“The Hammer” – A Prophecy


I found this prophecy linked in a news feed, and it definitely rings true.  It corresponds with my own three visions and the voice of Yahuah after those visions, telling me that He is coming to “separate the Righteous from the unrighteous“.  The separation will occur concurrent with the strike upon the earth, a strike probably right where those eclipse paths crossed.

We will be here and we will see this happen.  Personally, I cannot wait for the day.  I want to come home.  The very next reality for many people who will die in the coming cataclysm is hell.  The redeemed will vanish from the earth and only the living dead will remain to contend with Satan and his slaves.  You can bet for sure that very many of those living dead will call on Yahuah and He will save them as He saved you and me.

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