The Khazarian Slaughter Of The Palestinian Women and Children Is All For Money. Staggering Wealth, Gold By The Shipload.


NY Times image, 10,000 women and children murdered by the so-called “Jews”, and its probably greater than these numbers (from the Jew NY Times). 4000 Hamas fighters killed, and its all for money. This is why the Khazars funded Hamas in the beginning – to create an enemy on the land Israel intended to steal through war. Why?

Greetings.  I’ve not written you for a while.  My heart has not been in it.  I look across the span of time and sea of people and see few standing for Righteousness.  No one is raising their sword to defend Truth.  I watch and I see, hearing only silence and seeing only pacifism and surrender to darkness.

We know it will not “get better”.  Savagery rules the earth.  Satan is the prince of the world.  Darkness prevails.  Hatred is the blood and heart-beat of the world.  The “church” is cemented in to favoring the “Jews”, the so-called “chosen people” who are murdering the women and children of Gaza.

“I will chose whosoever I will choose, says Yahuah. ”
“Many are called, yet few are chosen”, says Yahusha”

If you are saved and follow in the Way, YOU ARE THE CHOSEN

(KJV+)  ButG1161 yeG5210 are a chosenG1588 generation,G1085 a royalG934 priesthood,G2406 an holyG40 nation,G1484 a peculiarG1519 G4047 people;G2992 thatG3704 ye should shew forthG1804 theG3588 praisesG703 of himG3588 who hath calledG2564 youG5209 out ofG1537 darknessG4655 intoG1519 hisG846 marvellousG2298 light:G5457

– Original: ἐκλεκτός
– Transliteration: Eklektos
– Phonetic: ek-lek-tos’
– Definition:
1. picked out, chosen
a. chosen by God,
1. to obtain salvation through christ 1a
b. Christians are called chosen or elect of God
1. the messiah is called elect, as appointed by God to the most exalted office conceivable
2. choice, select, i.e. the best of its kind or class, excellence preeminent: applied to certain individual Christians

The Khazar (aka: “Jew”) is plainly NOT God’s “Chosen people”.

This might get ugly.  You might become offended.  If you support the “Jews” in the Gaza campaign to exterminate the imprisoned Palestinians, you deserve to be in Gaza yourself.  I do not know who the entities occupying Israel are, but are they Hebrew?  I think not.

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