Examining Commands – How Our Lack Of Understanding Spreads Error World-Wide

Originally posted on November 18, 2019 @ 1:07 pm

Let’s begin a divine instruction study by starting at Deuteronomy (DaBarim, Hebrew for “The Words”), ch 12.  While there are many commands of Yahuah, beginning in Genesis with “Let light come to be”, DaBarim 12 is the only place that I find which begins with:

These are the laws and rightrulings which you guard to do in the land which your Yahuah, Alahim of your fathers, is giving you to possess, all the Yomim (days) that you live on the soil.”

If you are obedient to the command in Numbers that states from the mouth of Yahuah that there is one law in the congregation of the Hebrews and the non-Hebrews, that we are all commanded to submit to the same set of instructions, then congratulations, for you have received the love for the Truth.

Here is the command to the congregation –

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Will You Be Least In The Kingdom Of Heaven?


I have written and will accelerate my writing on Yahusha and salvation.  The Truth is that there is a “New Covenant”, one superior to its predecessor in every way.  Yet disregarding the former solitary covenant is to reject the stated Will of Yahuah, His Will which He promised would stand eternally.

Mat 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

Mat 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled (“all”, not the “law”. “All” refers to everything prophetic right up to His physical return to rule on earth – jd).

Jesus DID fulfill the law. All was fulfilled through Him, not to abolish the Law, but to be the perfect sacrificial lamb. He obeyed all of God’s Law to perfection, but disregarded the Rabbinical oral and written “laws”, calling the religious leaders “white-washed tombs, filled with dead mens’ bones.

That’s a powerful statement.  Then the Living Truth, the Eternal Word which has always been, followed that up with His reaffirmation that the commands of Yahuah will remain in full until heaven and earth pass away.

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Podcast -Torah VS Salvation: Which Is Better?


It is obvious that salvation and eternal life is immeasurably better than the covenant promising prosperity to the Torah observant.  The New Covenant is as superior to the former covenant as the suns light is superior to a Ray-O-Vac.  Yet many Torah-centric churches do not teach the New Covenant, choosing rather to dress up in Rabbinical tradition and omit the cross.

I understand the interest, but much of Rabbinical teaching is pure blasphemy and totally absent of wisdom and understanding.  In fact, virtually every “Rabbi” (which means “my master”) is an unsaved anti-Christ, a fact ignored by most Tallit-wrapped Torah teachers.  Why is that?

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“Kill And Eat” – A Command Of Yahusha. The Gentiles Were No More Unclean Than Any Other Human Beings, And Yahuah Never Made Any Race “Unclean”.


Greetings.  It has been a difficult trial, and even now I approach my work as one just rising from the depth of the sea, seeing the light at the surface but still some distance from it.  I have been in a lonely and deserted place, talking to my Lord and listening to His silence.  I praise Him, and He is my deliverer.  Where is His strength within me?  Where has His Spirit gone?  Continue reading ““Kill And Eat” – A Command Of Yahusha. The Gentiles Were No More Unclean Than Any Other Human Beings, And Yahuah Never Made Any Race “Unclean”.”

Unclean Food: Disciple Peter – “Kill And Eat. Kill and Eat. Kill and Eat.” What Peter Learned From Jesus’ Offer To The Gentile Roman Centurion


The argument that Peter received the “Kill and eat” command from Yahuah as a prompt for him to visit a gentile is an empty argument.  It is wrong and is easily proven wrong.  Proof provided by the King of Kings Himself, by Yahusha, Yeshua, Jesus – the Savior of the world.  One risks much to deny Yahusha as the teacher.

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We Build With Small Stones

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It’s late; 12:12 AM. I’m listening to a singer who goes by the name “Sade”. She is singing a song titled “Somebody Already Broke My Heart”, and this woman can sing. Its smooth, almost jazz, but much better, with a simple rythm, simple lyrics and her velvet voice.

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