“The Likelihood Of An Eruption Is Quite High” – You might want to monitor this.

Ready for some earthquake, volcano and tsunami action?  I knew you were.  Anything will better than more Covid/Fauci/Gates/Vax/Biden/Kabul news.  Also, I read a research paper this morning that says a volcano on the Canary Islands could potentially send a tsunami to the east coast of the USA.  Its possible, and several prophecies highlight tsunamis on both coasts of the United States.

Here is a crisp, short and rational look at what is happening in the Canary Islands today.  Lots of earthquakes, and I do mean hundreds, and there is a large volcano right next to the quake activity… Continue reading ““The Likelihood Of An Eruption Is Quite High” – You might want to monitor this.”

Chapter 6: West Coast Seismic Events – Prophecies

Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Had another incident regarding my sons, motorcycles and the police. Also had to run a kid off who just seems to think that a lifestyle of rebellion and stupidity is just fine. I gave him a few years to make better decisions, but he went too far.

Chapter 6 speaks to the destruction of the entire west coast of the United States. Multiple prophecies from multiple sources repeating the same warning for several decades now, all the way back to 1937. We will lose the entire west coast and all of the cities therein. Sounds like all in one day, from Baja to Canada, with damage as far in as Colorado. Continue reading “Chapter 6: West Coast Seismic Events – Prophecies”