F.B.I. Suspends Without Pay Premier F.B.I. Agent Steve Friend For Reporting A Disallowed F.B.I./J6 Process To Congress


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) is a political tool of the communists seeking to overthrow the United States of America.  It is corrupt to the point that it fires men and women agents who actually stand for the truth.  I publish these few F.B.I.-specific articles to give interested readers a snapshot of the reality we face regarding the hatred of the F.B.I. for the Constitution of the United States.

This article is about the F.B.I. firing a fine agent, one of the rare ones who has good character, good morals, wisdom and an abiding love of the truth.  He was fired for these attributes.  This FBI whistleblower came forward to say that his employer, the F.B.I., violates policies in its investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach.

I will write and publish one or two more articles related to the FBI very quickly, because it is important that you have an acceptable understanding of where you personally stand in regards to the F.B.I.  It isn’t good, because the F.B.I. is a knee-taking political secret police machine.  You really need to wrap your brain around this fact. Continue reading “F.B.I. Suspends Without Pay Premier F.B.I. Agent Steve Friend For Reporting A Disallowed F.B.I./J6 Process To Congress”

Beware of Anti-Gentile Hate Speech – Israeli News Live


I am republishing this article, written by Janna Ben Nun, at the request of Steven Ben Nun.  He said that when he published this article, their website was taken down within an hour.  I believe him.  I too have seen years of my own work destroyed by my enemies.

I haven’t had time to read this because as soon as I had the opportunity I reposted it here.  I am sure that it discusses the anti-Christ Rabbis and their blasphemous Noahide Laws, which call for the execution of any non-Jew who studies Torah or has the testimony of Yahusha.  The same exact goals of Satan, as stated in Revelation 12.

So it is with gladness that I republish this work and I look forward to reading it. Continue reading “Beware of Anti-Gentile Hate Speech – Israeli News Live”

Yes, The World Yields To Satan But The Chosen Of God Will Stand Firm No Matter What Comes.

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The Three Angels and Babylon’s Fall
11 And the smoke of their torment rises forever and ever. Day and night there is no rest for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.”

12 Here is a call for the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.13 And I heard a voice from heaven telling me to write, “Blessed are the dead—those who die in the Lord from this moment on.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labors, for their deeds will follow them.”

Writing is difficult now.  Hard.  The literal extermination of much of mankind is in process.  You, me, people we love, know and have never met are at significant risk of death.  Not that death is to be feared.  Rather, it is the living through the trial to the end that is most terrible. Continue reading “Yes, The World Yields To Satan But The Chosen Of God Will Stand Firm No Matter What Comes.”

If The Law Does Not Apply To You…

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I met with a fine Christian brother recently, a Pastor, and we had a powerful conversation regarding who is “Israel”, and who is expected to obey the commands of Yahuah.

He does not believe that non-Jews are called to obey the commands of Yahuah, stating that all of those laws are “for the Jews”.  That Israel is “Jew only” might be more accurate.

If he is correct in that non-Jews are free from the Law, then for us, sin is impossible.  Yippee!  It is impossible to sin without the Law, because sin is transgression of the law (1 John3:4).  And if a gentile cannot sin because gentiles are not required to obey Yahuah, then we can fornicate all we want, right, Pastor?  And homosexualism, even in the Pastorate, is OK-fine, right?  Because if gentiles are free from obedience to the commands of Yahuah, we don’t even need salvation, since “sin” will apply only to the Jews, Pastor.

Continue reading “If The Law Does Not Apply To You…”

WHO or WHAT are Christians?

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Without knowing it, Christians are followers of a Greco-Roman culture of names, terms, and festivals, all adopted intact from Pagan sources, yet adapted or mixed carefully with ideas and people from the Hebrew Scriptures.

The mixing together of practices and beliefs is called syncretism. These heresies began through the teachings of Simon Magus, and eventually became the institution known as Roman Catholicism. The Great Schism produced the Eastern Orthodox Catholicism, and later the Reformation in the 16th century further fragmented the movement; but much error remained from the adherence to the early “church fathers” and their writings. These “church fathers” persecuted and despised the first followers of Yahusha, the Natsarim, and wrote about us. They satanically considered us “heretics” because we obey the Torah.

My own pastor of a small “Bible Church” simply ignored Continue reading “WHO or WHAT are Christians?”

It Is Good To Hear Of These Rapture Dreams From Reliable Sources – Yet Still Most Will Reject Truth

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I watched this video a couple of years ago, and loved the details.  More importantly, this dream is very strongly confirmed.  I take it as authentic. Continue reading “It Is Good To Hear Of These Rapture Dreams From Reliable Sources – Yet Still Most Will Reject Truth”

The Truth Of The Sabbath

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Sabbath & Antichrist Truth Revealed

This is possibly the best teaching on the Sabbath and the anti-christ war against the Sabbath I have ever read.  If you think keeping the Sabbath is a minor thing, reading this will change your mind forever.

Sabbath Truth Introduction

Republished from https://www.godssabbathtruth.com/  It is just too good to publish a blurb and a link back to the original, but I kept all their links intact so any embedded link you click should take you there.  If you want to read the whole series, the entire series starts at this link: https://www.jerrywdavis.com/sabbath-antichrist-truth-revealed/ Continue reading “The Truth Of The Sabbath”

The Truth

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לוחם חנית

Alright, please take a deep breath, because no doubt, some will be offended by what I present to you as Biblical, Holy, Inspired “Truth”. You must relax, trust me a little bit and understand that I approach you from a position of love. Love first for the Truth, and then love as I am commanded to love YOU just as much as I love myself. Everything here is scriptural, and most is from the mouth of Yahuah (aka ‘GOD’) Himself.

Podcast: The TRUTH

The podcast goes right along with my posting, and it will be rather comfortable for you to play the podcast as you read along in the text.  Don’t worry about info overload, just let the words speak to you through your eyes and your ears.

Continue reading “The Truth”

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