If The Law Does Not Apply To You…

I met with a fine Christian brother recently, a Pastor, and we had a powerful conversation regarding who is “Israel”, and who is expected to obey the commands of Yahuah.

He does not believe that non-Jews are called to obey the commands of Yahuah, stating that all of those laws are “for the Jews”.  That Israel is “Jew only” might be more accurate.

If he is correct in that non-Jews are free from the Law, then for us, sin is impossible.  Yippee!  It is impossible to sin without the Law, because sin is transgression of the law (1 John3:4).  And if a gentile cannot sin because gentiles are not required to obey Yahuah, then we can fornicate all we want, right, Pastor?  And homosexualism, even in the Pastorate, is OK-fine, right?  Because if gentiles are free from obedience to the commands of Yahuah, we don’t even need salvation, since “sin” will apply only to the Jews, Pastor.

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Its Easy To Serve The Satan – Just Be Yourself.

Faithfulness.  Loyalty.  Fidelity.  These are on my mind heavily today.

My mother told me decades ago that I was “loyal to a fault.” At the time I was a teenager, maybe 18 or so, and didn’t quite catch her drift, so she explained to me that I was loyal to my friends even when it was not in my best interest to be that loyal.

But after many decades of contemplation, I still believe that loyalty, faithfulness and fidelity are the cornerstones of integrity.  Certainly they are the three legs of righteousness, because who among us can be simultaneously righteous and unfaithful?  Not possible.

But back in the days when my mother told me that, I was not Natsari.  In fact, if there was a “god” I had no use for him.  Girls, booze and fighting were my companions.

I had several good friends, too.  Don Russell, Gary Hill, Scott Smith and Don Dean were all great friends and we had a GREAT time together.  Over the years I also developed really strong bonds to Katherine “Kate” Mason (an Okie, but still great 🙂 and Melissa Bryan.  My sister, Laurie, was also a close friend.  Maybe the closest, but she had her friends and I had mine and we seldom hung out together.  We were too busy burning off the stress of growing up in the deeply troubled family that we grew up in.

These days, I find that fewer and fewer people are faithful to anything or anyone.  I know a person who is close to me that is the most consistent liar I have ever known.  Lies are created with every exhaled breath.  Faithlessness is a concept that this person cannot grasp, because being faithful is diametrically opposed to lying. One cannot be both a liar and faithful, because faithfulness, fidelity and loyalty all require exceedingly high levels of integrity.

Integrity is a cool word.  Integrated; whole; complete; solid and sound.  Integrity is what grinds us up into small bits when we are caught between selfishness and loyalty.  When one is loyal, then necessarily comes pain as some event or person will act in some way detrimentally to the object of your loyalty.

Example – I have a friend that I met when we were about 13 years old.  We met in a gang fight at church camp, and by the time we were in high school he and I were great friends.  I respected him because he had courage that very few men have.  But he was wild; wilder than me and I was wild, too.  Whenever we goth together, we always had some amazing stories to tell each other, and we did this for decades.

But something happened to my friend.  He seemed to drift into a special kind of hell.  My path took me to holiness and fierce loyalty to Yahuah, standing for Him in the face of constant ridicule and criticism.  Yahuah put my loyalty to good use, and I thank Him for it.

But my friend never possessed a love of the Truth.  He simply could not separate from the world, and he got into drugs rather heavily, including meth.  He was in his late fifties, and kicked out his wife and kids.  He lost his house, wrecked his Lexus and all the while he is telling me that he did not have a drug problem.

About 18 months ago I was talking to my old friend on the phone, listening to his latest batch of excuses and denials.  That is when I decided that tough love was the only thing I had left, and I gave him a big dose of it.

Have you ever noticed how people seem to hate the truth?  They hate the person who tells it, too.  The truth sets us free, you see, and people prefer the prison of lies that build around themselves.  Same with my old friend, Herc.

He got really angry with me, hung up on me like a hysterical child, and sent me a looooong text message, which I simply deleted unread.  I have never heard from him again, and I worry about him.

I said the tough things to him because I am faithful to him.  I am his one actual friend, and I stand by my friends.  He was one of my own, and if he ever gets over himself and receives the love of the Truth, he will discover that I am still his one true friend.

He turned his back on me, and he might never realize that I was firm with him specifically because I love him.  It had to be done.  Someone close to him had to tell him the truth, even if it meant losing him.  The truth sets us free.

There is another man that I had to speak truth to, and this time it was to one I loved as my own son.  He calls himself a brother, a “Christian” and he can often quote scripture.  He has often told me how deeply he holds his love for “God”, and it was always very good to hear those things from him.

But I noticed that he lacked faithfulness on a number of occasions.  Not sinful, necessarily, but things he did which showed me where his mislaid priorities were.

Then he moved quite a distance away, and started with the tattoos.  In spite of the Word of Yahuah commanding against marking our bodies, this fellow plows right ahead because “god knows his heart”.  Indeed, and a wicked one we all have.

But what really knocked me off my perch was the text he sent me boasting of the number of times that he “shagged” a woman he recently met.  I was stunned that he would be so callous and crude as to send me such a record.  What kind of person would send such an indictment to a man like me?  So I texted him back, leaning into the conversation and standing square on the Word.

I was threatened with violence by him.  Not that it frightened me.  People who threaten me make me smile on the inside for multiple reasons.

He told me that I was ‘insane”, this tattooed christian shagger, because I teach that we must actually obey the commands of Yahuah, and that we will obey Him if we are saved.

But the tattoos and the shagging were talking and eventually I had to just end the conversation.  That was many weeks ago, maybe two months, and I am glad that I terminated the conversation because it says right here in my Holy Bible “you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother, but who is sexually immoral…”

So there it is.  He is outside the faith, boastfully unfaithful to the “god” he claims he follows, but very faithful to the prince of this world, who tells all humanity that we need not obey the commands of Yahuah, that we can do as we please even when Yahuah SPECIFICALLY FORBIDS IT.

Its easy to serve the satan – just be yourself.


WHO or WHAT are Christians?


Without knowing it, Christians are followers of a Greco-Roman culture of names, terms, and festivals, all adopted intact from Pagan sources, yet adapted or mixed carefully with ideas and people from the Hebrew Scriptures.

The mixing together of practices and beliefs is called syncretism. These heresies began through the teachings of Simon Magus, and eventually became the institution known as Roman Catholicism. The Great Schism produced the Eastern Orthodox Catholicism, and later the Reformation in the 16th century further fragmented the movement; but much error remained from the adherence to the early “church fathers” and their writings. These “church fathers” persecuted and despised the first followers of Yahusha, the Natsarim, and wrote about us. They satanically considered us “heretics” because we obey the Torah.

My own pastor of a small “Bible Church” simply ignored my email when I sent him one outlining my understanding of the Word.  This grieves my heart to this very day, because I loved my pastor and hugged him after every sermon.  I encouraged him for years, yet when I wanted to sit with him and discuss obedience as defined by Yahuah and Yahusha, he was silent.

He could never refute the truth that I bring to the conversation, so he became silent.  Any attempt at refutation would brand him a heretic, because he would be refuting the very words of Yahuah, not my own words.

I had to leave that place, and it hurt.  But I could not sit before a teacher who was afraid to discuss and teach the very Word of Yahuah.  It is a “knock the dust from your sandals” moment, and my heart is sad from it.  How can a man who pastors a church turn his face away from the very Words of Yahuah?  How can it be?

Yet so it is with the “church” world wide.  Every detail of Scriptural observance was omitted by the “church fathers”, and replaced with new observances. With skillfully crafted reasoning over many centuries, the formerly Pagan observances were camouflaged or wrapped in new meanings.


Sacraments – Yahuah never commanded them, hinted at them indirectly, or mentioned any such thing. They add to the Torah, against Dt. 12.

Sun-day – the Day of the Sun. Many other “strange festivals” were invented, all being adaptations from former sun worship.

Easter Day – the Pagan festival of the impregnation of Mother Earth by the rays of the springtime sun. Ishtar, Ostara, Astarte, Eostre, Asherah, Eastron, Ashtaroth, and other names were used for this Pagan deity. It became adopted to refer to Yahusha’s day of resurrection.

Easter is the proper name of the Pagan Queen of heaven.

(Google the words: Ashtaroth, Easter)

Christmas – The winter solstice festival, commemorated as the nativity of the sun, re-thought by Dionysius Exiguus in 525 CE, now promoted as the birthday of the Messiah of Israel. Wreaths (wombs), trees (phalluses), tinsel (semen) & balls (testes) were used to observe the sexual aspects of this Pagan ritual. The tree was an altar where offerings were placed for the deity (Asherah).

The womb wreaths represented Baal, and the phallus trees represented Asherah. This is a practice inherited from the ancient Canaanites, specifically Jezebel.

Ultimate determination:

The Messiah of Israel observed none of these practices.

1 John 2:3-6
“We know that we have come to know Him if we obey His Commands. The man who says, “I know him ,” but does not do what He commands is a liar, and the Truth is not in him. But if anyone obeys His Word, Alahim’s love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in Him: Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Yahusha did.”

If we walk “as” Yahusha did, we do the things He did, and observe the observances He observed, according to the Word of Yahuah. He lived as our example. So, how does it become appropriate for us to ignore all the things He did, and embrace Christmas, Easter, and Sun-day, observances borrowed from Pagan cultures?

This brief comparison page is intended to EXPOSE the darkness and deception that has overtaken the world.

“For you were once darkness, but now you are LIGHT in (the Rabbi). Live as children of LIGHT (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases (Yahuah). Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Eph 5:8-12

CHRISTIANITY: Synagogue of Shatan (began at the Catechetical School of Alexandria)

“Christianity” is not a term or topic found in Scripture. Christianity is a hybrid religion of traditions based on many of the teachings of Yahusha ha’Mashiach, but not the same religion He taught. It is a mixture; partly of the Torah of Yahuah and customs from Babylonian Paganism. Christianity is a way of life about the Messiah of Israel, divided into thousands of sects over interpreting the Torah, with special days of the year adopted from Satanic, Pagan origins. ALL Yahuah-commanded feast days are neglected (see Lev. 23, Deut. 16).

A system of beliefs based on Messiah, but acting in ignorance, through tradition, their customs stem from Pagan symbols and observances. Several centuries after the original students of Yahusha, the heretical path originally established by Shimon the Magician (Simon Magus) began to overtake the true faith, and eventually Catholicism developed from it. From the Catechetical School of Alexandria, the “church fathers” developed the doctrines of Christianity. From Rome, an authoritarian organism modeled in the “image” of the Roman beast arose and controlled many nations. Eventually, “daughters” of this system broke away (the Protestants), carrying with them the “mark” of the Sun-day “sabbath”. It became the “synagogue of Shatan”.

The word “Christianity” is not found in the received text at all, and is not found in any concordance. The practices are a blend of ideas about the Messiah of Israel, attached to old Pagan observances in order to camouflage them from their origins. It is a monstrosity or hybrid blending of a diverse number of Pagan religions, and the knowledge of this is kept from its adherents. Believing and doing are often separated in its philosophy. Obedience is praised if it fits traditional norms, but condemned if it fits Scriptural instructions. Scripture is divided, and a division exists between the Hebrew / Yahudi (Jew) and the Gentile Christian in terms of what is to be obeyed or ignored in the Torah, based on this difference. So, in their teachings, there is not one body of believers, although this will be denied by most.

The wordChristianity” is not found anywhere in Scripture. Encyclopedias tell us it is a religion, and that it was founded by “Jesus Christ”. It was really founded by “Simon Magus“, and his tomb is under the altar in “St. Peter’s” Cathedral at Rome. The “church fathers” further developed the Greco-Roman roots at Alexadria, Egypt, allegorizing and mixing many formerly Pagan practices into their belief system and practices. The topic of Christianity is not found in Scripture either. What Scripture DOES acknowledge as the “way” is the “WORD OF YAHUAH”, and the “TORAH OF YAHUAH”. That should be our way; and it is certainly what Yahusha taught — He didn’t teach Christianity. No follower of Yahusha ever taught us anything about Sun-day, Easter, Christmas, popes, nuns, holy water, sacraments, or any separation of Yahusha’s body into a “priesthood” and “laity”. We are ALL priests on level ground with one another, and He is our High Priest. If you are studying something, and embrace it as a way of living, shouldn’t you search it out completely and find where its roots lead? If the root is good, then the fruit it bears will also be good. Christianity is a usurper, and a religion without Hebrew roots — only Greco-Latin ones. Esau, and his Edomite descendants, were also usurpers. They sought to steal the birthright and promises that were only given to Israel. This is what is at the heart of Replacement Theology.

Christianity, therefore, is like Esau and the Edomites. They modify the Covenant and claim legitimacy.

The strongest of these supplanted the true Christian church and became the teachings of what would later be called Catholicism which thusly suppressed and opposed other sects as being heretical. What a prime example of true hypocrisy. Let us examine some interesting common themes and practices of these old pagan mystery religions and the church professing to be of Christ.

“The first two teachers to propagate gnostic ideas within Christian circles were Simon Magnus and his successor Menander. Unlike later and more famous representatives of Gnosticism, both Simon Magnus and Menander claimed divinity for themselves. According to Acts 8:9-11, Simon called himself the ‘great power of God’.”- Harold O.J. Brown, Heresies.

Simon the “Christian” “made himself out to be a great one”. He pridefully exalted himself before the people who wondered at his sorceries. “…Simon Magus, who in the Acts of the Apostles earned a condign and just sentence from the Apostle Peter.

He had the hardihood to call himself the Supreme Virtue, that is, the Supreme God; and moreover, (to assert) that the universe had been originated by his angels; that he had descended in quest of an erring daemon, which was Wisdom; that, in a phantasmal semblance of God, he had not suffered among the Jews, but was as if he had suffered. -Tertullian, AGAINST ALL HERESIES.

Point here is this: “Christianity” is nothing.  It is a bogus, made-up “religion” that is, in my studied opinion, the very working of error cited in the scriptures that is called the “Great Deception“.  Think about it – how dead is the “christian” church?  How much adultery exists in the “christian” church?  How much divorce?  Greed?  Lust?  Envy?  Strife?  Gossip?  Slander?  How many “christians” do you know who actually study the Word of Yahuah?

So you see, the love of the Truth is NOT in them.  If the love of the Truth is not present, then a soul is NOT saved, for it cannot belong to Yahuah and simultaneously ignore the Truth.  The love of the Truth is a measuring rod.  Do you love Truth?  Do you know what Truth is?  Be honest, because Yahuah knows the truth regarding YOU.

Dig for access to Yahuah 🙂  Bug Him continually to change you.  We cannot be saved unless He saves us.  We cannot come to Him unless He calls us.  Love one another.  Do good to others.  Be kind, merciful and gentle.

And study His Word!

Some of us are about to be called away.  Be fully prepared when the bride groom comes.


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Is The Burning Desire For Truth Missing From You?

I’ve not written much in the last two months, due primarily to the holidays and the “flu” in my family.  I personally doubt that we experienced the “flu”, and am inclined to believe that we were sprayed down by chemicals spewing from the nozzles on those jets we see overhead constantly.  Sometimes the chemtrail production is so intense that I can taste the stuff in my mouth, and choke on it.

Today I want to discuss a very important matter – My Torah Notes – The Truth.  I continually get questions from folks who clearly are not reading the notes.  That proves only one thing – many people simply refuse to discover the Truth, because they willfully choose to live in rebellion.  They argue endlessly against the very words from the mouth of GOD Yahuah Himself.    They cite all the TV preachers who condemn the “Law” and who teach “grace”.  Do not be one of those people, or you will likely burn in hell along side them.

Not to, you know, be blunt or anything.

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