Where This “Yahusha” Name For Jesus Comes From

People who love Yahusha (aka “Jesus”) have a spirit-led desire to know Truth, which includes knowing the truth about the name of the Messiah.  All should know that the “Jesus” name is a completely made-up name.  It is meaningless except in that it designates the savior of the Holy Bible.  Its more a place-holder than a name.  Its like “Door Number 3” on that old TV show where people could win prizes by guessing which door held the treasure.  “The Price Is Right”, I think it was.

If you pray to this Mashiach, you might want to show Him respect by knowing His name.  If you don’t care to know or learn, perhaps you might re-evaluate your relationship with Him, and bear in mind that “making His name into nothing” directly violates the 3rd Command of Yahuah.

Willful rebellion is more a mark of the beast than it is a mark of the saved, don’t you agree?

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