Yahuah Is In The Truth

Since I was a kid I have paid close attention to right and wrong.  It seems to be in my DNA.  From age 12 I have been highly sensitive to what amounts to evil, and to good.  It is both blessing and burden.  I cannot turn it off, and cannot imagine any other way of being.

The disgusting attempt to place Biden/Harris in office literally makes me nauseated, but every day I see the hand of Yahuah directly involved in Trumps vindication. Trump will prevail because He said through a reliable prophet several years ago Continue reading “Yahuah Is In The Truth”

Thanksgiving 2020 – Trump Wins, Food is Good, Weather is Beautiful And Peace Lives Here

Its Thanksgiving morning, Nov. 26, 2020. A beautiful morning and I am the only person awake in our home. Quiet time. Continue reading “Thanksgiving 2020 – Trump Wins, Food is Good, Weather is Beautiful And Peace Lives Here”

Steve Quayle: The Beta Test For 2nd Lockdown Begins In Minnesota. Violence Expected.

A 2nd lockdown will destroy you, your family, and your friends.  “Covid-19” is a farce, a tool to stampede the masses into the cages.
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State Of Georgia Commits To Hand-Counting All Legal Ballots Before December Deadline

The State of Georgia, which Trump was decisively winning through the legal voting date, November 3rd, 2020, is now going to hand-count every legal ballot.  This is excellent news.  Trump lost his lead to Biden as Georgia allowed votes to be illegally counted beyond the November 3rd midnight deadline.

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Republican Wins Popping Up All Over Today

Trump Wins North Carolina: Projection

President Donald Trump won the state of North Carolina in the 2020 election, according to a new projection.

Decision Desk on Tuesday, 10 November projected that Trump has won the state and its 15 electoral votes.

The organization also projected Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) has beaten Democrat challenger Cal Cunningham, which would give Republicans 49 seats in the 100-member body with three races left uncalled or in runoffs.

According to the current unofficial count, Trump has received 2.73 million votes, compared to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s 2.65 million votes.

Republican Michelle Steel Flips California District: Projections

Michelle Park Steel won a Democrat-held U.S. House district in California, according to new projections.

Steel, a member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, will be one of the first Korean-American women in Congress along with fellow representative-elect Marilyn Strickland (D-Wash.).

Decision Desk and the Associated Press called the race for California’s 48th District on Tuesday. The district includes parts of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties

Democrat Cal Cunningham Concedes North Carolina Senate Race to Thom Tillis

Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham conceded the North Carolina Senate race to Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) on Tuesday, handing Republicans a key win in their quest to retain control over the Senate

President Donald Trump also won North Carolina, according to Decision Desk. North Carolina has 15 Electoral College votes.

Cunningham, a former North Carolina state senator, called Tillis and conceded the election on Tuesday, issuing a statement to news outlets.

McConnell Reelected as Senate Majority Leader

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was reelected as leader of the Senate GOP on Monday.

McConnell and his leadership team won another two-year term.

“We’re ready to get going,” the 78-year-old Republican from Kentucky told reporters at a press conference after the vote.

He noted that “there’s some suspense about exactly whether we’ll be in the majority or not, which will be answered in Georgia on January 5th,” referring to two runoff races in Georgia. GOP Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are trying to hold their seats in the runoff race that could potentially swing the outcome of the Senate to either party.

In Michigan, Over 10,000 Dead Crawled From The Grave To Mail Their Vote For Biden

More than 10,000 people confirmed or suspected dead have returned their mail-in ballots to vote in Michigan, according to an analysis of the state’s election data.

About 9,500 voters confirmed dead through the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) are marked in the state’s mail voting database as having returned ballots. Another nearly 2,000 are 100 years old or more and aren’t listed as known living centenarians.

The analysis was provided by Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll.

The data indicates that somebody else was trying to vote on behalf of these people.

“It’s also entirely possible that some of them aren’t even real people,” Baris told The Epoch Times via email. “If someone is 110 or some ridiculous age, we should have their death record but do not.”

Trump Campaign Calls for Full Hand-Count of Ballots in Georgia

The Trump campaign has called on Georgia’s top elections official to take steps related to the planned vote recount to ensure “confidence in our electoral process,” including verifying voter eligibility and a full hand-count of all ballots.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), who leads the Trump campaign’s recount team in Georgia, made the request to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in a statement on Tuesday, calling for a series of election integrity-related measures amid allegations of voter irregularities.

Collins asked for a full comparison of absentee ballots cast and in-person and provisional ballots cast, and for carrying out a voter eligibility check to make sure no felons or other ineligible individuals cast a vote in the state.

“Most importantly, the Secretary of State should announce a full hand-count of every ballot cast in each and every county due to widespread allegations of voter irregularities, issues with voting machines, and poll watcher access,” Collins added. – offsite – more –

Trump: We’re Making Big Progress, We Will Win

President Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 10th said his campaign is making progress and expressed confidence that he will ultimately be declared the winner of the 2020 election.

Trump took to Twitter, his favored social media platform, and wrote in all capital letters: “WE ARE MAKING BIG PROGRESS. RESULTS START TO COME IN NEXT WEEK. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

“WE WILL WIN!” he added in another. Trump also alleged that massive ballot counting abuse took place.

The president, 74, has largely stayed out of sight as legal battles play out in battleground states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Trump’s last press conference was in early hours of Nov. 4, though campaign officials have held a number of them since then.

His challenger, Democrat candidate Joe Biden, over the weekend declared victory after guesses from some TV shows estimated him winning Pennsylvania.

A lawsuit filed Monday in Michigan contained affidavits from poll watchers alleging irregularities, such as ballots improperly being put into “problem ballots” boxes and vehicles with out-of-state license plates dropping off tens of thousands of ballots.

A City of Detroit employee said she was instructed to backdate ballots and not look for any deficiencies. In addition, Jacobs asserted that she observed daily colleagues coach and try to coach voters to vote for Biden.

Growing Expectation That Trump Takes Arizona

Biden declared victory in the presidential race on Nov. 7—a declaration disputed by Trump.  Biden stakes his claim on winning on the basis of TV shows crowing that Trump lost.  These same TV shows, euphemistically referred to as “news programs”, vilified Trump for four years, supporting the left on a single voice, and promoting for years the bogus “Russian Collusion” distraction.

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Nullify The Vote. It Is Established Law – U.S. Supreme Court


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Live, Real-Time Proof of Automated Computer-Driven Vote Switching Captured On CNN

Live video proof of software vote switching on CNN, where the votes for a republican are subtracted from the republican candidate and given to the democrat candidate.  I told you yesterday that this was happening, and this one screen capture reveals an automated process that was performed maybe thousands of times during the voting period.

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November – Super Exciting As Trumps Team Tightens The Noose Around The Neck of Lyin’ Biden.

Excitement builds as the evidence and proof that very many of Bidens “votes” were fake.  The next few weeks are going to be tremendously exciting.  The evidence is so overwhelming that I have a big, happy smile on my face knowing what is in store for the left. Continue reading “November – Super Exciting As Trumps Team Tightens The Noose Around The Neck of Lyin’ Biden.”

Voting Software Used In Swing States Proven To Switch Trump Votes Into Biden Votes. Lots of Them. Thousands Upon Thousands In ONE COUNTY ALONE

Oh yes, Biden and many, many more are going down in flames.  This will be the most memorable election since George Washington took the hotseat in 1789, with 100 percent of the Electoral votes.  The Swing states, ALL of them, used special software that got a secret software update the day before the election that magically gave Biden thousands of magic votes in EVERY SWING STATE by SWITCHING Trump votes into Biden votes.

Yes, converting TRUMP VOTES into Biden votes automatically, and invisibly.

For example, in only one county in only one state, (Michigan), over 6,000 TRUMP VOTES were converted to BIDEN votes.  And in that single state there are 47 counties, FORTY SEVEN, running this same software that received the same secret software update the day before the election (or in some cases – during the day of the vote).  All of these counties are under close scrutiny by reliable election investigators and the Supreme Court will soon weigh in.

All  seven states running this software, and many more states as well.  In the “swing states”, the lead magically “swung” to Biden in very fraudulent ways.  Ballots, certainly fraudulent, had to be brought in during the wee hours of the morning, under the cloak of darkness, by the box-load to get Biden over the hump against Trump.  The need to cheat was so stratospherically high that it totally blew up all historical voting records by huge margins.

Statistical analysis of Bidens theft will leave you slack jawed, and that analysis is right here for you.

This is sufficient for war.  I say again, and Mr. Trump if you still love me, take this to heart – this is sufficient for war.  The real kind.  The kinetic kind.  The kind with graves and results.

HUGE! Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump — Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES — PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ, MN!