it seems that the nano/micro technology that has been proven to be injected in some or most of the “vaccines” really do function together to generate a transmitter that operates on bluetooth frequencies.

We have seen them in this video.  Now their transmission signals are being measured, and you can bet that our cell phones are part of the plan.

In 96 patients of the 112 who said they had been vaccinated, 96 of the 112 having switched off their electronic devices if they were carrying them, a MAC code remained on the screen of my cell phone, which I had already noted in my notes next to the patient’s medical history.

The doctor in the video below conducted some experiments on his own and verified conclusively that 86 percent of his patients (of the 137 tested by him) do in fact send bluetooth signals from their bodies.  He doesn’t have a bucketful of answers, but he is intelligent enough to admit that and to conduct some repeatable tests.

I have thoughts on the purpose of those injected devices but let us be satisfied for now with the assumption that the injected operating systems are designed to control people.  There is something in those injections that the globalists are hell bent on injecting into us.  I think especially large groups of people, where the broadcast signal will present a larger target from the 5G transmitters that were rushed upon the towers during the darkest days of covid fear.  You remember those days – no one on the streets except 5g installers.

This doctor can identify unique MAC addresses inside his vaxxed patients.  A MAC address is like a street address for anything attached to the Internet.  It is a specific number (like 2C:54:91:88:C9:E3)

Just like each house has it’s own postal address, every device connected on a network has a Media Access Control (MAC) address, that uniquely identifies it.

The MAC address is tied to the Network Interface Controller (NIC), a subcomponent of the larger device. The NIC is where you make your physical connection to the network, by plugging in an Ethernet cable or connecting to a WiFi signal or bluetooth.


Bluetooth devices are required to have a unique device address, assigned from the same registry as Ethernet and Wifi MAC addresses. Quoting the Bluetooth specification version 5.0 volume 1: Each Bluetooth device shall be allocated a unique 48-bit Bluetooth device address (BD_ADDR).

You can try detecting bluetooth signals from your vaxxed friends.  I’m going to.  If I have any vaxxed friends.  This technology would be a great way to give every person on earth a unique number, wouldn’t it?  And to block access to banking, wouldn’t it?

Dr Luis Benito Recording Transcript From Video Below

“I’m going to tell you today the findings of this summer, which go along the lines of what may be behind all this attempt to vaccinate.

Why so much interest in jabbing? What’s the reason? I’m going to tell you.

The international organizations that are also investigating this matter asked me for a brief report on what I had done during the summer and I’m going to going to read it to you as it is.

 I’m going to make glosses of what I’m saying, but this is what I’ve written to them and the different teams that are investigating this are seeing what part of it is right and what part is not.

They’re translating it into several languages, I say this because, probably, by the 31st it’s going to be made public in other places or whatever.

It’s been hard for me to get here to read it. Do you know why? Because it does weigh a little bit the fact of taking out of the medical issue.

All this, you know, started as a channel to discuss the evolution of the pandemic, the affected, the treatments, the virus, how the ICUs were, well, and this no longer makes sense.

All that’s part of the past. And now, what we’re going to is a recognition of a desire, on the part of the authorities, to take away freedoms from human beings.

I don’t care if you think I’m raving or not, but as I have a moral obligation to report what I have done, I tell you today, and whoever wants to believe it will believe it, and whoever doesn’t will judge, criticize and compare it.

As I say, I’ve written it, and I have already sent it to the teams that are studying this subject in different parts of the world.

If from the medical point of view there’s no need to administer any preventive measure for a disease with the lethality of 2 per thousand, why so much insistence that everyone should be inoculated?

What’s the vaccine going to give me that I don’t already have? Well, this experiment arose from this reflection.

Although there are many consultations, during the summer of 2021, in the afternoons, I was the only operative. There wasn’t even administrative staff in the afternoons in that building.

Under my office, I occasionally parked an ambulance from SUMA, from the emergency service, because they have a base there. Those were the only “interferences” I detected. Most of the observations were carried out without that artifact. I started the consultation at 15:00 and had patients listed every 20 minutes.

Due to COVID measures, it was recommended that they come alone and, if possible, at the appointed time. Not before or after, before starting the consultation, I’d connect the Bluetooth application on my cell phone and invariably check that there was no device available to contact, there was no electronic device in range to connect to.

When a patient appeared, often already up the stairs or at the beginning of the corridor, about 20 meters away from the practice, on my cell phone, I could see if one or two devices to connect to with Bluetooth appeared, one or two or none.

On my phone, I could check to see if the Bluetooth was detecting something or nothing and if it was something, it was a device with a MAC Address (Media Access Control) code. This is a unique identifier that electronic device manufacturers assign to a card or item that can be networked.

After attending to the patient’s medical requirements, I’d ask him whether or not he had been vaccinated for COVID. If the answer was affirmative, it was usually quick and without hesitation nd if it was negative, it was often accompanied by a certain wariness, if not anger at the question.

A reaction that explained to me that, in general, those who hadn’t wanted to be vaccinated had been subjected to some kind of adverse social situation. After reassuring the patient, whatever his response, I’d write down on a sheet of paper the answer he gave me.

None of the 137 patients I asked refused to answer, If the answer was affirmative, I’d ask them what type of vaccine they had received, when, and if they had had any adverse reactions.

 I’d then ask them if they had any cell phones or electronic devices such as wireless headsets or tablets on them, and if so, I’d ask them to turn it off for a moment. When they turned it off, on my cell phone, usually, one of the devices that registered to Bluetooth would disappear.

Out of hundreds Here are the results.

Of the 137 patients questioned, 112 said they had been vaccinated, and 25 said they hadn’t been vaccinated.

None of the patients who said they hadn’t been vaccinated registered on my cell phone any device available for Bluetooth connection, having ensured the disconnection of their cell phone, if they had one.

In 96 patients of the 112 who said they had been vaccinated, 96 of the 112 having switched off their electronic devices if they were carrying them, a MAC code remained on the screen of my cell phone, which I had already noted in my notes next to the patient’s medical history.

I interpreted that it was a code that the patient himself was carrying and that, in fact, when he left the office, leaving the building, it disappeared from my cell phone.

With this simple observation throughout July and August, I’ve been able to verify that 100% of the patients who say they aren’t vaccinated don’t raise any contact device with my cell phone via Bluetooth. But 86% of those who said they were vaccinated generated a MAC Address on my cell phone.

These are the observations made, and many doubts and questions arise from them, among them, the ones that seem to me be the most significant are

First: Does the signal detected on my cell phone come from the vaccinated person? Well, precisely the isolated environment and not being interfered with by other signals has meant that there’s no other source of contamination.

In fact, when the SUMA ambulance arrived, apart from other devices such as “SUMA base” and several MAC addresses that I attributed to ambulance personnel who could be vaccinated, I noticed that these signals disappeared when the ambulance left.

And when there were suspicions about whether there was some other distorting element, for example, patient escorts in the corridor, accidental operators in the corridor that could be the source or origin of other markers, then I dismissed that case. It’s not within the 137 that I have confirmed.

Second: Do all cell phones detect Bluetooth devices with equal capability? My answer is no. My experience is that they don’t.

Third: Does the detectable MAC Address on a person allow interaction with him? To what extent? At least I’m sure of one thing: it allows me to know where he is because I knew that someone vaccinated was coming to my office before he showed up.

The fourth question I asked myself: If the MAC Address is something personal, individual, and unrepeatable, how is it possible that the five people who were injected with the contents of the same vial, from the same distribution of the same batch, don’t have 5 different MAC Addresses?

Well, I consulted with some computer technicians, roboticists and fellow biologists and engineers, experts in computer science, and nanorobotics. And they advocate the possibility that this code is generated as a result of the interaction of what’s injected with the genetic material of the patient.

Perhaps not so much with their DNA as with the larger compatibility complex, the HLA’s, which are ultimately derived from the genome.

If the MAC address is generated by the vaccine, why do only 86% of those who claim to be vaccinated have it? Different answers have been considered to answer this question.

  1. Some of the vials could be placebo.
  2. Some vials could be denatured.
  3. A lack of response. In other words, the expected results are not always obtained when a product is applied.
  4. Which seems very important to me, is because the patient lies and says he is vaccinated when he isn’t to avoid problems or controversies.

I have many doubts. These are the findings that I’ve made. They’re outside my medical knowledge. I simply attest that when you’re in consultation with a person in an isolated environment, that comes up on my cell phone.

What does it mean? I have no idea. But I don’t like it.

The interview…

and a related test…

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